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Hello all, I have no idea how active this community is but I was wondering if I could get some insight on my first lucid dream, now mind you it is bizarre. It started out as an odd dream. I am going to cut the details short to save a heavy reading, but basically, my dream was very strange and I was in a “groundhog day” movie kind of scenario; if you have seen that movie you will understand. long story short my tongue was swollen and I would talk with a lisp unless I raised my voice and my goal was to go to the hospital, but every time I tried to go some very bizarre things would happen in my dream and then I would wake up in my dream to my alarm and have to start all over again. This kept repeating and I started becoming aware of how things were not normal. so then once I was self-aware, I literally thought about how if I am in my dream I can control it, so I just said “There is a fireball in my hand” and there it was hovering in my hand, I threw it and it was so cool and then I was able to finally control what happened in my dream and my struggle getting to the hospital finally worked out because I said, “I am going to the hospital” and then there I was. After that, I am going into a hospital room and my girlfriend is there naked laying on her stomach with a nurse’s coat on. In the dream it was her but she was not my girlfriend in it, she was just a nurse but I was aware that it was my girlfriend Brooke. I thought it was her because it looked like her from behind, so I said to myself in my head (oh ■■■■ Brooke is in my dream, this could be interesting). she was lying on her stomach with this long nurse coat on that had a blue heart and a blue sexy demon inside the heart patched on the back of the coat, I said hello and she turned around and her skin was blue and I could see everything since the coat was unbuttoned, her body from the waist down was her normal skin color and she said “how can I help you?” this being my first lucid dream I said screw it and since I knew it was my girlfriend in real life but not in my dream I said “you are going to have sex with me” and she said “okay” and spread her legs. After that her skin all turned back to her regular skin color and then I asked “do you have lube?” and she said "no, I don’t.’ so then I said “watch this” and out loud I said “give me lube” and then this invisible fountain above her starting pouring lube all over her and me. I was just about to have sex with her and then I finally woke up for real and not in the dream. This is my first time ever lucid dreaming successfully and I did nothing this night to try and lucid dream. my big question is from what you read about my dream, is it normal for me to have this much control easily, and since this happened does this mean I will be lucid dreaming more now?

Thank you if you reply to this it would mean the world to me!

Also if you want more details on the dream please let me know! I just didnt want to make a long first post here

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The normal dream part with the groundhog loop sounds like a series of false awakenings (FA) to me. I think it’s not so common to have a whole chain of them if you’re not frequently having FAs already by yourself. At least for me I only had more than 2 FA in a chain once in all the years :lol:
Turning an FA into a lucid dream is quite common though I think because it’s just something that tends to happen to lucid dreamers anyway, so pretty much everyone can make this a dream sign (and I recommend you do, too).

As for the extend of your control, which seems to be your main question, I think experiences vary a lot. Now everybody only has a first lucid dream a single time, never more than once, so no single person can give you a very detailed answer I guess. But let me share my first time: Control was actually very week. What stood out to me in my first LD was the vividness and especially the mere fact of awareness what just happened to my consciousness. I tink the vividness and the intensity of perception are the most noteworthy aspects during the first lucid dream for most persons. But it’s a very personal experience anyway, so results vary a lot, as I mentioned.

I hope you enjoyed the feeling of an LD and will pursue this hobby some more. How did you learn about LDing?

I had same first experience as Marvin. Vividness, everything ‘felt real’ while KNOWING I was IN a dream.

But all first LDs are different.

Knowing you had control in your first LD, in my opinion will very likely indicate your future LDs will give you some control too.

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I ama psych major so and I have always loved dreams. But I never had one and let me tell you, it was the best experience of my life. When I first realized I was dreaming, the first thing I realized was that I was lucid dreaming and when I first tested it out and it actually worked I felt so powerful haha it was invigorating

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Thanks! I appreciate it

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This is absolutely normal,infact its actually a pride you shpuld have for controlling your lucid dreams straight away.For the majority,it takes time.
I could not lucid dream since I was busy with school but now that the holidays have started,i am going into full lucidity.Of course,with control.

Intention-Control in ld’s

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