Lucid Music - Noise Dream

I didn’t know where to post this, so I posted it here.

Now, Noise Dream is an artist (musician) which I discovered yesterday. I was a little bit drowsy when I listened to him. The music got me even more drowsy. I suddenly got a strange, strange need to lay down on the floor and close my eyes. So I did, just got down with my headphones on. I closed my eyes. I felt like I was in a trance-like state, I saw music visualizations under my eyelids like I never saw before. It was a unique experience I gotta say. After some time, my eyes felt like they were glued to my eyelids, it felt like I can open my eyes, and at the same time I can’t. I had a feeling like someone is trying to pull me out of this world. All the time I had a smile on my face (no special reason). 5-10 minutes after this happened I opened my eyes. I looked at a mirror. My eyes were red and bloody and my eye pupils were widened, just like when a person is high on drugs. This music will not cause any paranoia or hallucinations like binaural beats, only a little bit altered state of mind, maybe its a placebo, although I don’t think that because I had no awareness that this music might cause this. That night I had something that was close to a LD, using WILD (I never had LD’s before):

Really, this is beautiful music, and best of it is that it is totally free, it’s under Creative Commons License, which would mean you can edit it, share it and do whatever you want with it!

(just click the download button!)

I’m going to download it ! I’m very curious :wink: :music: :ok:

Now, it might act differently on different people, but either way its beautiful music and its very good to listen to before bedtime.
The Beat! :smile:

So is there any one song that made you react?

I listened to the songs, they are rather alternative! Anyway I liked them so I am downloading and trying them out tonight! I’ll update if I get any results.

I downloaded these awhile ago, and forgot about them. When I put a few on my MP3 by accident, it was the greatest thing ever. Their music is so calming, beautiful, and… out there, it’s truly unlike anything else. The visuals they trigger just from the music is amazing. I really hope they make more.