Lucidity Challenge 15

I wanna join! sounds like fun, never done a lucidity challenge before

Ok, youre in, 9 left :tongue:

i’d like to join as well! this sounds like a blast.

Welcome into the team, 8 to go :smile:

I would like to participate.

me too. ill see if it gets me out of the dryspell. sounds like fun either way

btw how are we going to get around the time zone differences?

you’ll have 48 hours for each task(if you want the bonus points), so no problem with that :wink:
If you don’t need the bonus points, you have until the LC ends to complete all tasks

Welcome videogamer to the challenge, magnus, shall I count you in? Or do you want LD’s before that :razz:

oh that’s alright then. i’m glad i’m still on holidays, otherwise it would be a lot harder

sign me up too




  1. video_gamer

  2. sirch

(6. Magnus)

We have 5 (4) left, Im not sure if Magnus wants to join, just tell me and Ill fix it :smile:

why not, I can join :smile:

Then well start when 4 more have joined :smile:

i would like to try again :cool:

This will be my first lucidity challenge. I’d love to try =]

Siiw and thedaogsays, youre in. Just 2 more to go :smile:




  1. video_gamer

  2. sirch

  3. Magnus

  4. Siiw

  5. THeDogSays


I´ll joy in,

Just 1 more :yay:

Remeber, the signup doesnt close until task is posted, the task comes the evening same day as a 10th players signs up :smile:

ill sign up ive had a bunch of LD’s before but never knew what was up with them until i say the site so now ill have something new to do in them :smile:
i am bad at controlling what i do in them but i think this will help me concentrate so sign me up :content:
and let me see if this works