Lucid Dream Kit ?'s

I was wondering if anyone here has tried the Lucid Dreaming Kit which uses a lot of subliminal messages. I would appreciate feedback.
I am looking for subliminal tools along this line to help me better recognize the dream state in the beginning of training. I would not want to develop a crutch.
Anyone here try this product?

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yeah, i just downloaded it.
haven’t actually seen the results but I will tonight
It’ pretty much flashes a bunch of lucid dream related questions
really fast in the middle and there are 4 color changing squares at each corner

okay, so I did end up having a ld last night and
I have to say it worked nicely (for me anyways)

how often do you have LDs normally? Also it could have been the placebo effect.

not that often, every week or so

yeah, that’s always possible. I took some b6 also,
so it was really vivid!
the weird part I was having ND then I went into a FA, that’s when I
got up and thought “Tonight, I Will Be Aware I’m Dreaming”
and I was confused.
that’s when I got it and bam, time to start rubbing your hands