Lucid Dreaming and Black Mirror/USS Calister

I recently watched the USS Calister episode from Black Mirror in Netflix, and couldn’t help realize how similar it all is to lucid dreaming.

We don’t really need any technology to recreate something similar aside from the fact it would all be in our imagination, however, it makes me wonder if we would be able to recreate a world or place that we could go to every single night?

Has anyone here had any experience with something like this? In the USS Calister episode,

SPOILER - Click to view

Daly would connect himself every night into the infinity world and appear inside his spaceship.

Would we be able to do something similar and have a place or world designed by us that we would always appear in when we lucid dream, and have the same dream characters around you every time etc. ?

Any ideas on how to do something like this? The main problem I would have is that I start out all my lucid dreams in my bedroom. I do FILD and WILD and works like a charm, but I always have to get up from my bed and start out the lucid dream there in my room. Any thoughts?

please beware of spoilers, added tags. Also, that was one of my fav episodes :grin:

I haven’t seen the show you mention, so please forgive any misunderstandings in my reply.

You appear in your bedroom every time you WILD. That means that you already have a consistent, recurring location in your lucid dreams! I remember a TV show from my own childhood, where a child went to space from his bedroom by moving a lamp. Maybe there is something in your bedroom that can be used as a portal or navigation device?

That’s interesting, I actually had never thought about that. Usually I always have to either jump out the balcony and fly, but it’s always night time of course. Or, I have to actually leave the place through the door and explore my surroundings. This last one is fairly boring so I always end up just flying.

I’ve always had a hard time changing scenarios. Are there are good methods for changing scenarios? I’ve tried spinning but never works. I’m thinking maybe I can design a specific place in my mind, even draw it and look at it often so I can remember it perfectly during my next lucid dream, and use a mirror to walk into and appear in my designed world.

Anyways, I’ll think of something along those lines.

Of course, different things work for different people, but here are some things that have worked for me:

“This door leads to x”. It works better if it isn’t a door I use often, if it is, there is a bigger change that it will just lead to the same room as it does IRL. I have had more success redirecting my grandmother’s cupboard door than my own outer door, for example.

“X is behind me”. This is more effective if I give it some time to sink in. Sometimes I can feel X behind me after thinking this, and when that happens, it always works.

Walking through a mirror is well known. It was one of the first examples to be used on LD4all, by Qu. Walking through a picture or screen can sometimes work for me, because then the picture can say something about the world on the other side. My favourite way is to draw a circle in the air and use that as a portal.

Everything that “resets” vision can be used to change the scene. Some people manage to switch by closing and opening their eyes in the dream. That doesn’t work for me, it wakes me up.

I hope something in here works :cool: