Loosing dream recall...

So I got backbto lucid dream about 3 weeks ago and my dream recall went up a bit in the first few days but then ever since I tried the software infinity, my dream recall is slightly decreased. Any help or explanation why? Thanks in advance.

I didn’t use any software, however I also have a night or two that my dream recalling is below expectations. This is nothing to worry about. For example:

On Wednesday I couldn’t even remember after waking up. However the Thursday was a whole different story. I eventually remembered allot which resulted in filling almost 3 pages in Office Word.

So from personal experience I would say that there is nothing to worry about.

Could you perhaps tell me what this software does? I’m curious ! :content:

Well it’s a software that helps you get a lucid dream in a week or 2. There is a post about it in quest for lucidity called [software]infinity, Try check it out. And thanks for the answer.