Lucid challenge no.16

good to know ill be sure to try ,

you want to join? i really dont want to be the person who screws up the LC cause no one joins

Hmmm… I’m a tad confused, But I’d love to join.

Why not :tongue:
Although it may hinder my Chronicler LDs/attempts
Sign me up!

Sure thing rkr7 good luck!

sure thing download good luck!

now we have a canadian that can win. :happy:

we need six more people

I found out about it when Blueandwhite hosted it, but I was late, same with all the ones afterward :tongue:

So now here I am! :content:

I’m just hoping I get more than 3 LDs… that seems to be my monthly average…

download ive had four in the 2 1/2 weeks ive been here
come on i need more signups

Step on up and join the fun

Dont be shy, I understand these challenges are very good for improving your LD ability

aw well im sue we will get people soon enough

do you still need people? i’ll join again if i’m allowed.

your allowed just try not to blow away the compitition this time :tongue: actully i dont really care

we need 5 more people

haha cool beans. hmmm maybe i’ll try only posting when i actually get the task, not just for lucid points…

I think I want to join, these challenges have inspired me :happy:

unknownuser you can post for either one without getting the other. but if you want to im not going to stop you.

ghostie sure your our 6th person.
we badly need more people, or mabey im just impatient
aw well your in

Let me tell you a secret, every challenge Ive been in has been like this, the signup is the longest part-

i wouldnt know when i oined i was the last person so it started the next night

do you still need someone else to join?

Well this sounds like a hoot. :happy:

Is there room for a small squeeky one?

Mmm count me in, i was considering trying to fly to antartica and somehow go into the center of the earth if i could acheive another lucidness lol, but this would more likly stimulate my mind with a goal and i might be more apt to have better DR and maybe the LD not probable but hopeable :wink:

I think you 3 can join, the TM wants people to join, just 1 more and then daniel13 can start :boogie:

/me looks forward to see what comes in this challenge :tongue:

your all in tnx for telling them ghostie