Lucid Dreaming bad?

I don’t think it would be bad for you. I heard someone once talk about being abled to LD since he was very young and now he can’t dream without being lucid. That’s the only problem I can see but I’m sure that he still doesn’t control every single aspect of his dreams like others here have already said.

And by the way I agree with nitroguy, Fadem your signature ROCKS.

Everything in moderation. That’s a good saying - you should trust it!

Yeah, and even someone wanted to excessively lucid dream, they wouldn’t be able to. There are many who are able to have lucid dreams almost every night, but none who have them EVERY night (some tell me they do, but I am always kind of doubtful of them.) For those who get annoyed by that fact, it may actually be a good thing. A safety function, so to speak, to make it so you always lucid dream in moderation, and don’t get addicted to it.

On the lines of getting addicted to dreaming/lucid dreaming, I heard of something called Escapism? Or something like that where you want to live in your sleep more than you do in waking life. A bit freaky.

Daydreaming - you have control over that, but symbols in them still have their own psychological significances if you care to recognize them.

In Lucid Dreaming, even WHEN I have control, the symbols still have significance (i.e.: color, smell, emotions) as I have looked into recent LDs and they match my current state of mind and conflicts/successes. I don’t believe lucid dreaming is damaging in any way…

Theres a response to this in Laberge’s Exploring the world of lucid dreaming, and he says that it cant be bad (gives a lot of reasons) then says most people gain insights and knowledge about themselves from lucid dreams. Controlling your dream means your controlling everything? wierd way to look at it.
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I need to send him this thread. :happy: Probably 50% of the reason I got into Lucid Dreaming was to learn about myself. I don’t understand myself half of the time.

You can’t control your DNA. Or your blood cells. Or any alternate personalities you may or may not have… Just pointing that out…

Yeah, anyone who knows the story of Jekyll and Hyde knows that :tongue: But seriously, I don’t see how controlling your dreams can be a bad thing.

It’s because it can’t. :content:

Lucid dreaming is 100% safe. Your friend must have been watching one “A Nightmare on Elm Street” movie too many because that movie twists the two topics of reality and dreams (since Freddy Krueger runs around murdering teens in their sleep).

If ever you hear people speak ill about LD-ing like that, tell them that whatever they are trying to prove are completely null 'n void, useless and contradict everything LD-ing is.

Luicd Dreams are safe for you to have.

While reading LUCID DREAMING IN 30 DAYS by Keith Harary, and Pamela Weintraub.

The introduction said something I thought was interesting and may be what your friend is talking about.

They said that “dreams are a way for your subconcious to talk to you. Now if everytime you dream you go in and change the dreamscape and all of the DC and everything about the dream, then you are basically ignoring your subconcious.”

So basically I think the message is that lucid dreaming is not harmfull, but every once in a while try and listen to your subconcious, because it is trying to tell you something. Always ignoring it, and taking control may have adverse effects.

Finite incantatem on that one, though I agree with that ignoring your sub-c can cause something bad.

I think people like your friend that said “who controls dreams, control everything” are misunderstanding a simple thing:
The movie “The Matrix” and LDing are NOT the same thing!!!

In “The Matrix”, when they are in the “Matrix World” (which, for NEO at least, looks A LOT as an LD for us); They can control everything, and in the end, NEO changes the “Real World”;

But if you live in OUR UNIVERSE, OUT OF THE MOVIES; LDing is just a way to enjoy the life 100%, even when you’re sleeping!!! And if you’re worried 'bout “listening what your dreams have to say”, in a LD you can just ask: “what I was supposed to hear in this dream”; then, probably, your DG will tell you about that; And after all, Who understand what our dreams says in deed nowadays???

And more!!!

In a LD you can explore the deeps of your mind much more than in a ND!!!

I agree that you can ask your dream guide(subconscious) why you are dreaming what you’re dreaming.

But outsiders who only hear that lucid dreaming is the ability to be aware in your dreams along with the potential ability to control your dreams, might not know that you can also use them to communicate with your subconscious. The OP’s friend might not know that you can communicate with SC.

Yeah, because instead of studing dreams in a reliable place, He probably watched “The Matrix” sometimes… (and of course, some other movies also…)

Which could be movies like “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, no doubt.

I don’t understand how lucid dreaming could be bad. The reason people have developed techniques to induce them is because they enjoy them. Surely experts would have discovered any dangers. Also I would agree with others, there are alot of other things that people can’t control- and mostly people aren’t looking for control anyway, they’re there for fun :wink: