Looking in mirrors

My mirror image is usually the same as me (though there is sometimes a differnce in the hair). The mirror image generally matches what I’m doing…

… but one time, I found that the feel of my hair and the look of it were different (different hair lines and stuff).
That felt weird :wink:.

:grin: the mirror is a great way to get me lucid! When I look in a mirror, I see some strange things. Usually it’s like if the mirror was not perfectly flat: when I move my hand or my face, the image distorts. Sometimes my face appears to be dead or paralysed, or with a nasty evil look. Once I saw that I had a white goblin head with horns and warts and aweful thing. When you look in a mirror, you may see a totally different person, or you hair died in a weird color. It may follow your movements, or it may have a mind of it’s own. So pay attention when looking in the mirror.

Of course you don’t :tongue:
What I meant was that it could make you realize that you’re dreaming and to become lucid - not while you’re lucid of course. :content:

Just kidding ofcourse, but you wrote the question in such a way that it looks as though you asked that :wink:

Staring in mirrors should help you with morphing, or even cloning :smile:

Mirrors are great in dreams and have often made me lucid.
I look different in a dream mirror (more hair mainly!). One thing I have noticed sometimes which amuses me at the time is a kind of delay in the movement of my reflection. For instance if I make a face in a dream mirror it can take my reflection up to a second to respond with the same face. I guess this is down to my brain working overtime to duplicate the information, but it can be quite funny.

In lucid dreams, very funny things happen when I’m looking in a mirror. Sometimes, my reflect doesn’t look like me, it’s blond-haired, or it plays at making faces. Or I don’t see a reflect, but something different happen in the mirror. Once, there was a gorilla into the mirror, and it tried to pass through the glass to enter my dream world. :smile:

I think its because you expect it. My reflection moves along pretty well I think, and dont underestimate the power of our minds :smile:.

When I look in the mirror in my dreams I can see different me’s all the time. It could be a difference in my hair, mostly hair and my lips.

But when you’re ld’ng… You can do whatever. You should try jumping through it or pulling a Matrix.

Whenever I look in the mirror in a dream, my image always corresponds to me exactly. It hardly ever resembles myself in real life, but this is because in the dream I don’t resemble myself in real life appearance-wise, so this is how the mirror reflects it. Either that, or I’m wearing outrageous punk outfits, etc. :content:

Last night I had some LD’s so I set out to test this again, my image looked rather like myself IRL and corresponded exactly to my movements in the dream! …

Xetrov: Yeah, I’ve tested that a couple of times. With the same results :smile:.

I guess it just comes down to how you expect your dream mirrors to behave.

Does anyone here know the actual logic of lucid dreaming? Like why can we jump throug a mirror, or why does our hand get distorted? I know it’s a ll in our minds, but why does the mind allow us to not be able to turn off the light, for example?

It’s always confused me, a little.

Contact people who knows about that, generally scientists working on this to recieve info about that one. :content:

Jumping through a mirror is easy, since you can do most of this stuff in a dream as long as you believe you can. About distorted hands and especially light switch issues, check this thread for a similar discussion.

Or, if you’re too lazy to check out that thread:

  • Dreams are based of expectations. You’ve been told you’ll have distorted hands - and so you do.
    You’ve been told light switches won’t work - and so they don’t.
    You’ve been told DC’s refuse to accept it’s a dream - and so they don’t.

Personnally, I haven’t had any of those ‘problems’ (my hands are fine, lightbulbs generally work and DC’s will happily accept it’s a dream - I quite often get them to teach me how to use my powers).


Yes, well…

I only realised that this was based on expectations after I tried the lightbulb and it worked. I then rememberd that they weren’t meant to work… and it didn’t.

At any rate, it’s hard getting over the myth :wink:. They work, but quite often don’t work ‘properly’ (eg. giving out a single, concnetrated beam of light).

hello alll…im new here…and i didnt know about lucing stuff before…and i had these weird dreams…and there was this weird thing…

i looked in the mirror and i saw myself bald…(i have dreadlocks) i looked at myself and i said to myself…shit i look gay :happy:

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