Lucid Dreaming bad?

I read the part of one of the stickies that mentioned lucid dreaming isn’t dangerous, but I was talking to somebody yesterday that said he did research on dreaming last year and that controlling your dreams is bad because dreams are the only thing you can’t control and once you control that, you’re controlling everything. Or something along those lines.

What are your guys’ thoughts on this?

i dont know much abot this but i think its fun to do it tho and ur friend is probly just saying something bad might happen if you are asleep and it seams like ur awake then youll be awake and thin that ur sleeping but isnt there a way to stop that? (sorry for crappy writeing the keyboard isnt working to great)

That’s completley ridiculous. Lucid dreams are not bad, and are probably the only place where you can control everything. You’re friend is full of it.

There are a lot more of uncontrollable tings then dreams.

That makes no sense. I’ve controlled my dreams, and my life continues to be far beyond my control.

Yes it’s very dangerous that’s why only these new-age folks on LD4all and other hippies practice LDing. ( :P)

You don’t control everything, not even [the events] during a lucid dream. The only thing which changes is that you know it’s a dream so it becomes like waking life, but there are stil factors which you do not control: environment, other DCs, events. (Yes it is possible to control these but very few people would want to control everything in a dream).

For internal control: You have an autonomic nervous system which you don’t control (when you drop a pencil and try to find it, this helps you [in doing so], because else you would fall over or be unable to find the pencil). Also, IWL you don’t control external factors at all, it’s not like we have the ability to make everything happen the way we want it…

Besides… what would be the problem with being capable of conciously regulating all internal and external processes? It’s true that the brains’ increased activity causes an increased crave for glucose, but since this is purely hypothetical: such a thing wouldn’t happen.

Fadem, you signature rocks!

I used to be afraid that if I consistently had lucid dreams then I would become crazy because I would have memories where I could not tell if they happened in the dream world or the real world. I’m pretty sure that it wont happen because dream memories just wont ever be the same as real memories.

Try to control an enraged bull with rabies. Definately harder than to control dreams.

lol. Personally, I think LDs would help me. :smile:

Good responses, guys. I pretty much reacted how you guys did when he said that.

Time, Taxes, Death. Just to name a few.

I didn’t hear the conversation, but perhaps your friend was referring to having conscious control of your mind. To be in control of oneself, as we fool ourselves to think that we are in waking life.
Then in normal dreams it would seem we are not in control.
Now his argument comes into place. It’s BAD to have control of your dreams. I’d like to know WHY.
From my own experience and in acordance with buddhism for instance, I think that being in control of yourself is good in every situation, even dreams. I suppose your friend might think that the function of dreams, whatever it may be, is compromised by conscious control of ones actions. Like consciousness itself is harmful.
Like I said, I disagree.

haha, that´s so funny :cool_laugh:

And if you´re having consistently lucid dreams you always know you´re dreaming so when you wake up you know what are real memories and what are dream memories…you know…

rofl Fadem said it all right there :tongue:

Sounds as if your friend is saying that out of sheer, unalloyed jealousy. Lucid dreaming isn’t dangerous. It is probably one of the least dangerous things you can do for fun, or one of the least dangerous things–period.

Everything is bad when done to an extreme.

It reminds me of the time I told a schoolmate about lucid dreaming. She said ‘but WHY would you absolutely want to control your dreams? Wouldn’t it be better to let them be?’ I replied ‘Why not?’

It’s definitely not for everyone, I think. Some people love to explore, some don’t. Even if you know (and tell them) they’re missing out on interesting stuff, don’t try to argue with them because it will get you nowhere. If they ever have a spontaneous LD and get intrigued enough, they’ll change their mind by themselves.

it’s nonsense, because a lot of the things that happen in your body(digestion, heartrate, temperature, etc etc() are uncontrollable

Heartrate is controllable.

Not really…

Yes it is, simple breathing excersises can do just that. Also, yogic monks can do that to a greater extent. [stopping, or near to stopping hearrate]