Lucid Dreaming Experiences Questions

I had a lucid dream two nights ago and I did some experiments like breaking marble railings and levitating like 20 feet. Last night, I had like 7 lucid dreams and I really messed around like flew onto buildings and all. I thought I was going to slow when I was flying so I landed on the ground and I just blasted off into space. It felt like an instant I was in space. I wanted to go back down so when I bolted down to Earth, I felt like I was sinking back into my body. What do you think that was and do you think I am getting the hand of lucid dreaming?

Hi, well those are cool experiences…

you sound like a very good lucid dreamer, 7 LD’s in ONE NIGHT! thats incredible! :smile:

I dont know what you mean by you were sinking back into your body… when you went in space did you depart from your body?


when u “shot into space” you more than likely astraly projected, and when you came down you went back into your body, i’ve jumped in a dream before and instantly woke up in the middle of astraly projecting. I think the whole jumping triggers an immediate projection of ones astral self (lol smart talk there)

I don’t know if you travelled with your astral body… but 7 LDs in one night is really impressive! Yeh you’re doing great :wink: The moment you sank into your body might be an impression of your totally relaxed body lying in bed. This feeling is often felt during WILD when the body is falling asleep and you might have felt it now, perhaps due to your wild ride in space.

Nah. Seven LD’s in one is really terrible…

For the record, that was sarcasm :wink:.

Was it really seven, or only “like” seven? :tongue:

Probably you lost lucidity during a dream and then got at back a little later. How much do you remember?