Low control and low lucidity level

I prefered to slit your questions from the BIG MILD topic cause your problem is not really related to the MILD induction method indeed.

I use the MILD technique before bed and in the middle of the night and I do become lucid but the problems is I don’t have much control and its a very low level lucidity and they aren’t vivid. I also can’t remembeer to do the stuff I want to do in them I wish I had more lucidity and memory of real life. Can somebody help me?

i have the same problem, i have found that writing what you want to do right before going to bed helped.

Roya is right it would be a nice idea to write down what you want to do before you go to bed. If you made it another time you could read it over before you go to bed. It would be nice if you not only think what you were going to do, but also how you are going to do it. For example if you want to meet get a dream pet you think over how you are going to do this. For example you open a door and you will find your dream pet behind this. You could also think about what kind of dream pet it is before hand (dog, bird, llama, etc) This was just a short example for getting a dream pet, but you can think of a way for your own goals yourself. Don’t make your goals to hard either, try simple or find a simple way for it. You can always try harder stuff later.

One of the best known things people do when they want more control in their dream is shouting “Increase Lucidity!” If you want them to be more vivid, you can yell something similar with vividness in it. You could also take a pill inside your dream which will increase your lucidity.

If you become lucid and you want to remember more from real life then you have to try to remember it. Think about it; think about how you are in waking life, what you wanted to do in a lucid dream. Imagine a ring in your pocket that will make your remember those things.

Last but not least practice your control in your dreams. Practice makes perfect :content:

thank you I will try your suggestions