Lucid dreaming while in anesthesia

Well…tomorrow I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled :cry: At first I was kind of scared…but now that I think of it…this is a more than perfect situation to have a full grown lucid dream. Think about it, instead of having to do a tech while trying to fall asleep, you can just worry about doing the tech…because you know you WILL fall aslseep within the minute that the drug is put in you. In those 30 seconds or so, one could do a tech like WILD or MILD and the next thing you know…you are in a dream!

I’m kind of anxious to see whats going to happen… Success or not…I’ll be writing about it as soon as I am not sedated.

I dont know how youll get it but this is a very intresting idea.

When I got them they gave stuck the IV in me, put an oxygen mask on and then they shot me up some anesthesia. My eyes got droopy and then slowly closed, it was dark for a split second and then I found myself awake in another room, freakin out and setting off the heart rate monitor. :cool_laugh:

Not much chance for techniques.

One time I went to the hospital for this scope thing. Anyway’s, apparently I’m inhuman or something, and they had to use three times the normal amount of the drug on me. Then when I woke up, I was literally swearing at everyone, I was pulling off the heart rate thing, and apparently I was trying to pat my dog (who wasn’t there). Anyway’s, the doctors said I had an anger problem. I quietly agreed. hehe. Apparently, drugs dont agree with me.

I think any non-local anethesia that you are given to purposely surpress your consiousness all but destroys your chances of having a lucid dream.

Hehe, I knew that, I just wanted to let him have something to look forward to, something other than the teeth pulling :wink:

i just got my wisdom teeth out before christmas (great timing eh?) i was fully awake and it was not as bad as everyone said. just relax and WILD :content: cant wait to hear if it works or not!

Well I’m back (kind of) from “recovering”. Surgery happened on Monday…and things didn’t go as I thought they would…lol. I sat down in the chair and they put all this stuff on me. Then, he (tried to) put the IV in me, but missed my vain, and had to stick it in again. FUN! Anyways…after it was in I started trying to do WILD…and thats all I remember…

I don’t even know if I had an LD or not…I don’t even remember going to sleep. I also don’t remember what happened afterwards…but according to my mom and the doctor, I was waving to everybody while laughing and my gauze kept falling out…lol. so that was that…

Now…after the surgery, and over the past couple of days when I’ve been drugged by pain killers, I’ve slept A LOT. I’ve had an average 100+ dreams a day…it was crazy. During the day, I would nap alot…then during the night, I would wake up a lot, so I would keep getting new dreams. This should normally allow me to have much better chances to lucid dream…but…it didn’t. I was so out of it, I couldn’t concentrate on anything, so I would fail to carry out a technique.

So yeah…0 lucid dream success. lol. :cry: Oh well…at least all those normal dreams were extremely fun. Pain killers can definatly make you have some trippy dreams…lol.

Get ready to swell up like a baloon if you haven’t already. I got mine out and it was HELL. Got that? HELL. Nothing short of it. The pain was immense and I had a splitting headache that lasted a week. Not to mention my cheeks inflated like chipmunk’s. I did have a lot of LDs all week though.

Ahh, the bad thing about non local anethesia is that it numbs the stuff that we need to lucid dream. It supresses the conciousness so much that it makes it impossible to LD or even ND to my knowledge.

I was under the anesthesia for 3 hours while i got mine pulled. I remember talking to the doctor and then I remember them pulling out the IV lol. Did get around 8 LDs that week though.

I’ve wondered about LDing in conjunction with general anesthesia before. Unfortunately, I’ve never been “put under” since I first discovered lucid dreaming, so I’ve never tried it. But I wouldn’t expect it to work.

I’ve found that drugs that relax the body without severely tiring the mind (or at least tire the body MORE so than the mind) make it easier to LD, because you stay still and restful with a more concious mind.

lol well it hasn’t been THAT bad for me. It’s been a week and I’m fine. Whenever it started hurting, I just took advil or used the perscribed pain killers. Only annoying part was the bleeding…but that went away after the second day. eh…and the whole can’t open your mouth thing is annoying too. I miss food…lol. Pudding and shakes are great…but after a while…all I want is just a regular friggin meal. I havn’t been full since before the surgery :sad: Oh well…all I have left is waiting it out more.

On a side note…I did have a few LDs since my last post. None caused by drugs. Getting my LD routine back up again :grin:

I remember that many people tried to have a LD while under anesthesia but it didn’t work. It even existed a thread about this.

well then I guess it’s final… it can’t be done. lol.