Lucid Dreamer - Audio File Lucid Dreaming Device

Lucid Dreamer File Download

Essentially, this is one of those ‘Hit or Miss’ audio cue programs to aid in lucid dreaming. The features include a main counter for the default amount of time you would like to wait until the program plays the sound, a secondary sound to play again as backup to the first, the ability to choose .WAV audio files from your computer or a generic beeping sound, and a display to show how much time is remaining. I’m very much looking for any feedback you could give on how to improve its interface, functionality, and quality.

Hmmm… the link doesn’t work =\

very cool idea though, I’ve heard about it before… I’m getting a computer in my room pretty soon so it could work for me

i used a program similar to that for a few days. You arent kidding when you say hit or miss! All it did was wake me up from my sleep! an alarm clock. Great idea…it would be great for someone with consistent sleep patterns and knew when they were in REM sleep.