Lucid dreaming, is it possible for me?

Hi, i am new to that kind of stuff and i was wondering if it is possible to me to enter the lucid world.

I will start with my health.
My doctor recently found that i got a generalised anxiety, and because of it, i am permanantly tired, even when i wake up (maybe my energy doesnt regain when i sleep? No idea).

I am on citalopram medication, it may increase my serotonin level, its my first week on the medication, it may take about 1 mouth before the effect apears. The medi should do about 60% of the job and the rest is with trick to calm down, relax, sit on a confortable chair and close my eyes for 15 minute for exemple. The doctor said that i need to fix up my sub conscious.
I also got ADD dissorder. I am 18 years old and i tend to dream a lot and dont remember them.

Sorry for my bad english.
Is it possible for me to make several and stable lucid dreaming?

Yes. No one can know for sure if you will be able to have lucid dreams, but I’m utterly convinced you can. “If you can dream, you can dream lucid”.

Work on your recall.

Spend some time doing techniques.

Don’t give up.

Doing those three things will most likely give you plenty lucid dreams.

Your medical issues doesn’t seem to be a problem. You’ll still be able to dream. The hardest part will be motivation, so don’t overdo it. Start small. Do more gradually.

Good luck, man.

Hi insistent, welcome to the forum. I think (and this is just an opinion) that noone can say if you’re able to have stable lucid dreams. I think although it seems like, noone can really state “everyone is able to do it”. Too less is known about the exact mechanisms of dreaming and subconscious.

How dreams work in combination with drugs or medics is even less known, though of course a general change in dreaming experience is usually known (but not why).

To the topic of lucid dreaming it comes even worse. Many people dont know or believe that this is possible at all, the mechanisms are very unclear, though we can make a serious guess, and probably noone clinicly tested lucid dreaming in combination with medics in a representative manner. Others may correct me if I’m wrong.

So your question really cannot be answered I think. But I’m uncertain if inducing lucid dreams is a good idea when suffering from general anxiety. This may help you to fight your fears, but who knows, maybe things get worse. Just to having said this.

Yes, its possible. Serotonin is known for inducing vivid dreams, so yes, it’ll help. You just need to focus and give some effort to it (when I say effort, I mean really effort - do not think about inducing LD’s only before sleep - you need to think about it the whole day). I’ve been trying to have LD’s for about 2-3 months, and I haven’t have any success until I really gave effort into it. Before sleep, every day, I try to do WILD with a mantra like 1:I will wake up after 6h of sleep 2:I will wake (…). During night I do WBTB/WILD combo. In the morning I write in my DJ. During the day I observe the enviroment and oftenly do RC’s/RT’s. When I started to do all of these techs with good expactations I noticed a huge improval. So, huge effort + good expactations (you need to think during the day that you will have a LD in the night) = success!

I wish you a lot of lucid adventures in 2011!

@DaConceit: Maybe you should read Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Laberge or something. Lucid dreaming has been proved, and thoes who do not believe in something that has been proved are ignorant fools.

Alright thank, i have seen several guide but i dont know wich would be the best to me, also my pills doesnt only affect my serotonin, but more stuff. Also im pretty sure that i have done a few lucid dream, like once a years, at the dream, i know that i am dreaming except it may be unstable and when i start having fun i wake up, and sometime my though may change the day after my dream. Exemple i could be in love with a girl when she is on my dream and i interact with her.

It doesn’t sound like you’re in a state where you can’t lucid dream. I find that when I am in a dry spell it’s because I’m at an extreme end of a mood such as stressed or depressed… it harms my recall.

That’s my only reason for often having poor recall, so to me it doesn’t appear like you should have any abnormal problems.

Some people, however, are more inclined to LDs than others… it happens.

I remember mew151 was on this forum for a good year and then some before his first LD… it wasn’t even a good one. He just found that it was extremely difficult for him. He was active on this forum for almost an hour and a half… and he only had 4.

It IS rare to see that happen though in my opinion.

Hey Beat Doctor, please do yourself a favour and stop believing anything (and I mean ANY thing) that is written in books. I spent half of my life in university libraries and have read so much, I can’t even believe it. Most of it proved to be total crap, and I’m talking on university lecture here, not on fun stuff. Oh man, if you’d know how science is “made” in our world you wouldn’t swallow any pill anymore.

What you said about ignorant fools is not quite right. We both know that lucid dreaming is possible. Others do not. And not to believe things that we tell is really the best thing, those folks can do. Just let them be sceptic, as long as they are open-minded for the possibility, thats absoutely ok. Don’t be a fool and start a religious campaign about lucid dreaming.

I see but in my case, i think i am dreaming almost every night, i remember when i dream and they are stable ( messed up stuff doesnt happen often ) and i got difficult to sleep, i keep scratching myself a lot and only sleep on side.

You still have it pretty good there, so messed up stuff doesn’t happen?

Look for common stuff and branch off from there. Do you dream about walking through a door at home a lot? RC every time you walk through it.

If there’s recurring stuff that you do in everyday life, then use that. I have begun doing an RC every time I reach the third floor of my school for that purpose.

I dont release it when i dream, but when i dream, i could be doing a motocross ride with my friend around the school, i dreamed about that a mouth ago.

Normally I agree to take everything you read with a grain of salt, but in Beat Doctor’s defense, with Mr. Laberge’s EWLD and his widely used techniques like WILD and WBTB, many of us wouldn’t know about LD’s. It is a great read for anyone you who is curious about lucid dreaming and slightly skeptical. He takes a very rational approach, without incorporating a lot of New Age ideals that turn a lot of potential dreamers off.

Alright, here is my plan.

Before going to bed, i will be drinking some milk, then go to bed, once on my bed i will repeat on my head " i will dream and remember my dream" all night long and beleive it, when i will wake up the morning, i will write what i remember on my dream ( if i remember anything) then read the last dream if there is anything on my book before i sleep. And repeat.

But i also got some question.

Should i rather say on my mind ( or mp3) " i will wake up at 5 am" so i could build up my mild skill?

Is it important to sleep on our back?

Can i record a mantras, and put my mp3 under my pillow with low volume, and maybe adding more than 1 mantras on the same files? And make it repeating all night long. … m-Machine/
What about this mask? I could build it if its great.

And is there anything else i could add or change to my plan?

Thank you

No suggestion? :sad:

I was talking of the actual proof on LD’ing, because someone before me said it has never been prooved (too lazy to scroll up). I’m talking about the thing with the finger. I haven’t actually read the whole EWLD (I am planning to tho), but proofs are proofs and you can’t say a proof is a load of bullsh*t. And yes, some books are total crap, because the writer writes proofs and subjective opinions at the same time, so the reader doesn’t actually know which is what. But here I’m talking on one single fact.

EDIT: To describe the proof. One man (probably LaBerge) has moved his finger in front of his eyes in reality, and did it again in a lucid dream. Brain readings came out the same (or similar). These kind of experiments have been done a dozen of times, and none have failed. This is pretty much of a proof for me.

@insitent: I think for MILD it is very good to have good DR, so be sure to keep a DJ.

Everyone dreams, everyone can have lucid dreams. If you are able to ask yourself on a regular basis “Am I dreaming?” you can have a lucid dream.

Medication and drugs do not effect your dreams; if you can become aware of your surroundings during the day, you can become aware in dreams.

The only possible way I can see where medication might interfere with lucid dreams is by taking something that suppresses REM-sleep, but I believe it would still be possible.

Dazino has a point. Only medication that would maybe affect it would be some that gets you into deeper sleep, then it is very hard to get awareness. But still, the power of mind is far greater then the power of a pill.

I also have this problem of getting up in the morning tired while I Lucid every night. Though I don’t know whats the problem. Felt like I never really slept at night. And the lucid experiences and feelings stays with me even after i woke.