Lucid Memetics - Part III

My only, and finest creation xD

i shall have my revenge. :razz:

how did you do this!?

There’s a lot of meme makers around, Archery. My favourite is This one. It’s very nice and easy to use.

loved the WILD one, Ashiren :rofl:

(The site wasn’t working properly so I had to save the preview, but it’s readable :tongue:)

Or you could just use paint and copy+paste :razz:

Whenever I read or see in cartoon, episode or movie when there is (lucid) dream-related stuff going on.

If the creators have read about lucid dreaming…

I joined the IRC about 7 or 8 years ago, and used to talk alot there. Over the years, I talked less and less, and eventually the people I would talk to alot (NullAshton, TRJR, Dragon) started leaving, and Slinking Ferret died. After that, I haven’t really had much to talk about in the IRC, but my client still auto-joins it, like I set it to a few years ago.

I’m sure there are other lurkers though. There were when I joined, and most IRC channels have quite a few, so I’m not sure why I’m such a big deal…

@sherlawkdragon: because we always see you join and quit

But never see you talk XD

/me hugs :smile:

Have a nice day :3

An inside joke between me, ebilshrimp and Wulf

Hello, the currently famous “is lucid dreaming real?” questions are throwing me back to memes!

So, is it really real?


^ not mine

Maybe Lucid Dreaming is not for Humans!


It’s all these movies’ fault.


Haha, good memes you made there, and this Morpheus fractal zoom freaked me out a bit :tongue:

My Friends don’t understand my LDing needs


This one was inspired by Ashiren’s many links in chat.
I believe it to be my second greatest work XD

However I think you forgot this:

But that’s great anyway.

#LD4all Conspiracy


First Day LD4all Kid


Scumbag Joining IRC


Bad Luck Joining IRC


LDing? Impossibru!