Lucid dream mirror

Ello, peepz!

I was just reading a few articles about Dream Mirrors.
Alot say that they see something scary, or facial distortions.

You would be able to see your “Subconcious - image, which would not be affected by expectations.”

I tried it, and i saw nothing…
What does this mean?

Do i think i have no soul?
Do i think im such an unimportant person that i do not see myself in the mirror?

Share your thoughts!
Thank you for any replies.

If it is indeed how you subconsciously think about yourself (and you see nothing), then that means that you think of yourself as nonexistent, I suppose. But aren’t dream mirrors more or less just as easily changed as the rest of the dreamworld?

I heard / read, that Mirrors in dream are most hard to change “Going on about the image”
They call the reflection seen in the mirror mostly by your “Subconcious - image”

So, don’t really have much experience, i guess ill try it tonight, when i go to sleep.

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve only looked into a mirror in my Lucid dreams once. But i didn’t see my own reflection… :eek:

I’ve only looked into a mirror a few times before. There wasn’t anything scary or strange about it. As far as I could tell it was an accurate reflection. I also don’t believe it was my “subconscious image”.

The mirror didn’t show anything because it glitched. lol
I’ve always been afraid to look into mirrors in lucid dreams. I guess I’d probably see something scary because of that… Then again, there have been times I’ve accidentally looked into one and my body image is always distorted in some way, like I’d be really thin, I’d have missing teeth or eyes (THAT was scary), hair would be weird, etc.

Funnily enough, I did see myself distorted.

It wasn’t scary, actually kinda awesome. My eyes were purple and really jagged around the iris.

That was about it.

Remember guys,
One of the laws of dreaming: If you expect something bad to happen in a dreamsenario, it will happen.
Dreams are shaped by your thoughts and experiences. I’ve found myself looking at a mirror in a dream a couple of times and nothing bad or strange happenend.

Maybe your SC is a vampire? :tongue:

I’ve looked into mirrors while dreaming. Never see the same thing. As with most dream detail, randomness come into play

I frequently look into mirrors also in my dreams, and I never wear the same clothes in the reflections (I usually see a much “different me” in the mirror :happy: Once became lucid this way) - Also want to try out mirror traveling / stepping through mirrors. It can cause very weird things[size=59] (I read some creepy stories about it - I want to overcome my fears, this could be a great chance.) [/size] :eh:

I’m a tomboy so what I saw was really odd for me and disturbing…

I was wearing a black floral dress my hair was out and shoulder length, there was something standing behind me it was holding by my upper arms and forcing me to look at myself I couldn’t make out his features just his outline a head taller then me slim-athletic build just a dark outline… His eyes two red coals burning in the darkness, he tried to get me look into his eyes I had a feeling he was trying to hypnotise me … So I pretended he then sat me down in front of him and when I had him completely fooled I escaped.

The tomboy part is also true for me (I can’t stand dresses - always pick up pant suits). I once saw myself in a black cocktail dress… It was really odd and felt awkward :wink:

I saw myself a few times in the mirror and it was usually distorted in a way that I looked different. Once my hair was orange and I had no teeth, it made me laugh. Other time my head was injured, like someone punched me in the face and it was a little bit of a shock.

I always thought that mirrors will give me strange image in a dream and they did. It’s all about expectations. Little tip: next time you find yourself in front of the mirror, touch it and see where it takes you! :woo:

Sounds Interesting… will definitely try it :smile:

Thank you all very much for all your replies, somehow i didn’t even notice i had this many replies!

Shouldn’t i be saying that!? xD

Sounds interesting indeed^^

My very first LD, I looked in a mirror and my face was swimming around, as if it was puzzle pieces floating on a pool of water. It sounds freaky, but in the dream, I found it hilarious.

That’s the thing with dream experiences, at lest the ones we remember. They can be either very terrifying and scary or beautiful and calm.

I’m not saying that there aren’t normal feelings in dreams that there is only a contrast like good or bad experience but those are mostly memorable. So I noticed that people usually are attracted or rejected by dreams because of this type of experiences - good or bad. Nothing new, that’s exactly how we react in normal everyday waking life situations, just wanted to point out how one the same experience can be seen or experienced completely oppositely…

I’m glad you found it hilarious. It must have been a nice experience.

This happened in my first LD too ! I looked at the mirror and my nose was above the level of my eyes… 'twas hilarious ! Pity I didn’t step through the mirror though, I’ll be doing that next time !