Lucid Dreams and Reality

Ok, I’ve recently been thinking, and have come up with a question that’s been bugging me.

Basically, I was thinking about how dreams, in general, are less limiting than real life. We can do things not possible on this Earth, and when lucid, can control the nature of these impossible things. During the waking life, or reality as we’ve come to define it, we are much more limited in what we can do.

As well as the increased amount of freedom, we have some cases where lucid dreaming is more vivid than real life. I personally have not had such a dream, but I believe other people when they say they do, and have always wanted to experience something similar to it. Therefore, real life can be less vivid then a dream.

My dilemna is this; don’t these two points above point to a conclusion that “reality” is not neccessarily the real thing? If this world is less vivid, and more limiting then some dreams we have, doesn’t that make the dream more “real”?

Adding to my dilemna, I’ve also been thinking about the arguments against this idea. The fact that we come back to this world, remember the day before etc. But think about it; when you don’t become lucid in a dream, you almost “remember” past events. Certain locations seem familiar to you, and you feel like you’ve been there before. You have that same sense of just continuing your life in the dream, just as you do in “reality”. Sure, there are large fragments missing when you wake up and think about it, but real life is fragmented when you think about it in the dream.

In short; in reality, you have awoken from the dream, but in the dream, you have awoken from reality.

Hopefully you guys understood my point completely. I’m not the best writer for things like this, and so if you need any clarification on anything, just let me know :wink:

Oh yeah, and thanks for reading :smile:

I will say this, first off, yes once you become very good at lucid dreaming there is no more reality and dreaming, there is waking life and sleeping life.
I will also say this as a HUGE disclaimer. Please my friends be careful not to mix up your realities. This is very dangerous and can lead to things as minor as psychological problems to things as serious as something like the Tucson shooter. The man who is referred to as the Tucson shooter was a lucid dreamer, one reason they think he committed this horrible crime with no motive is because he was a lucid dreamer, they found his journal and he actually did things of the sort in his dreams. They brought in an expert on lucid dreaming who said that it is possible to mix your realities to the point of doing things like that without realizing you are killing real people in real life. I repeat, please my friends be careful.

thats why you shouldn’t kill people in your dreams in the first place

Yeah, i wouldnt mind trying it just to see. But i think the biggest thing is to never create dreamscapes to be real. Always add something surreal in them. I find that naturally in my dreams either it will be “twighlight” (good god dont even say it please) where its a sort of purple night sky but at the same time its day time. Or it will be very sunny and nice outside but then i look up and its a perfect clear night sky where i see stars and planets and everything.

Probably a billion other people have thought about this reality/dream question as well, yet there still isn’t anyone that figured out a simply RC that fails in WL and proofs our reality isn’t real, while there are dozens of ways to tell that dreams aren’t real. So I would bet on reality to be real and not dreams. Off course you can also say that both are not real. Maybe that’s true, because quantum mechanic experiments already seem to suggest that tiny particles only behave as particles when they are being monitored, so we may be creating ‘reality’ our selves. Personally I’m not convinced till someone beats the laws of physics by using mind power and so far people claiming that have been frauds.

Well perhaps we have not achieved a great enough level of lucidity yet to begin controlling things in RL :wink:

Overall, as my dream recall is starting to improve, I can see that line between reality and non-reality close a bit. However, I doubt I’m going to get confused as to what is actual reality, because of the RC’s I regularly do, among other things. I also thought recently, that the vast, vast majority of things that pop up into dreams occur after we’ve seen them here, and only if we’ve seen them here, which I guess is evidence against my theory.

Although, there have been reports of people seeing things happen in dreams which have later occured in RL, which implies the exact opposite.

“BeRightBack”, I can see where you’re trying to go with the reality check thing. But I don’t see how it disproves the fact that this life isn’t “real”. It is very possible that we simply haven’t yet used the reality check that tells otherwise. The idea about monitoring particles reminds me very strongly about Shroedinger’s cat, and it’s a very interesting concept to bring up. I’ll probably reply later with something about it, I’m thinking at the moment :smile: