Lucidity Challenge 15

I accept your challenge! even though i already have at the start…
er, anyway here’s my dream. i always remember feelings in my dreams (i just have to remember IT IS A DREAM):
I’m in my room and a friend has come over for the day. i’m playing Sonic Battle on my Gamecube somehow, and realize she’s in my brothers room. i turn it off and go to where she is. it appears Left 4 Dead is playing on the Xbox360 yet she’s not controlling it. the controller looks like a white PS2 contoller combined with an Xbox one. i think it’s a bit weird but then realize she’s fallen asleep. i look at the clock and see that it’s around 4 o’clock. mum comes in and asks why my friend hasn’t left yet. i say ‘i don’t know’ and fall asleep as well.
i wake up and notice that my friend is gone. i go out to the kitchen and search the fridge for cake. i thought my friend ate it and thought she could have eaten my lollies too. i rush to my room and find the 2 small containers half empty. i start feeling angry because of this, so decide to eat the rest since there aren’t many left. then they start sticking to my hands which peaved me even more.

it continues but it’s irrelevant. apart from one where i was in an amusement park about to drop down a long water slide fearing it would be scary, but i put the fear away after going down and it turns out really boring and a waste of time :neutral:

:grin: I had a lucid dream i was lucid for like a half hour total

My dream started in the evening when someone rang the doorbell, i opened the door and a bunch of kids around like 5 were stading there in costumes they yelled “trick or treat”. I figured that they were confused about the date after all it was mid January. i noticed a bowl of Candy beside the door so i saaid what the hey and gave some to them, they thanked me and went on their way. I noticed outside that there were a bunch of kids trick or treating i called to my friend asking what was up with the trick or treating in mid January. He thought i was crazy and he told me that it was halloween (here i felt stupid). Then he asked me for Candy. ( his poor friend was having mental heath problems and all he could think about was candy :grrr: at this point i felt quite angry ) Anyway i gave him some and rushed upstairs to ask my parents wht day it was they told me halloween. I thought to myself but thats impossible since when i fell aleep it was mid january … when i fell asleep, that means im dreaming (i was very happy here cause i managed to stay lucid) . i thought to myself for a while hey im asleep but my brain thinks im here and stuff like that. I remembered then that part of a lucidity challenge that i was supposed to tell domeone how i feel about them, so i went to our rec room and told my older brother how i felt about him always annoying me and beating me up. that done i went outside and had somefun hovering around for a while until i lost lucidness . i went inside still dreaming though not lucid, i went downstairs and went in the computer room in my house i played a online bully at scrabble whos friends kept making fun of me cause in the dream i stunk at scrabble(here i felt sad). At this point i did a reality check and it made me lucid again(i was very happy to be lucid again) i kicked the guy butt at scrabble because for some reason he suddenly stunk (i was also happy here cause i pwned) :whistle: it was at that point i woke up

last night i had a brilliant dream, but im not going to go into the entire dream’s details because it was quite long. But there was one bit where i was climbing along the support cables of an absolutely massive bridge, it was really windy and the bottom rung that i was climbing along swung out incredibly far and i felt really scared at first. then some part of me became lucid and i decided to enjoy the moment instead of fear it because i knew i couldnt be hurt. everything in this scene was amazing, it was a beautiful and crystal clear natural scene and once i changed my fear, i felt an incredible sense of peace and tranquility, but also adventure as i was climbing along the bride very dangerously. excellent feeling, once i had conciously transformed my fear. The beauty and tranquility of this scene with bridge reminded me of some good times iv had on holiday in cornwall.

Videogamer remembers a feeling, 5 points plus 30 LD-points

daniel gets 5 points for remembering a feeling plus 25 telling someone and 50 LD-points :cool:

mainiakbill gets 15 feelingpoints and 30 LD-points :cool:


daniel= 100 points
mainiakbill= 80 points
ETM= 75 points
videogamer= 65 points
thedogsays= 55 points
sirch= 5 points

We have siiw, Magnus, unknownuser333 and dreamghost that had bad luck here, I hope you get some LD’s :cool_laugh:

Yayy that was an awesome dream points wise
a question lets say i dream of feelings or whatever again tonight to i get points again or 1 dream per challenge?

Unlimited dreams of same task until the challenge is over :wink:

ooo i will remember that from now on tnx

i was talking to an old man who asked me to accompany a friend of his on a plane so she wouldn’t get lonely during the long flight. he told me to do this “when i realize i’m dreaming” of course i didn’t consider that i was dreaming at the moment, just that i would be sometime in the future. haha :smile: anyway eventually i realized that i was in fact dreaming, did a nose rc and decided to help out the fella’s friend cause i felt sorry for her (i guess that’s a feeling?) so i went down into the parking garage of the hotel i was in and told some random guy that i was dreaming then asked him where the airplanes were. he pointed to them, there was one stacked on top of another. i walked over to the loading area, i noticed the departures/arrivals board. all the planes were leaving at 5:75 and arriving at 7:57. i noticed that one of my fellow passengers who was boarding the plane at the moment had a pupil in the shape of a capital R. i was about to board the plane when i noticed that the stewardess was the most beautiful girl i’d ever seen. her name was ashley and i was absolutely mesmerized. i woke up from the pure flood of excitement i had in even being priveleged to see this woman. i fell back asleep a little later, sort of a WILD type thing, i was just in my own bed and i did a nose RC to be sure i was dreaming. i got out of bed, went upstairs and out the front door, stood in the middle of the street, and tried superman-style flying for my first time ever. unfortunately, i blasted off too far and got lost in space. i couldn’t find earth so i just sat there till i woke up.

60 LD-points, plus 5 points for feeling :smile:

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Videogamer remembers a feeling, 5 points plus 30 LD-points

daniel gets 5 points for remembering a feeling plus 25 telling someone and 50 LD-points

mainiakbill gets 15 feelingpoints and 30 LD-points


daniel= 100 points
mainiakbill= 80 points
ETM= 75 points
videogamer= 65 points
unknownuser333= 65 points
thedogsays= 55 points
sirch= 5 points

how many challenges will there be overall?

Sorry Im late with this task, this is a type C task:


Everyone knows what a door is, even in dreams, but in dreams anything can be hidden behind a door. It depends how the SC feels to spawn. Your task is to find out whats behind the door and be prepared to confront whats there.

Basic points:

You have a normal dream without ever considering you are dreaming = 0 points
You consider you may be dreaming at least once in the dream, but don’t get lucid = 10 points
You realize you are dreaming, but wake up in under approximately 10 seconds of your realization = 20 points
You realize you are dreaming and have a lucid dream that lasts over approximately 10 seconds = 30 points

Task points:

You remember whats behind the door= 5 points

You open a door to a restricted area= 10 points

You see a locked door and get through= 20 points


You know whats behind= 15 points


You see the most wanted behind the door= 50 points.

To make the jackpot harder youll need to have an LD before you can do it :razz:

Good luck and sweet dreams :content:

ooh this one’s gonna be fun. so if i found a locked door to a restricted area and found my heart’s desire behind it, would that add up all the points for all those things?

does that mean that if we go really lucid and know that behind that locked door leading to a restricted area is our hearts desire and remember it we can get 130 points?

exactly, you can count :razz: just kidding. Some days have easier tasks, others not :ebil:

the jackpot can just be taken from an LD and wont be valid next C-task :tongue:

hm… i don’t go through many doors. well i guess i could try and get points for last night. i’ll number the scenes so it makes sense, because in the late parts i refer back to the others:

[spoiler]1) i’m in a shopping centre with my dad when he collapses. i get worried and call out to someone to call an ambulance. when someone runs for a phone he starts convulsing. but not to worry; a young doctor has come, wearing a lab coat, stethoscope, and has messy hair. he does something to make dad concious again and then gives me an injection. no wait… 2. they really hurt too.
2)then i’m in my room playing games on my laptop. i realize what the time is, 1:04am, and decide i should go to bed. i open the door to mums room and my friends are about to go to sleep there. i tell them about scene 1. i leave and notice the light coming in from the bathroom window is brighter than it should be, since it’s the middle of the night. oh well, i go to my room again and see that it’s now 3:04am.
3) next i’m playing a side scrolling videogame with an 8-bit Mario to start off with. i have trouble moving the character but i eventually win the battles and move on. then i play as Sonic and have to save the other characters, but know that if they go too far off screen they’ll die. this happens to Rouge and a green character i don’t recognize, and when i save them a second time they have blood on their foreheads.
4) me and my friends are in a hall with the rest of our classmates. a teacher calls out some names including mine, to come out the front and sit on the chairs. i sit at one of the ends, but when 2 men walk past the doorway i feel uncomfortable so me and a friend swap.
5) i have a FA knowing it’s a dream but i’m still not sure. i think about looking at the clock but decide to try and remember my dreams. (i was very confused here)
6)everyone from scene 4 is walking back to my old primary school. we come across a gate that’s locked and me and a little boy try to open it. our teacher comes and tells us that there’s no way to open it so we climb over. we start walking down the oval and everyone starts talking about their dreams. a guy next to me says he didn’t dream, but i tell him, “everyone dreams, you just didn’t remember yours”. we get down to the playground and almost everyone is crying about the nightmares/dreams they had. i think about telling someone about the dream i had (scene 3) but then a guy i know comes over and sits down on the bench near me. he’s also crying and is repeatedly saying “the apocolypse is coming.” i wonder if it could be true since everyone has had bad dreams. then i reflect on scene 3 again.[/spoiler]

-I am on vacation, at an old farm. My sister’s ex appears every day and nags me with questions about how to grow things. He tells me that he hopes to inherit the other part of the farm. I think: NO!!!

The rest of my family appears after a week, but very little interesting happens. I complain that when i have used so much time on this, there will be no vacation days left for summer! I decide to go back to Bodø immediately.

My father doesn’t worry at all about when the train leaves. I pack quickly and run around looking for Shiva, but nobody notices. Nobody seems to remember that Shiva even exists! I get dumb looks when i ask for her. She isn’t in any of the bedrooms, and nobody can remember letting her out…i slowly realise where she is.

The door to the food storage room in the basement is nailed shut because alcohol has been disappearing from it. I call for Shiva, and hear scratching from behind the door! I know that the house owners will probably think i am the alcohol thief, but the cat needs to get out, and i end up using a fire axe. I summoned the axe as in a lucid dream: “there will be a fire axe on the wall of the other room”, but didn’t realise it.

We finally drive to the station. The train is already in the station when we arrive, and i grab Shiva and run! It is no use, the train speeds away from me. I run after it to the end of the platform and fall down, exhausted and desperate.

It was past 11 and i needed to get up anyway… :roll: [/spoiler]

Video-gamer gets 20 points, the gate does not give you points, you have to open it :tongue:

[spoiler]1. (after doing WBTB) I felt myself drifting into my dream, sorta a WILD type thing, and i rubbed my dream hands (i was still lying in bed in my dream) i got out of bed, went out my bedroom door and upstairs, and to my refrigerator. it was morning, and i heard a garbage truck outside. i opened the fridge, telling myself i would find “dream drinks” (like to increase lucidity, grow, shrink, transform, develop 360 vision, etc…) but unfortunately the only abnormal thing was a pizza box with some stale cheese pizza in it. i put it back and checked the pantry to see if i could find anything of use in there, but the most useful thing was mustard. (mustard helps with dream recall and vividness) i opened the mustard bottle and was about to squirt some in my mouth when i woke up.
2. i fell asleep after the previous dream pretty quickly, doing the WILD thing again. i got out of my bed, went upstairs, and noticed that the front door was hanging wide open. i was about to go outside when i noticed i was much taller than the top of the door frame. just for the sake of experimentation, i tried to imagine myself growing even taller, becoming a giant. unfortunately, i woke up because i was just standing there concentrating on trying to get bigger.
3. i was sitting in the parking lot of my old high school in a truck. i had a gun in my hand, i was on watch duty while my partner in crime robbed the school or whatever he was doing. the principal came out of the school, i pocketed the gun quickly but not fast enough. the principal’s eyes went wide and he reached into his pocket and grabbed his cell phone. i jumped out of the truck and ran into the school in search of a good hiding place. at this point my dream skipped to me already being caught. there were three or four cops and the principal of the school standing around talking to me, reprimanding me. at this point i realized i was dreaming because i should have been going to jail at least, not just this stern warning. my partner was standing next to me, he said “don’t let it happen again.” i mumbled some reply like “sure sure whatever” but i was already concentrating on my dream goals. i walked through the halls of the school, trying to find someone interesting to talk to, but for some reason i had trouble with getting my feet to touch the ground. it was like i was standing on pillows of air. suddenly i started spinning around on my axis, but i couldn’t get the friction from my feet so i could stop spinning. i thought, well, at least spinning prolongs dreams! finally i managed to reach the ground with my toes and stop myself from spinning. back to the quest of finding an interesting person! i came by a couple people who i’d gone to high school with, then finally a beautiful girl about my age. she was talking with a friend, and i was about to interrupt their conversation. i remembered that it’s very difficult to stay in a dream about sex, so i decided just to hold hands with her and talk, see if she had any deep insights for me. unfortunately i woke up.[/spoiler]

Nice dreams :tongue: I give you 95 points (5 feel, 90 for 3 LD’s :cool_laugh:)

I liked the dream where you tried to become a giant, but woke up :puh:

Siiw gets 25 so far, please post here or in DJ, I may post wrong score :razz:


unknownuser333= 145 points :smile:
daniel= 100 points
mainiakbill= 80 points
ETM= 75 points
videogamer= 65 points
thedogsays= 55 points
siiw= 25 points :cool_raz:
sirch= 5 points

edited the score after correction :cool: please be clear if something is wrong :wink:

sorry to confuse you but i think that the second one only deserved 20 pts, i don’t think it was more than 10 seconds.