Lucid Dreaming?

I have never attempted a lucid dream before but I have had dreams which I had a measure of control before.

Since I was a baby, I have been noticing the intricate colorful patterns, as well as the black-and-white psychedelic patterns engulfing me while in my sleep state, and it was extremely easy to wake from it. I’ve always been intrigued by them. As far as I know, I have never had sleep paralysis.

When I was a child, I had a dream where I was being abused with my head slammed on a wall multiple times. I woke up, where I was standing at the wall opposite my bed, banging my own head on it. It was sort of scary but I have never had an experience like it ever again. In fact, I haven’t had nightmares for about 3-4 years already.

Can anybody evaluate these occurences and if they are related to lucid-dreaming at all?

I suppose I can see how this would appear to be related to lucid dreaming, but control doesn’t always have to have anything to do with becoming lucid. A lucid dream, by definition, is just a dream in which you know that you’re dreaming. Plenty of people may have lucid dreams in which they have little control, but are perfectly aware that they are dreaming. In this case, I guess that wouldn’t be related to lucid dreaming.

Hmm. That sounds like HI to me. :yes:

I think that was just a weird occurrence, but it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with lucid dreaming. :shrug:

It’s no big deal if you’ve never had any lucid dreaming experiences as a child, anyone can get into it. :grin:

To add on to Sonia’s post;
You most likely have had sleep paralysis, you just never woke up while it was still active, and it never activated prematurely. I read somewhere that only about 33% of the populace actually knowingly experience speel paralysis. Furthermore, the HH and HI(that’s what you are probably experiencing with the colors) are even more proof that your body is entering it’s sleep paralysis state.
Banging your head on the wall is… well, wierd, I’ll give you that :tongue: Now, imagine if that happened all the time. You dream you are able to fly, and then leap off your window. Not a pretty image, is it? That’s why we have sleep paralysis. Thing is, sleep paralysis isn’t foolproof. Sleepwalkers, violent waking nightmares, Freuidian dream slips are all proof taht sleep paralysis has it’s flaws.
Rest easy knowing that banging your head against the wall is perfectly normal… wait, that came out wrong… :tongue:

They already covered the basics of it. LD = Concious and aware you are dreaming.
Having control in a dream = FLD
But you banging your head on the wall when you were little, it isn’t uncommon. I havnt researched it or anything but I know that for some reason an amount of little kids have slammed there head on the wall repeatedly while asleep. Some do it to the point that they start bleeding.