Lost my dream recall somehow...

I don’t really know why its happening to me but I used to remember at least 1 dream per night about a month ago before I took some time off ld4all, but now that I want to start over and get my recall up but I don’t remember anything at all, is it because i stress about it too much? or something else that I’m doing wrong?

Don’t worry, I heard a lot of people have dry spells sometimes on DRs.

Just don’t want it TOO MUCH, don’t stress too much, and don’t go to bed too early or to late :smile: If you do this all correctly, it should come back soon ^^

Also, don’t forget your mantras :razz:

I know what you mean amitruz. It seems that ever since I stopped being online, discussing LDs and such, I have reallllly lost my DR. I am trying to get it back to normal, but waking up at 5:30am for work and having no time to write anything down when i awaken is sort of putting a block on that :confused:

Oh well, soon enough it will happen. Being an official part of the internets once again, I believe it will get better, because this site helps a lot to remember and think about it…