Lucid Dreaming Mentor/Guru/Teacher/Sinsai!

I really want to have a Mentor/Guru/Teacher/Sinsai teach me how to lucid dream better, while if possible, have a exciting adventure.

Feel free to post your experience here, or any tips on how to do this. Or anything else I don’t care.

Also, is it possible to logically go into a dream state for WILD.
I tried last night and failed.

I just stayed still for… for forever, and I eventually had to move, and after that, I was really tired and just drifted off. Does anybody have suggestions?

The WBTB/WILD/MILD method is quite effective.

  1. Go to sleep.
  2. Wake up 5 hours later.
    2½. If you didn’t wake up during the night and it’s now morning go to step 3 anyway.
  3. Fall back asleep without moving while having the intention of having an LD.
  4. Dream.

Good luck getting a LD. :colgate:

Okay, I’ve actually had this work one time. I woke up 4 minutes off so it was very accurate! :smile:

I need to chain though that would help.

do this technique
1.have a habit of waking up frequently after u sleep(it can be done by just suggesting
ur mind or by alarm
2.whenever you wake up perform WILD
3.even if you dont succeed in wild it will serve you as mild in acheiving lucidity

  1. it is not boring like real mild
  2. there is no harm even if you dont suceed at wild but it improves ur wild practice

Sounds like a great plan. Thank you. Definitely going to do this.