Lucidity Challenge 35 > winner Koharo!

I wanned to incubate how I meet 11th Doctor and take his “fezz”, whatever way it is spelled. But ended up being that Doctor myself. And there were plenty of V. van Gogh’s hats there. Finally I made at least 2 dc’s to wear it, also did that myself. During dream, I believe, EVERY part of the task happened at least once, except for hat being somewhat magical. And I wasn’t lucid, yet, had some control.

Two short LD’s over the last couple of days

A fragment… Sigh. Not the way to end the NC or start the LC…

I had a short LD last night.

Short LD.

Just popping in to say that this challenge is brilliant! :lol:

Here’s three NDs. No hats yet, but I’m aiming for Notch’s. :razz:

Can I still join? :tongue: (I know it already started but I don’t mind being a few days behind)

Edit: I find it very hard to judge how long a dream is. I guess my average is about 3 minutes. My personal goal would be to bend the elements in a LD (so like shooting fire from my hand, make a wall of water, let air lift me up and easily throw boulders around.)

:neutral: Ditto…Ive been off track lately.

Ansie, I can add you in, no problem. You can start with this first task, I’ll count anything you post after this as being towards it.

Koharo, just need a goal and average dream length, then I’ll add you in. Just try to get that to me before I announce the second task on Saturday.

After this though, no more new entries, I think 15 is a good number :tongue:

Just under 40 hours left until I post the next task; tallying of scores will come shortly thereafter.

[color=green]I couldnt really calculate my LD time I’ll go out on a limb and say my average is 4-5 minutes.

My LD goal for this event is to shuffle (the dance). [/color]

I will do my best to find a hat this night then :content:

I became lucid when I saw that my feet were highly distorted. Unfortunately, I got excited and woke up within just a few seconds.

I think this fits the description of “You become lucid but wake up shortly after or lose lucidity very quickly”

Two MOAR short lucids with the most recent being lost and saved twice.

Also, took some military guy’s hat in an ND, did not wear it though.

Only a fragment.

One long lucid and one medium lucid over the past two days :smile:

Only a Fragment and a ND here.

:meh: Ditto…but its better than when I was getting nothing at all…I’ll try again

Task 2 - Surfs Up

Summer’s nearly over (for most of us), so let’s give it one last hurrah and catch a few waves.

Acquire your surfboard - 5 pts
Find/Create waves to ride - 5 pts
Attempt to surf them, but fail - 5 pts
Successfully surf one - 10 pts
Successfully surf multiple - 20 pts Note: “One” or “Multiple” is an either or, not both.
Do some tricks - 5 pts each, up to 20 pts
Enjoy another adventure resulting from surfing - 5 pts

This task will close and the next will be posted next Saturday, around 18:00 GMT.

Scores coming soon.

Does it still make sense (point wise) to do the previous one?