Lucidity Challenge 35 > winner Koharo!

Last night I became lucid but I woke up within seconds.

A very short lucid last night. I was on my way to school when I pulled into this empty parking lot. It did not at all resemble the parking lot at the community college, this parking lot had lots of big spaces with freshly painted lines. It was abnormally shaped, and it stretched a long way, but on the left side there was woodlands and on the right there was a big nice open field. As I got out of the truck, I realized “Hey, this doesn’t look like the parking lot at my school! I must be dreaming!” Then I woke up.[/spoiler]

Only a Fragment from two nights ago, and only an ND from last night.

I had what I consider a fairly long lucid dream last night. (The length was 7-8 minutes.)

Dream details:

[spoiler][color=blue]I hurry into a grocery store to pick up some items, passing my friend R on the way in. (The only IWL friend I have that regularly LDs.) I say hey and we catch up about the time he’s been spending in Seoul, South Korea. I’m in a hurry so I tell him I have to run.

As he’s leaving, I call back to him and ask, “R, what city are we in right now?” He thinks for a moment and then says that he doesn’t know. How can we both not know? Something’s off. “Buddy, aren’t you supposed to be in Seoul? I’ve never been to Seoul.” We agree that it’s strange neither of us know where we are and I [/color][color=red]realize that I’m dreaming. “I figured out what’s going on, R. I’m dreaming. Well, one of us is, I guess. Probably me.” He congratulates me and agrees that it’s “probably” me having the LD and not him. I clap him on the shoulder and head into the store.

I walk through a set of automatic doors and casually explore the store, taking my time marveling at the items on the shelves, the level of detail, and the sheer number of dream characters buying food for the week. I spend several minutes just enjoying the people and texture in the place. One DC, a bulky man in a football jersey and baseball cap, gives me a slightly unfriendly look, but I ignore him.

A more serious confrontation is next. I’m approaching the frozen foods section when a fat, enormously tall man locks eyes with me. His many chins quake with rage and his fists are balled up for a fight. The huge man strides toward me, flaring out his arms like an obese grizzly bear. I hear him grinding his teeth. The sound is awful, like ice cubes being crushed against one another.

My own temper starts to smolder but I catch myself and say, “Wait. You’re not upset with me. You’re angry about something else. What can I do to help you?” He stops and drops his arms to his side, mouth hanging open in surprise. Sheepishly, he says, “Drumstick.” I point to one of the cases in the freezer aisle and it begins to give off a warm glow. “The ice cream’s in there,” I tell him. “I made this place. That means it’s my fault it didn’t have what you needed. I’m sorry for your trouble.” He smiles broadly and waves, turning toward the ice cream.

I walk further down the freezer aisle, studying the ice cream and shelves full of frozen dinners. (My subconscious seems to mostly produce lasagna and meatloaf.) At the end of the aisle, I come to a door that leads into a hotel banquet hall with a view high above the city. (What city? Still don’t know.)

I’m barging in on some sort of convention and the well-dressed DCs act shocked to see me. They protest at first but I inform them that all of this is my lucid dream, so they’ll just have to be patient until I’m through. They become very interested, peppering me with questions. A small crowd of well-dressed young professionals gathers around me, asking me why I keep rubbing my hands together and prodding at my arms. I explain a bunch of LD concepts to them, starting with stabilization, going through how I enter an LD, etc. None of it feels like a waste of time. If these DCs represent some part of myself, what could be better than reviewing the basics?

I tell them that I have to find the Cretaceous sea. I hold my hands out and will the Cretaceous sea to illuminate. A chunk of the horizon starts giving off a warm glow (just like the ice cream!) I try to push through the window, which fails, and then try to punch it. It acts like plexiglas, wobbling and vibrating but refusing to break. I finally grab a chair and knock out a smaller panel.

I squeeze myself through to the outside of the building. The wind is fierce, tugging at my clothes, and the ground looks far, far away. I cling to the building, suddenly more afraid than I was prepared to be. I start to calm myself[/color] but it’s too late – I’m awake.[/spoiler]

Scores up to NOW

  1. Koharo - 30 + 120 = 150
  2. Lucid Wolf - 20 + 10 + 20 + 20 + 40 = 110
  3. Rhewin - 20 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 5 + 30 + 20 = 95
  4. MagykKatte - 20 + 30 + 40 = 90
  5. demented - 5 + 5 + 20 + 30 + 20 = 60
  6. DaveTheJoker - 40 + 10 50
  7. fennecgirl - 20 + 30 = 50
  8. Masonc1 - 10 = 10
  9. Scipio Xaos
  10. Mason
  11. Thorn
  12. Nicklebrick
  13. Czaranis
  14. (Sandy)
  15. Ansie

Lucid Points Task Points Personal Goal Points Total Points

Task 3: The Dreamternet!

The internet is probably THE marvel of the modern world. It has a virtually unlimited potential to expand, too. So what does the internet in our dreams contain?

Find a connection to the internet (ie: a computer/smart phone/etc)- 5 pts
Connect to the internet - 10 pts
View some webpages, chats, or something - 20
View something above and beyond the real internet’s capabilities - 10
Create an internet location (website, chat, other?) - 20

I fully anticipate the internet to be something more than just text and images displayed on a monitor, so terms like “webpage” and “chatroom” may not exactly be the most fitting, but I think they get the idea across. Good luck on your cyber dreams! :happy:

Let’s ask again, does it make sense point wise to also do the previous tasks?

Yesterday I had a dream in which I questioned reality, and I was convinced it wasn’t real, but I didn’t realise it was a dream and I lost the realisation that it was not real after 2 min or so. (I am not sure if this scores me points or not, but I wanted to mention it anyways :tongue:)

Oh, sorry Ansie, meant to answer that…

Yes, you can still get points for old tasks, however you miss out on the 20 point bonus for doing the current task.

I had an ND last night in which I connected to the Internet via my laptop and somehow ended up with a printout of a webpage. Not the most thrilling ND, but at least my dreams are starting to relate to the task. :razz:

A short LD again, and unrelated to that LD, I connected to the internet in a dream of mine via my (old) iPhone. Got on irc and also browsed the news through Yahoo. Apparently Ralph Nader has pulled ahead in the polls >.>

The medium lucid I had (that has already counted for points) featured the internet, do pre-tasks count for anything? :tongue:

[color=green]-9/18/12 Medium LD with nothing to do with the topic

-9/20/12 Long LD with nothing to do with the topic

-9/22/12 Multiple short short ND/LD’s WBTB more short ND/LD’s not on topic (Counts as 2 short) [/color]
^…?? This was the Assailant dream which was a long LD. *Correcting entry error I’m aware the awarded points are still the same.

[color=green]-9/23/12 Medium LD nothing to do with topic

-9/24/12 Long LD nothing to do with topic[/color]

SPOILER - Click to view

[center]…And a lot of recording for my logbook. It gets interesting and pretty vivid on 9/20, 9/23, and 9/24…these hit me out of no where but I’m doing much better since my LD dryspell.[/center]

I had a average-length LD, noting very important so im not going to be updating my DJ at all :razz:

And btw, these are awesome tasks!

3 medium LD’s and 2 short LD’s

1 short LD off topic

Edit: FLD -20

I had a medium LD this morning, in which I attempted and failed my personal goal.

I had a short LD this morning.

A medium LD which was broken into two parts thanks to almost waking up, and also one long LD which was in an odd 3rd person perspective.

2 short LD’s
1 medium LD all off topic

Edit: I believe 9/29/12 was an FLD -20, so 1 short LD instead of 2.

Task 4: Spaaaaace!

This is the DreamShip, and it’s continuing mission to seek out strange new worlds.

See the ‘night’ sky - 5 pts
Spot a planet(s) - 10 pts
Travel through space - 20 pts
Land on a planet/asteroid - 25 pts
Land on a star - 30 pts
Travel through a wormhole - 40 pts

I will be looking to award some creativity points here, too :wink:


A Short LD. I attempted the Task 4, but didn’t really have any success with it.