Lucidity Challenge 35 > winner Koharo!

Scores up to NOW

  1. Koharo - 30 + 120 = 150
  2. Lucid Wolf - 20 + 10 + 20 + 20 + 40 = 110
  3. Rhewin - 20 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 5 + 30 + 20 = 95
  4. MagykKatte - 20 + 30 + 40 = 90
  5. demented - 5 + 5 + 20 + 30 + 20 = 60
  6. DaveTheJoker - 40 + 10 50
  7. fennecgirl - 20 + 30 = 50
  8. Masonc1 - 10 = 10
  9. Scipio Xaos
  10. Mason
  11. Thorn
  12. Nicklebrick
  13. Czaranis
  14. (Sandy)
  15. Ansie

Lucid Points Task Points Personal Goal Points Total Points

Task 3: The Dreamternet!

The internet is probably THE marvel of the modern world. It has a virtually unlimited potential to expand, too. So what does the internet in our dreams contain?

Find a connection to the internet (ie: a computer/smart phone/etc)- 5 pts
Connect to the internet - 10 pts
View some webpages, chats, or something - 20
View something above and beyond the real internet’s capabilities - 10
Create an internet location (website, chat, other?) - 20

I fully anticipate the internet to be something more than just text and images displayed on a monitor, so terms like “webpage” and “chatroom” may not exactly be the most fitting, but I think they get the idea across. Good luck on your cyber dreams! :happy:

Let’s ask again, does it make sense point wise to also do the previous tasks?

Yesterday I had a dream in which I questioned reality, and I was convinced it wasn’t real, but I didn’t realise it was a dream and I lost the realisation that it was not real after 2 min or so. (I am not sure if this scores me points or not, but I wanted to mention it anyways :tongue:)

Oh, sorry Ansie, meant to answer that…

Yes, you can still get points for old tasks, however you miss out on the 20 point bonus for doing the current task.

I had an ND last night in which I connected to the Internet via my laptop and somehow ended up with a printout of a webpage. Not the most thrilling ND, but at least my dreams are starting to relate to the task. :razz:

A short LD again, and unrelated to that LD, I connected to the internet in a dream of mine via my (old) iPhone. Got on irc and also browsed the news through Yahoo. Apparently Ralph Nader has pulled ahead in the polls >.>

The medium lucid I had (that has already counted for points) featured the internet, do pre-tasks count for anything? :tongue:

[color=green]-9/18/12 Medium LD with nothing to do with the topic

-9/20/12 Long LD with nothing to do with the topic

-9/22/12 Multiple short short ND/LD’s WBTB more short ND/LD’s not on topic (Counts as 2 short) [/color]
^…?? This was the Assailant dream which was a long LD. *Correcting entry error I’m aware the awarded points are still the same.

[color=green]-9/23/12 Medium LD nothing to do with topic

-9/24/12 Long LD nothing to do with topic[/color]

SPOILER - Click to view

[center]…And a lot of recording for my logbook. It gets interesting and pretty vivid on 9/20, 9/23, and 9/24…these hit me out of no where but I’m doing much better since my LD dryspell.[/center]

I had a average-length LD, noting very important so im not going to be updating my DJ at all :razz:

And btw, these are awesome tasks!

3 medium LD’s and 2 short LD’s

1 short LD off topic

Edit: FLD -20

I had a medium LD this morning, in which I attempted and failed my personal goal.

I had a short LD this morning.

A medium LD which was broken into two parts thanks to almost waking up, and also one long LD which was in an odd 3rd person perspective.

2 short LD’s
1 medium LD all off topic

Edit: I believe 9/29/12 was an FLD -20, so 1 short LD instead of 2.

Task 4: Spaaaaace!

This is the DreamShip, and it’s continuing mission to seek out strange new worlds.

See the ‘night’ sky - 5 pts
Spot a planet(s) - 10 pts
Travel through space - 20 pts
Land on a planet/asteroid - 25 pts
Land on a star - 30 pts
Travel through a wormhole - 40 pts

I will be looking to award some creativity points here, too :wink:


A Short LD. I attempted the Task 4, but didn’t really have any success with it.

One short LD

Hey wait, i just did this! :tongue: didn’t even know it was a challenge.

I’d consider it a medium LD

Sorry i don’t know how to link directly to a post, but it’s at the bottom, the last dream i had.

also… does the tornado effect thing that happened count as a wormhole? because that’s kindof what it looked like.

ah but i didn’t sign up… :sad:

Use the link in front of: Posted date, year, time. It is a small piece of paper at the top left of the post :razz:

E-mail notification on this topic fails for me for some reason, so I never read the 4th task and I also didn´t read this months Quest which I regretted in my LD this night. I did however have a long dream in which I did task 3 and 2. I will post the details later when I have time and when I have my DJ. I am just happy to have this very lucid dream after so many nights of no recall :smile: (There was also an internet cafe owned by Ysim in the dream XD)

Edit: Part of this task I did last month for the Dutch Quest: Man on the Moon :razz: