Lucid Dream Log

I thought I would put all my efforts of getting lucid into one place, any advice would be appreciated.

Each night I eat a tryptophan food and go sleep somewhere from 9:30pm or 1am each night and wake at 10:30 am. I’ve started setting alarms for 7am, 8:30 am and 10am. I remember about 3 dreams per night, I wake from the dreams and can record about 1 to 3 sentences about the dream

Im reading how to master lucid dreaming by Sean Kelly. Doing reality checks throughout the day is easy for me to remember to do but the book teaches “prospective memory” which is choosing an object you see daily to remind you to do a reality check. Such as when you see your pet or a door handle, im not so good at this

I’m thinking of doing an induction technique but not sure which one to start with. Also I’m looking for a good practical guide on lucid dreaming

Do you often experience false awakenings?

If you do, it can be a good idea to tie the reality check to an object you see immediately after waking up. I try to RC every time I see the poster on the wall of my old room in my parents’ house, since a majority of my false awakenings and lucid dreams start there.

I think ive only had one false awakening, that I can remember

because of my medication I sleep about 12 hours but I am able to remember about 3 dreams each night with the help of tuna or cheese

when I tried the SSILD I’m not sure if I did it right because I was sleepy. Im thinking of doing a WBTB with MILD, any tips?

For me, the purpose of SSILD is to become more sleepy. I sometimes do it as a preparation for WILD.

WBTB+MILD used to be very effective for me! It can take several days before MILD shows noticeable effect though, it pays to be patient. :cool:

So train that, with time you will be better and you will notice most of the triggers. For example everyday choose 4 things that if you see/hear/experience them then youll remember to do RC. It’s training just like training any other aspect. The prospective memory is important for MILD technique.

Could you give me some examples of things to trigger a RC?

I think ive only had one false awakening