Looking for trusted sources for Galantamine purchase

This is a tricky question, given that links aren’t allowed in the forums, but I’m hoping I can at least get some general information. I’m familiar with Advanced Dream Nutrition, Brilliant Dreams, and GalantaMind, all supplements I’ve found through these forums. But I’d like to be able to play with my dosages of Galantamine, Choline, etc. so I’d like to buy them separately as opposed to fused together in supplement blends. I’ve had trouble finding Galantamine in pill form by itself. I’ve seen raw powders, but I have no idea where they’re manufactured so I have no gauge of their safety or purity. Does anyone out there have recent experience buying Galantamine-only supplements, and if so, where do you get them? No links, of course, since they’ll be striped from your post. If you could just verbally point me in the right direction I’d be immensely indebted. Thanks in advance.

In Advanced Dream Nutrition itself there is another product called ‘Pro Galantamine’ which is pure Galantamine. Hope you try it.

Funny I should come across this actually… only a few hours back I thought I’d get some more, as - rare as it is for me to incorporate pills into my attempts, my own supply is running low now. I found a shop on the most popular auction site that has many positive comments for the product, and it’s pure galantamine, so I’m giving it a go (not to mention about half the price of what I paid to get it from US those years back!) But I see you’re in USA - no problem - I’m sure I saw many others that are actually located in your country, just take a look and search out the feedback for the product to ensure the consensus is that it’s what it says it is.