losing hope...

ive been trying for a while now and am losing hope. my journal hasnt even got a new entry in weeks because my dream recall has progressively gotten worse. thats probably because of not updating my journal, but i cant write what i dont remember. that is a sucky cycle…

Thing is, you can’t give up. The second you start to lose hope, it all seems to stop working. If you need to, take a break, go a few weeks without worrying about dreams, or your journal. Afterwards, try again. If you stop thinking you can do it, you will end up having an extremely hard time.

Tell us all what you have been doing to try and remember dreams. :content:

And also your sleeping pattern, and techniques you use and what not.

Even if you don’t remember anything, write it down. Write down what you were thinking before you slept and what you did before you slept. Analyze why you did not remember your dream, and make it a goal to remember it the next night.

Sure, sometimes we all go through that bump in the road (some of us more than others…) but you can’t give up. Re-think why exactly it is that you want to lucid dream. Imagine yourself achieving this; being a master at lucid dreaming, for example. Use your goals as a means of motivation, and do not look at day-to-day progress, rather how far you’ve gotten so far.

Flip through your DJ and read through past dreams. It helps to put you back in the dreaming state of mind. Imagine how you felt, what was going on, and try even projecting yourself back into that dream (not when you’re about to sleep, I mean in a daydreaming type of way.)

Good luck and you can always take a break should you feel overwhelmed.

I also thought I was about to lose hope when I had been trying for a few weeks this Summer and then after taking a break for a few months I still didn’t succeed - then this one night a few weeks ago I suddenly had a lucid dream. :woo:
Well actually it was low lucidity, since all I did was realizing that I dreamed and then wasted time on nonsentical stuff, so I didn’t fully realize all the possibilities - but technically it was a kind of lucid dream. :content:

My little brother also seemed to lose hope somewhere around the same time, but then he suddenly had a dream where he could freely control his actions - he didn’t know it was a dream, but he had control over himself.

What I want to say is that lucid dreams (or foretastes of them) will suddenly appear sooner or later if you keep trying.
A Dream Journal is extremely important (something I didn’t realize until fairly recently), so keep writing down your dreams as much as you possibly can for a few weeks and you will definitely notice a major difference.
Heck, if you’re very tired in the mornings you can even record your memories on a dictaphone or something, and write it all down during the day.

Everyone gets black spots. But if you just keep up the work and take the advice the people above me have been giving you, you will be rewarded.