Lucidity Challenge 15

thats why you shouldnt post the dream in same color :puh:

srry ill start doing so other wise,

how, like lucid one couler and non lucid another or what?

SPOILER - Click to view

My mom woke me up, she needed me to watch my little sister for the morning. usually when i get out of bed, i do an RC just to be sure. i did a nose RC and to my surprise i was dreaming! i began to explore and try to figure out if there was any way i could turn on a light. suddenly i woke up. i did a nose RC just to be sure, and it was a false awakening! yay! i got up and looked at my cell phone. i can’t remember what else happened, but i woke up pretty quickly. nose RC again. it was another false awakening! wahoo! I went upstairs and looked around to find a picture of mount everest to jump into, but no such luck. i looked out the window, trying to imagine my house being atop the peak of mount everest, but that didn’t work either. finally, i looked in the mirror and found mountains! i jumped through but to my surprise i found trees. i was in the rocky mountains, not the himalayas. i tried stretching my arm as far as i could to use it as a “grappling hook” and pull myself around to other mountains, just for fun, but i woke up again. i laid in bed for a second, cursing myself for waking up when i was so close. hoping against hope, i did another reality check. i was still dreaming! i kept rubbing my hands to prolong my dream as i went upstairs yet another time. the upstairs of my house had suddenly become my grandma’s kitchen, but i was too focused to realize this till later. the light wasn’t on, and i asked my stepdad if he would turn it on for me. he flipped the switch, but the light didn’t turn on. i thought it didn’t work, but then a second later it suddenly flickered on. from now on i’m just gonna have my dc’s turn lights on for me. it works much better. now back to the quest. apparently i wasn’t fully lucid, because i thought mount everest was in the alps, not the himalayas. i began looking for a movie about the alps, but every movie was the same. i looked through all the dvd’s and videotapes i could find, and they all had the same title. (i can’t remember what they all were) i asked my mom, “do you know where the documentary about the alps is?” she said it was above the toaster. i looked, and sure enough there was a movie titled “alpine mountain range.” i popped it into the vcr, but i had to rewind it. while i waited, i looked at my hands, making the fingers morph and growing extra fingers and stuff. i tried putting all my fingers together and morphing them into one big finger, but they just kinda melted into each other and got stuck. i pulled them apart and they were all gooey. it was fun. i looked back at the tv, the movie was ready. i pushed play, but the moviee started with some boring stuff about the film crew. then there was a part where they ate belgian waffles, and i got so excited because i knew it would show mount everest next. i started jumping around like a little child, chanting “belgian waffles! almost there! belgian waffles! almost there!” but i woke up. i did an rc and unfortunately i was awake.

I can see 70 points for unknownuser, well done :cool:

1.unknownuser333= 215 points :cool_laugh:
2.daniel= 140 points
3.mainiakbill= 130 points
4.ETM= 75 points
5.videogamer= 65 points
6.thedogsays= 55 points
7.siiw= 25 points :cool_raz:
8.sirch= 5 points
9.Magnus= 0 points
10. ???


:yes: and post the score you think you get, thank you[/spoiler]

sure thing ghostie and i think i got 20 more then you put me up for

i should have gotten lucid points for the other night, but it doesn’t matter.
the dream i had last night wasn’t relevent so i won’t post it. in future i’ll post normal dreams in green and LD in red.

I was lucid twice last night:


It is all lucid, so it is all in black while yellow marks the start of a new dream. And i thought of climbing Mt.Everest at least. :tongue:

siiw, I read your dream and posted a comment there :smile:

EDIT: 60 points :cool:

wow i had an interesting dream last night, despite the fact that i didn’t get lucid OR complete the task…


I was thinking about this when Barack Obama became president, he made a promise that the iraqwar would end. However, this is irrelevant, I want you to end a war (real or unreal), because this requires both courage and a vivid LD to do this.

Basic points:

You have a normal dream without ever considering you are dreaming = 0 points
You consider you may be dreaming at least once in the dream, but don’t get lucid = 10 points
You realize you are dreaming, but wake up in under approximately 10 seconds of your realization = 20 points
You realize you are dreaming and have a lucid dream that lasts over approximately 10 seconds = 30 points

Task points:

You do end the war= 5 points

You end a war without killing anyone= 15 points

You are a general of one side and stop the war= 30 points

Bonus points:

You persuade the generals on both sides to stop the war= 30 points

NOTE: This is a type A task, I recommend you to do task one, vehicles, at same time, youll get that tasks bonus too :cool:

Heres the ultimate bonus (can only be earned once per contestant and only applies until next task :tongue: ):

You get onboard a vehicle and rush with a speed of 300 km/h (must be 300 :razz: ) to the general and make him end the war= 100 points :thud:

Sorry Im late :shy: but good luck :content:

i too have had strange dreams in the past few nights involving elephants, a special sixth sense and a nintendo DS

oh man… now i’ve started school i won’t have time to use techniques to help me get lucid. i guess all i can do is RC.
and again last night, i didn’t get lucid. however, i was a postman!
edit: about the task, what if you’re one of the generals and stop the war? does that count?

Ooh :whistle: that will be in the score list too :wink:

sigh, havnt been getting lucid latly or all that great recall either, but thanks to this site i know how to improve

I got the war, and a general as a MUME character, but was far from lucid and more interested in winning the war. :roll:

sorry siiw, you get null (0) points, I dont see something that gives you score. But it still was a good try :cool: good luck with the ending of war everyone :content:

oh geez… i’ve had a bad day today. i hope i can get lucid tonight.
and thanks for putting up my suggestion :mrgreen:

:love: LOVE :love:

“There is nothing stronger than love”- a quote that has a point, in fact this task is to feel love :razz: :content:

Basic points:

You have a normal dream without ever considering you are dreaming = 0 points
You consider you may be dreaming at least once in the dream, but don’t get lucid = 10 points
You realize you are dreaming, but wake up in under approximately 10 seconds of your realization = 20 points
You realize you are dreaming and have a lucid dream that lasts over approximately 10 seconds = 30 points

Task point:

You feel very happy= 10 points

You feel love towards someone= 15 points

You feel love towards EVERYTHING= 25 points

This is type B, meaning that task 2, feel, should be made with this one, time for bonus:


Spawn a good feeling= 15 points

And the ultimate jackpot:

You fall in love in someone and express your feeling and the DC says :yes: (must be LD :tongue: ): 100 points

good luck everyone and feel love :smile:

i was low level lucid, or half lucid:

[spoiler]-My brother isn’t feeling well, and i take over his palace guard duty for a while. A dragon flying over the forest road is a little distracting, but i stand still. The dream gets half lucid, because i tell myself “If FiXato appears on the next dragon, i will follow him”

The next thing i remember is riding on a dragon, FiXato is behind my back. He is dressed like a wizard. I know it isn’t real. We land close to a cabin in the woods, and sit still on a bench for a long time. He goes to feed the dragon, and a male warrior DC throws himself across my lap! I push him out and shout “You aren’t FiXato!” “FiXato isn’t here right now, i am his DC replacement!”, the warrior replies. I get up and leave.[/spoiler]

Sorry I haven’t been posting. I haven’t made significant progress to any of the challenges except one.
The night before last I was lucid and remembered the Mt. Everest goal. I few some, but lost lucidity before I got very far.
Last night I was lucid for maybe 10 min, but I didn’t work toward any of the challenge goals.