Lucid Challenge # 21- The Final Task!

You can fly. But you won’t get the bonus points for actually climbing it.

What about if you climb with hands and feet, and then fly?

Maybe I’ll just go The Flash on the mountain :tongue:

If you want bonus points, you climb to the top like a normal human. :wink:
Once you are up, then you can do whatever you want! You did it! :grin:

can we transform to some faster animal and still get the bonus, no wings or fling included.

You climb as a normal human. No extra speed, etc. Only time you are allowed to do something extraordinary is to save yourself if you fall.

I can’t wait to check out the view! :woot:

This is an interesting task :cool_raz:

Well I didn’t get to any mountains i was at sea. And my Lucidity only lasted seconds :cry: . I was looking at a pastel green, yellow, and blue boat with white pok-a-dots. I thought yeah this is a dream!! Then I woke up. :cry: :cry: . Tonight will be better!! :smile:

i had an ND that i was half way up the mountain last night! :grin:

Very bad DR but noting related to task…next time mb.

Crazy stuff last night - but not even remotely connected to the actual task :tongue:

Total failiure :meh: tonight I think I get one LD :tongue:

cRaZy dream but I didn’t succeed again…ah well I’ll just try again :smile: !

I’m waiting on tomorrow night… I have no school Friday, and weekends are when I really get to work on my LD’s :razz:

Got an LD that lasted over 10 secs, didnt do the task though :meh:

Had an LD last night did 2 RC and then fell back into the dream. :cry:

Sorry i havn’t posted since i joined my computer has been on the fritz and would let me see some topics but not others :eh:

Anyway i had an LD two nights ago, laster less than 10 seconds though

Nothing last night, but a short story.

In English class (where we constantly get off tangents) our teacher ended up mentioning that we spend roughly 1/3 of our lives sleeping, which is idle time that’s basically wasted.

Then it kinda hit me. Think about how productive LDing actually is. In an LD, you have the benifits of sleep while the mental state of being awake… That’s just awesome.
(This all depends on your preception of wasted time, but if you don’t mind I’d rather not get into that.)

The current standings:
scarface +20 = 20
Ready4Fajir = 0
Wyvern = 0
Download = 0
Lidybug ^^ +30 = 30
rkr7 = 0
GHOSTIE11 +30 = 30
LegendaryDreamer = 0
Danielns13 + 20 = 20
Spider = 0

The Next Task: To The Moon!!
We are going to keep going up… so the next stop is the moon!
This task is simple: Get to the moon.
Remember the task: 10 points.
Start ascending but dont get past the atmosphere: 20 points.
Get past the atmosphere: 30 points.
Get to the moon: 40 points.
Bonus: Do it within 24 hours. 10 points.
Bonus2: Plant your country’s flag on the moon! 10 points.

Good luck!

Darn, had a really long vivid LD last night. :happy:
I became lucid but, for some reason, couldn’t fly i did have some weird power though, every time i said angel and started counting to 100 i would become invisible and start going up :eh: .
Anyway i remembered the task, and i tried to fly up but couldn’t get more the about 100 feet ff the ground :sad: .
Still happy about the really long LD though. :happy:
So i think that is another 50 points?

SPOILER - Click to view

In my dream i was on LD4all and i looked up the task. the task in my dream was pretty cool actualy, it was “discover who you really are” so i tried it and i completed the task in my dream:p, that should give me points :tongue: