Looking hands

I tought that looking at hands will make your dream more lucid. But if i was a little lucid.almost a nd and i looked at my hands then time passed so fast my body was shaking and then suddenly started nd.
Is it supposed to happen like that ?

Looking at your hands is how you confirm that you are dreaming. If you want to increase your lucid-ness, there are a few things you can do.

You can shout INCREASE LUCIDITY!! That one works for me :smile:

You can spin around, feeling the air rushing past you. That makes you feel more “connected” with the dream world around you.

Pretty cool that time sped up, maby you could learn to control that. :wink:

Peachey Speaks true. Looking at your hands is a ‘Reality Check’. Often in dreams your hands will be disfigured when you look at them, having the wrong number of fingers or extra stubby/short.

I remember in my first LD I looked at my right hand and had an extra digit. I willed it to go away and with a small crack sound it morphed into my pinky, and I had only five fingers again. Last time I became lucid this way my fingers were waving all around of their own accord. It was unnerving

To increase lucidity I do something different, although there are many ways that work for many people. What I do is concentrate on the fact that I’m dreaming, repeating it silently in my mind. For vividness I just concentrate on my surroundings and my senses.

These things work very well for me, but you are likely to have slightly different reactions to the same techniques.

last night i tried that spinning. But it didn’t help. Ill try something else. But i dont have to do any technics to get lucid dream. I always have a nd, wheres a small amount of lucidity :grin: ! (Happy :happy: )

I find that running increases my lucidity a lot of the time. It’s amazing how fast you can run in a lucid dream, so it’s fun and beneficial. Almost like flying, but easier to do.