Light or Deep....sleep that is

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Hey its my first time posting but I have been interested in lucid dream for quite awhile now. I’ve practiced keeping a journal and still do with little to show for it. My question is, is there a correlation between how deeply you sleep that how well you remember your dreams? From questioning people it seems that light sleepers are more apt to become lucid while deep sleepers(myself included) are so unconscience that they cannot become lucid and have trouble remembering dreams. So I ask you to post how deeply you sleep and the frequency/ease of remembering dreams that you experience and post any theories on this delema as well. BTW, sorry if this has been a post before.

I sleep pretty deeply I think, I’m not really sure how to measure that, but when there was a big storm or something in the middle of the night, I would sleep right through it. I remember dreams almost every morning.

I also sleep deeply, unless I am having problems with my stomach. :sad:
I remember my dreams ok, it depends a lot on how much I work at it. It also depends on how much sleep I get, and how much stress I have durring the day.

I sleep deeply. I’ve slept through earthquakes, storms, loud arguments, and a branch crashing down through the roof, to name a few!

Frequency = Exactly one dream per sleep, every time.
Ease of remembering = I’d say easy.

I don’t think it’s accurate that deeper sleep makes it harder to remember. If anything, in my family it’s the exact opposite!

I wouldn’t say deep sleepers absolutely cannot become lucid, I’ve become lucid and I am a deep sleeper (I’ve slept through burglar alarms and alarm clocks next to me :grin:. I usually have good recall, and writing things down helps a lot in remembering things.

I’m not sure if I sleep deeply or lightly, because I’ve slept through my radio alarm clock going off at max volume, and earthquakes, and my sister coming in my room and yelling at me, but I always wake up from the sound of someone flipping the light switch in the hallway, and from certain words or phrases, like “stay seated,” or “last night,” and some others.

I usually remember my dreams very well, and I have since I was very young (about 3.5?)

I am a very deep sleeper (inherited from my mum). Someone completely pushed me off a sofa in my sleep, I stayed asleep (and I don’t awake easily in the morning). Anyway, I have remembered my dreams every night for as long as I can remember. I don’t believe there is any correlation between how deeply you sleep and how well you remember your dreams.

I am very difficult to wake. I only wake when my alarm goes off AND i know i have to get up. Then i wake up straightaway.

I don’t know what I am, but I guess I’m a kinda deep sleeper.
That’s because I almost never manage to really wake up when trying WBTB :tongue:

If it’s something important I wake up straight away, but if it’s something of just a minor interest I might just get back to bed. Writing down dreams come natural, but sometimes I just can’t do it. It’s like I’m drugged, or something :tongue:

I wake up very easily. Someone turns on a light, walks by me, says anything, a cat crawls on my bed. Ta da I’m awake instantly. I remember 1-4 dreams a night usually, lately being lucid at least every couple of days.