Lucid Conclusions from a New Member

Hello, I am a new member, lurking since August 10, but this is MY first post. Duh. I am 18, and my name is Alex.

Well, I learned about Lucid Dreams only since July 14th, and just by the awearness of that very fact, I hit my first DILD in July 20th. Awful. My second one came on Aug 1st (so-so), however the third one was today, It was 100% realistic with 100% full consiousness and I 've drawn some great conclusion about these little miracles. Todays dream must have lasted about 5-6 minutes.

So novice darlings (like me):

  • Avoid conjuring broken up boyfriends, lost relatives, or died people. You will 99% try to convince them that they are dreaming, then will lost concentration on the fact that the specific situation is unreal, and kiss your lucidity goodbye…

  • Keep telling yourself that this is a dream.

  • Unless you are something like the God of Lucids, avoid any sexual contact. In my today’s 3rd lucid dream I was having a 10/10 lucidity. It was a high dream. I ruined it all when I tried to unpack the “package” of a sexy bussinessman I’ve once met. Honey, he was having like 10+ underware one inside the other and my (sexual?) frustration lead me to the end of this - wonderfully realistic - LD.

  • My first flight was 100% successful. If you are having problems, DONT “SWIM”. Just imagine you are ‘Storm’ from X-Men, and imagine you control an amount of air which will fly you high. I could feel the cold air through my hair and toes!! EXTRA TIP: Try to change the weather!

  • Talking about X-Men, I had enough time to performe some great experiments. I tried to throw fire flames from my hands and it actually happened! I actually heard a 100% realistic sound which was that “whoooooosh” sound you hear when next to a flamethrower! Try that!

  • Your dream will not fade unless you have the fear it will fade. Personally, today I experienced an incredibly stable dream. I actually yelled “OMG this IS like reality!”. I was certrain that NOTHING could mess up with my dream, and so it did.

  • Tips: MILD technique works fine, but in order to induce DILDS, you will find your conciousness more… helpful when there is a “pause” of action in your normal dream. In all of my three LD’s, I got Lucid when I was bored by the dream’s action (1st: a boring trip to the city I live [athens] 2nd: a 2 minute stay in my grandma’s bathroom 3rd: a teacher trying to learn me how to paint kittens)

  • If you find yourself in a very familiar environment, change it AT ONCE. It messes up with your Lucidity…

  • Try to eat a fruit. That’s ONLY what I have to say.

P.S. I’ve tried WILD like a million times and it doesn’t work for me for some reason. The procedure seems to keep me awaken…

Alex C

welecome, alex! congratulations on a successul lucid dream. you seem to have caught on quite quickly, 3 experiences in your first month of trying is very good. I’m sure your skill level will continue to get better for the rest of your life - assuming you choose to cultivate this hobby - and why wouldnt you? i think anyone who stumbles across this amazing phenomenon has to be hooked for good. i know i am, same goes for everyone else here i bet. we all share this very special hobby that so few can claim their own. but we musn’t keep this to ourselves! it’s very hard to discuss dreams with people, it’s too bad really. that is what makes this board so great. good luck in your future dreaming, and a little advice with your early adventures - stick to the flying until you have enough expereince behind you to do more difficult experimenting. otherwise you may run the risk of losing your precious lucid dreams, which is incredibly frustrating. but that is only my opinion, have fun!

Congrats and welcome Alex c :smile:

I have read your post with much joy because it has a good portion of humor in it and is also informative.
Many things that now seem difficult to to in a ld for you will over time get a lot easier because of experience, to name one, like dream sex for instance.
Try to stay calm at all cost and enjoy and explore.
Make a to do list so u dont have to think of what to explore or do the next time in your ld.

Happy Dreams! :smile:

Thank you for welcoming me. From now on, (since I graduated and I have no school anymore) I will be able to pass wonderful times here!

Alex C

These are great tips!