Lucidity Challenge 15

Welcome videogamer to the challenge, magnus, shall I count you in? Or do you want LD’s before that :razz:

oh that’s alright then. i’m glad i’m still on holidays, otherwise it would be a lot harder

sign me up too




  1. video_gamer

  2. sirch

(6. Magnus)

We have 5 (4) left, Im not sure if Magnus wants to join, just tell me and Ill fix it :smile:

why not, I can join :smile:

Then well start when 4 more have joined :smile:

i would like to try again :cool:

This will be my first lucidity challenge. I’d love to try =]

Siiw and thedaogsays, youre in. Just 2 more to go :smile:




  1. video_gamer

  2. sirch

  3. Magnus

  4. Siiw

  5. THeDogSays


I´ll joy in,

Just 1 more :yay:

Remeber, the signup doesnt close until task is posted, the task comes the evening same day as a 10th players signs up :smile:

ill sign up ive had a bunch of LD’s before but never knew what was up with them until i say the site so now ill have something new to do in them :smile:
i am bad at controlling what i do in them but i think this will help me concentrate so sign me up :content:
and let me see if this works


Ok, the team is set and the task comes 22:00 GMT (dont bother, Ill pm you)

wow, im excited. although worried because i might have used up my ld quota for today, i had four back to back earlier, hope i will be able to get lucid tonight or tomorow morning!

Here is the task, its type A (dont bother, Ill explain later :wink: )


I have seen a lot of vehicles in my dreams and they are good ways to earn LD. What I want you to do is to interact with one vehicle and maybe drive away with it :razz:

Basic points:

You have a normal dream without ever considering you are dreaming = 0 points
You consider you may be dreaming at least once in the dream, but don’t get lucid = 10 points
You realize you are dreaming, but wake up in under approximately 10 seconds of your realization = 20 points
You realize you are dreaming and have a lucid dream that lasts over approximately 10 seconds = 30 points

Task points:

You interact a vehicle= 5 points
Its your own vehicle= 10 points
You drive it and come toyour destination= 20 points
You ask another to drive you and reach the destination= 30 points.

Good start, heres the bonus:

You get an LD thanks of the vehicle= 10 points
You run after a speeding vehicle and catch it= 40 points

These bonuspoints can be taken until friday when task 2 comes :smile:

sweet dreams :content:

I’m so excited. I have been getting lucid a couple times each night lately, so I have big hopes for this challenge. :happy:

hi its me im really sorry but can i drop out i thought that this was something way different im so sorry :sad: im really sorry maby you could get someone else?

You dont need to feel some pressure, you can do any task you want when they come :wink: this is just a way to improve LD’s :cool:

OK, so I’m in a mansion that i’ve never before seen IRL, and all my family are there for a party/gathering. I think i live at the mansion. I dont know what the party is for and i keep trying to ask my relatives but before someone tells me, they are somehow interrupted. then one of my sisters says she wants to talk with me in private, and we walk through the mansion trying to find rooms that are private and failing. So i tell her to meet me upstairs in a minute because my bedroom is private. (not my bedroom in real life, its a mansion bedroom) So i go up to my huge bedroom with a king-sized bed, strip off and climb under the sheets and start reading a book. (why i have no idea.) then there’s a knock at my bedroom door, so i put my clothes back on and go to answer it and its my sister as arranged. She starts to tell me something but i suddenly get lucid and decide to fly around the grounds of this huge mansion. All my family-DCs are watching me fly in astonishment and then my nephew asks me to teach him how to do that. This flying part lasted about 2 minutes
Then i woke up.
New dream, i dont remeber, but i know that i had to get out of the way of a tank on a dusty bombed street like you would find in Call of duty 4.

So i got lucid at the end of one dream, and i interacted with a vehicle (the tank trying to blow me up) in the second dream, but i wasn’t lucid then.