Lucid dreaming sleep masks with flashlights during Rem enhancing LD

Hello, may I ask , for years I read and try about lucid dreaming, but with less effect, can anyone give me please a suggestion of a device tool mask that is really working to help induce a lucid dream, as the Novadreamer of Prof.Laberge (not available anymore) . I know there are devices which detects rem during your sleep and then give flashlights in your eyes as a cue remembering that you are dreaming, but hard to know what is effective , thx in advance, I found a site but there are less or no reviews of users ; thx and regards

Hello Vincent1 and welcome. I have not tried any of these devices, nor have I really heard of anyone using them regularly. I think if there was a device that could easily cause you to be lucid, it would already be mass marketed. What have you tried so far to become lucid?

Hello Rhewin, I’ve read a lot of books of wellknows authors mild-techique, reality check etc etc but I just do not become lucid , only when i was 18 years old i spend 2 months and had beautiful lucid dreams , flying etc that gave a boost on self confidence and empowering me during the day and for my study , now i am 58 read a lot more about , but it does not come anymore, seems hopeless, therefore i would try devices. Also tried galatamine but didn t work either

How is your dream recall in general? How vivid are your normal dreams and how many do you tend to remember?

On this moment in my life dream recall are only fragment I write down remembering ’ i was taking a shower’ or ’ that person i know was talking to me that i can do an activity’ …small memories. Many nights I do remember nothing. Maybe it has to do with the fact I had to wake up every night 3 times going to the bathroom unfortunately and my sleep is interrupted. But anyway during the day I feel fine and can concentrate, thx replying, regards Vincent from Belgium

To be fair, this amount of dream recall is probably not satisfactory. It’s not impossible to have lucid dreams but probably quite difficult. And even if you had a lucid dream, if all you remember is “was flying somewhere“, would you really call that mission accomplished?

So how about you give your dream recall a little more attention? That is for free and pretty much guaranteed to have a positive effect towards lucid dreaming, neither of which I can say about gadgets, tools or supplements.

I also wake up several times throughout the night. Usually this doesn’t really hurt my dream recall though. Sometimes it even helps me because I can memorize the dream in the waking phase to engrain it more thoroughly, so writing it down later becomes easier.

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Hello, thx for that advice, I will try that out!

I intentionally wake up and go back to sleep. It makes remembering the dreams after waking easier. You definitely need to start with dream recap. Write down every single detail you can, especially anything involving your senses. As Marvin said, having a lucid dream but not remembering it is just the same as not having a lucid dream. No masks or alarms will change that.

Hello, ok but it seems very hard waking up early in the morning at 4 or 5 o clock, I need my rest for being full power for daily activities, writing down at that hour also? But I can understand, it needs an effort , recap is the basics for LD, Because I need to wake up for bathroom I can combine with recap (and writing down also what i remember?)