Lucid challenge #22 Oficcially over, see challenge #23

I had an LD yesterday. Nothing special though, so 30 points. I became lucid and explored a park-like landscape before I woke up. 595 points total.

Two LD’s ^^
One was long, the other a little chaining from a realization. So +60, it’s 800 for me :cool_laugh:

Another LD.

:peek: isnt it taking too long between the tasks? The final task has been for a week :shrug:

And btw, congratulations tosxychor on the chaining :colgate:

Thanks GHOSTIE ^^

A nice LD last night, off to 830 :tongue:

/me looks over at tosxyChor

Looks like I’ll be able to compete at full force next competition! Awesome job. :happy:

Dude, you would crush me then. :lol: My LD’s are still only minutes long :shy: :tongue:

Not to mention, if I win, I could not participate in a challenge I would be organizing :tongue:

I dont have many Lucid Dreams, but, ok, I’ll join.
(Sorry, i can’t copy and paste the list, im writing this on a DSi.)

Can someone add me? Thanks .

EDIT: Oops! I only read the first page and thought sign ups were still open. Sorry. I’ll join the next one.
In the meantime, I’ll just do the tasks for fun.

I’m sorry, this one is already running. You’ll have to wait for the next one to sign in :wink:

How long is this challenge planned to be running, we should soon have a deadline if the TM doesnt return :anx:

Oh crap, I forgot about that. :shy:
Maybe I’ll join the one AFTER the next one. Hehehe

I’ll enter the next challenge, though. My rhytm was upset last week after having been away from home a few days, but once I get it back, the LD’s should be rolling in again :tongue:

Competing against you, Wyvern, will be a challenge, but I never shy away from one :cool:

You both don’t even know how much I’m enjoying this conversation. ^^
@GHOSTIE - The challenge has been going on for 45 days, since the first round. Let’s just make sure the whole thing lasts for less than 2 months :tongue:

EDIT: 2 lucids, but one I don’t remember fully, and the other was 15 secs, but it was still crap :meh: so let’s make it +40.

Finally! Another WILD. It was quite short, but I still managed to enter the dreamworld and explore it a bit. I seem to be getting some sort of rhytm back. Now I’d better make sure I keep it :tongue: +30 or 625 points then.

sorry for being gone so long, i’ve been sick and busy and i have a whole list of excuses to use. :tongue:

SPOILER - Click to view

I’ve actually missed the last little while of school :sad:

Anyway, i counted up the tasks, and apparently i’vve already assinged 8 of them :razz:

So i’ll give everyone 24 hours to post any new dreams, and then i’ll tally up the final scores and declare a winner :smile:

Then yay, last day overkill! :woot:
4 LD’s, all over the minute mark, plus in other 2 I wondered like, 4 times if I was dreaming :rofl: So that makes +140.

I can’t believe I actually got to 1010 :happy:
Congrats to all the others who participated, you proably completed more tasks than I did :tongue:

Oh, the weekend. <3
Had a short WILD - +20
I had 1 / 3 LDs, I’m not sure, because it was one (or more) dreams, with more than three understandings that lost after a while by a FA. (That’s mean I was lucid, but…
Oh… what the heck, It was 4 LDs total, (30*3+20= This night - 110, Total - 440)
I lost anyway. XD

The final scores for lucid challenge 22 are:

Tosxychor 1010-points
Leeh-445-points (i remembered the Grag
Ghostie11-90 points
Flammee- 20 points

Tsxychor has created the new topic, and signups have started. He made some rule changes that i support, and hopefully the challenge will be a good one.

I also have to apologize, I’m sorry i wasn’t the best of TMs, the challenges were far apart and not very creative, and i as interupted due to real world happenings many times. I’m sure tosxychor will be a great tm though, so have fun :smile:

Congratulations tosxy :colgate: Im sure youre gonna be a good TM :cool:

And btw Danielns13, what is this Gargh?

oh yeah, i forgot about that, and i forgot to give Leeh her extra points. :tongue:

I actually found what what it was by going into my own dreams to ask people what it is and whatnot…

It’s sort of a six legged beaver. I’m not really surprised no one got that. Leeh, you get 5 extra points :razz: