Lucid challenge #22 Oficcially over, see challenge #23

2 LDs, :content:
From the first I remember only the realization, (20)
And the second was a bit longer, until I lost lucidity. (30)

I had a WILD. I had trouble entering my dreamscape from the HI though. Afterwards my body still had SP, but I was awake. Kind of scary actually, but it has happened before to me so I knew what to expect. 20 points I guess.

Clock Tower
Suddenly I realize I must be dreaming. I start exploring a small city. I realize I’m supposed to do a challenge. I try to remember what it was, but I can’t remember. I decide to try to freeze time. ‘When I turn around, I want to be able to freeze time,’ I say to my subconscious. And sure enough, when I turn around a small clock tower has appeared. In my hand I have a small note that appears to be a user manual for the clock. At the edge of the square there is a large church with a clock tower as well. Both clocks look the same, exept that the clock of the church is ten times larger. The clock looks really weird, and I doubt that the machine would qualify as a clock in RL.I make an attempt to freeze time, but fail. 30 points.

House among greenhouses
When I’m shopping in a mall, I suddenly realize I’m dreaming. Maybe it’s a WILD, but I’m not sure. I know I tried to do a WILD, but I can’t remember drifting inot the dreamscape. I’m sure the dream was still at the beginning. The mall I’m in is much larger then any mall I’ve seen in RL. I’m here with my dad, but I leave him behind in order to go shopping. I have a rather large book with me, that I borrowed from the library. I enter a shop that sells all kinds of electronic equipment, although I see some books as well. I’m worried the shopkeeper thinks I stole the book I’m carrying from his shop. But when I leave the shop, he says nothing.

I move down to the first floor using escalators. When I’m outside of the mall, I decide to go flying. I fly for a long time, fisr over a town and later over a natural landscape. I am enjoying myself greatly. Finally I see a house among greenhouses and decide to descending. I group of young women is doing gymnastics. I speak to them for a bit and wonder if one would like to have sex with me. I remember I’m supposed to do a challenge however, so I take one of the sticks they are carrying and join the exercize. I feel pretty stupid doing this, since I am male. But it doesn’t matter, I say to myself, as this is just a dream. One of the characters is someone completing in this challenge, but I forgot who it was. We move inside the house. I meet an old friend from university there. I say he should talk to one of the women. He thinks I mean she is interested in him. He flirts with her, but gets turned down immediately.

In this dream I met up with another competitor and learned a skills, namely that gymnastic excersize. It wasn’t the most recent challenge, so minus 10 points for that. 60 points.

565 points total :woo:

Same here. :smile:
290 total.

Had an LD sunday night where I was flying :cool:

30 points.

Plus I did an RC but failed this night, giving me 10 points.

40 points of total :tongue:

LD found here :tongue:

Well, I don’t sure how to define it,
It was a long long continues dream, that had several realizations in it.
What a night. O_O

WILD attempt, I got the full scene around me but I couldn’t keep myself there for long, my body was wide awake. So +20 points. --> 450.

EDIT: Two more long LD’s, --> 510.

MORE EDIT: Yay a WILD. 540 ^^

STILL MORE EDIT: Aaaaand a short + long LD’s. 590 now :colgate:

sorry for the long gap between posts, i’ve still been sick, and a bit lazy…

I’ll post this task then edit in the scores.

This task is to:

Explore the internet :razz:

This weeks task into get inside the internet, and just explore, there’s so much on there (here?) it’s like a whole seperate world, and you are going to explore it.

Task points:
‘Enter’ the internet-5 points
Explore a little, visit some different towns (websites)-15 points
Control the world (internet)- 30 points

This should be done as if the internet were actually like a building/city/planet/universe, so you actually have to walk around to explore :content:

Lucid points:
You have a normal dream without ever considering you are dreaming = 0 points
You consider you may be dreaming at least once in the dream, but don’t get lucid = 10 points
You realize you are dreaming, but wake up in under approximately 10 seconds of your realization = 20 points
You realize you are dreaming and have a lucid dream that lasts over approximately 10 seconds = 30 points

Tosxychor-590 points
Solaris-565 points
Ghostie11-90 points
Flammee- 20 points

Woah, Tosxychor and solaris are fighting it out, 590, to 565, good luck to both of you!

Thanks Danielns13 :content:
Last night I thought I might be dreaming when I bit my dental appliance to pieces :lol:
Then afterwards, I woke up from a realization (so +10 points), to follow with a brief chain (+20). So +40 for today, I’m at 630 ^^

Gotta thank Solaris, challenges do motivate me to no end :smile:

I haven’t been able to practise LD the last few days. I need to refind my rhytm quickly if I want of have any chance of beating you. The competition is exciting though :grin:

I noticed you’ve stopped posting descriptions of your LD’s. Could you at least some sort of summary? Just stating you had one is a bit too easy if you ask me.

I have a detailed report of each one in my DJ, but I’ll edit posts if you want them to have links :wink:

:sigh: if I didnt have the lack of motivation and it was too cold to sleep I had better LD’s now, but I wont give up and Ill find my motivation :cool:

However I will try doing the tasks at least :tongue:

:wohoo: another LD, was some minutes long --> 660 :grin:

EDIT: heh, 4 LD’s :tongue: although three were part of a chain (but I guess it would be the same, theorically) and only one was longer than some seconds.
In all honesty, I feel bad for making some crappy chain count for 70 points alone, so let’s make it one big dream. So +50 today --> 710.

MORE EDIT: Another chain, so --> 740 :colgate:

I had an LD yesterday. Nothing special though, so 30 points. I became lucid and explored a park-like landscape before I woke up. 595 points total.

Two LD’s ^^
One was long, the other a little chaining from a realization. So +60, it’s 800 for me :cool_laugh:

Another LD.

:peek: isnt it taking too long between the tasks? The final task has been for a week :shrug:

And btw, congratulations tosxychor on the chaining :colgate:

Thanks GHOSTIE ^^

A nice LD last night, off to 830 :tongue:

/me looks over at tosxyChor

Looks like I’ll be able to compete at full force next competition! Awesome job. :happy:

Dude, you would crush me then. :lol: My LD’s are still only minutes long :shy: :tongue:

Not to mention, if I win, I could not participate in a challenge I would be organizing :tongue: