Looking in mirrors

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  • Dreams are based of expectations. You’ve been told you’ll have distorted hands - and so you do.
    You’ve been told light switches won’t work - and so they don’t.
    You’ve been told DC’s refuse to accept it’s a dream - and so they don’t.

Personnally, I haven’t had any of those ‘problems’ (my hands are fine, lightbulbs generally work and DC’s will happily accept it’s a dream - I quite often get them to teach me how to use my powers).


Yes, well…

I only realised that this was based on expectations after I tried the lightbulb and it worked. I then rememberd that they weren’t meant to work… and it didn’t.

At any rate, it’s hard getting over the myth :wink:. They work, but quite often don’t work ‘properly’ (eg. giving out a single, concnetrated beam of light).

hello alll…im new here…and i didnt know about lucing stuff before…and i had these weird dreams…and there was this weird thing…

i looked in the mirror and i saw myself bald…(i have dreadlocks) i looked at myself and i said to myself…shit i look gay :happy:

Hi Supersonic! Welcome to the forum! :wave:
You’re a “natural” lucid dreamer? You can anwer “yes” to this poll then: Are you a natural? :wink:

light switches work after a few tries for me :smile: … i agree, it’s totally based on expectations.
I tried to change my appearance in front of a mirror. I ended up with a face like a vampire in Buffy the Vampir Slayer :razz: but i gotta say, it seems to me my reflection is a being of its own and is only trying to mimic me…

It’s perhaps our own understanding of the IRL mirror phenomenon. Until we are about 1 year and a half old, we don’t realize that the people in the mirrors are reflections.

I agree with whoever said the whole mirrors and light switches thing is based mostly on expectations, but I also think that IRL, light switches work of their own accord. You simply flip them. In dreams, however, your mind has to do all the work, flip the switch and turn on the light. The mind has to recreate how the world works in a dream, which is why many things aren’t as they should be… your brain did it wrong. It messes up because we don’t think about such things–light switches, how many fingers we have, how mirrors work, etc–24 hours a day. Once we become lucid, however, our conscious brain can remember how things work–or, if you want, you can recreate things in a totally different manner.

Ah, how I love to ramble.

I have real trouble in my ld’s when I look into mirrors.

I just can’t focus right on my reflection, or my reflection looks distorted.
Anyone else have trouble with mirrors too?

Mirrors are always messed up in dreams. They are what you make of them…and sometimes that means something really f’d up…lol. I’ve never worried about not being able to see my regular self in a mirror, because I know I wont. Mirrors are just something different… should just forget about the reflection and walk right through it :smile:

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you will get some interesting reading about mirrors :smile:

Hi Sambuca,
There were a lot of existing topics about mirrors, for instance:
Mirrors and Lucidity
Through the mirror
What’s up with mirrors
I merged yours with one of them.

sorry and thanx for the help!

(so thats what the yellow search area is for :shy: )

LOL sambuca! :lol: I hope you’ve found a lot of answers to your question now. :wink:

Here are some problems that I’ve had with mirror reflexion in LD’s:

  • I had blond hairs :eh:
  • my image made me faces :tongue:
  • I saw the room but I didn’t saw my image, and suddenly a gorilla appeared in the mirror and tried to enter the room. :hide:


A gorilla entering the room !

Im almost scared of mirrors IRL ! (If its a little scaring place I think I`ll see someone when i turn around ! :sad: )

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i am scared of mirrors i dont know why?? im quite pro Ldreamer and i offen see them… when im near it i try not to watch it becouse its kinda fraky :shy: !!
Have u Got same problem? or Do you like them? :confused:

lol, i’d just walk through, it doesn’t seem scary tho, so i’d look

I rarely see mirrors, probably because there aren’t that many around my house. But they don’t scare me, nothing really scares me like that.

I saw another room behind me then i knew that I’m dreaming .

When I looked in the mirror I had black spiked hair, a blurry face, and sharpened teeth. It was really cool looking.