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E-mail notification on this topic fails for me for some reason, so I never read the 4th task and I also didn´t read this months Quest which I regretted in my LD this night. I did however have a long dream in which I did task 3 and 2. I will post the details later when I have time and when I have my DJ. I am just happy to have this very lucid dream after so many nights of no recall :smile: (There was also an internet cafe owned by Ysim in the dream XD)

Edit: Part of this task I did last month for the Dutch Quest: Man on the Moon :razz:

First, an average-length lucid dream from two nights ago.

[spoiler][color=blue]I’m in an office kitchen and I happen to run into L, an old friend from high school that I barely ever see. I ask how married life has been and whether anything exciting is going on with her. She reveals that she’s expecting and is “3 weeks along”. I remark that I couldn’t tell (duh) but she doesn’t respond.

Assuming she didn’t hear me, I repeat what I just said, only to realize that she has vanished. A young woman taps me on the shoulder and says, “Are you okay? You look like you’re talking to someone but there’s nobody there.”[/color] [color=red]Immediately lucid, I nod to her. “Thanks. Everything’s fine. I’m dreaming.” She seems to accept this, walking away. My mind is immediately on the Task of the Month and I walk through the nearest doorway.

I wind up in a large classroom that looks like it might be for first- or second-graders. Daylight streams in from a large window on the far side of the room. I’m the only person in the room and there’s a pumpkin in the middle of every short little table. Yes, conditions are perfect for removing my own head. :happy:

I walk around the room, thinking of mirrors, expecting to see one around every corner. Finally one of those odd, distorting fish-eye mirrors appears but I figure it’ll be fine. I check my reflection and I’m wearing extremely thick black glasses and a purple tank top. My hair looks all 90s and hair-sprayed. I decide not to get too attached to this new look as I shall be ridding myself of this head shortly.

I begin to think about how all my life I have had the head of a Lego man, attached to my neck by nothing but a short knob. I place both hands under my jaw. Even though I can feel my hands on my face, my reflection’s hands are a few inches away. I go ahead anyway, smoothly pushing up, and my head pops right off, just like a Lego piece. There’s no blood and no pain. All of this feels perfectly natural.

I need to find a pumpkin now so I unceremoniously chuck my head onto the floor. It makes a sound like a softball as it lands. I grab a nearby pumpkin and see that it’s already carved like a jack-o-lantern. I wonder whether this is a violation of the rules that I’m supposed to carve it. I decide that once I put it on I’ll add features. (Maybe a mustache?) I return to the mirror to complete the procedure but find that my original head has grown back. I feel a flash of surprise and the mirror disappears.

I start looking around the class for more mirrors. One pops up but vanishes as soon as I try to look into it. I grumble about this and my voice suddenly sounds like the growl of an old man. I find a third mirror. When I look into it, Walter White from “Breaking Bad” is staring back at me. He (is this me or someone else??) is wearing the trademark Heisenberg pork pie hat and dark glasses. The dream fades [/color]and I’m awake.

Next, another average-length lucid dream where I believe that I accomplished the following:
-Travel through space - 20 pts (Note: I exited Earth’s atmosphere and made it into space. Once I got into space, I started floundering without traveling very far. I hope that this still counts, but it’s of course totally up to the organizer to decide!)

I’m a graduating senior in college, following around a guy who seems to think we’re close friends. I feel pretty guilty because I have no memory of him at all. I’m accompanying him so he can say his post-college goodbyes to his girlfriend. We meet her outside of a dormitory, and I recognize her as a girl that I know from high school. I recognize how weird this is and [color=red]quickly find myself lucid.

Both of the dream characters freeze in place, looking into one another’s eyes. I decide to leave the love birds alone while I take another pass at Task of the Month. (In this case, I’m going to be trying to remove my head and replace it with a pumpkin.) I try to will a mirror onto the outer dormitory wall but nothing appears.

I remember how much more dream control success I have when I’m detailed and thorough. I try again, this time imagining an ornate mirror that’s been worn by time, the paint on its frame beginning to chip and flake off. This time I get my mirror!

I look into the mirror but it’s dirty and cloudy-looking. The reflection looks like a shirtless me but it’s very hard to make out any detail. I wipe at the mirror but it just doesn’t make any difference. Rather than get hung up here and waste a lucid dream doing glass-cleaning, I decide to spend my time trying out other things.

I leave the grounds of the dormitory and head out onto a quiet, empty street. The morning feels chilly and the city is covered with a blanket of fog. I wonder what this fog looks like from above, so I decide to try flying above it. This time, I focus on the little details. The chill of humid air against my fingertips. The breeze flowing past my hair and tickling my scalp. Concentrating on these sensations leaves me no time for doubt and I smoothly rise up into the fog.

The fog swallows me whole as I rise. I wonder how long it will take me to pierce it. I feel myself going faster and faster and soon I’m rocketing up through the atmosphere. The fog never seems to end and I feel like I must be high above the Earth.

Suddenly I break through into blackness. I stop rising, my momentum suddenly gone. I’m in the blackness of space and the fog is now a floor below me. I realize that it isn’t just the city that was covered in fog – it’s the entire planet. I am able to breathe but I somehow can’t keep myself from doing so in these desperate, shallow gasps.

My flight abilities have stopped working and my arms and legs flail helplessly. I will myself a pair of rocket shoes but I get confused trying to work the lever that turns them on. I start losing my cool and my breathing becomes even gaspier until [/color]I wake up.[/spoiler]

Since October 1st I had 3 short LD’s and 2 medium LD’s.
One of the three short LD’s was an FLD -20

Here is my long LD:

SPOILER - Click to view

Frozen Canals, dreamternet and surfs up
I will add some comments to this dream because I joined this lucidity challenge to improve/restore my LD skills. I guess that means I should at least analyze my dreams. So after some time with bad recall I had this LD

[ND]I am back in Amsterdam and Wulf is with me. The canals are frozen after a few days of cold weather. This strikes me as odd, I just left Sweden and there we only had a few colder days, but not cold enough to freeze anything yet. People are walking on the ice like it has been there for days. I am a bit cautious though, I don’t believe the canals can have frozen this fast. I walk on the ice behind Wulf and it seems very strong. This can’t be. I count my fingers, This is my standard RC that somehow always works. (No matter what I count). I usually I have 6 fingers in dreams, but now I even have 7., [LD]I am lucid. After becoming lucid I usually feel the freedom and I express that by flying immediately or telling DC’s it is a dream, until I realize I should do what I wanted to do irl. This time I start ice skating with an enormous speed. I start ice skating as fast as I can and I make very wide and nice circles. The wind blows in my hair.

I remember quite soon that I wanted to be lucid to do tasks from the Lucidity challenge. From beginning on I wanted to do several tasks in one dream. Unfortunally I remember that I never read the most recent tasks, so I will have to do the older ones. So I decide to do the dreamternet and I ask Wulf to bring me to a computer. This is smarter than I usually am in dreams. Normally I try to summon something or to expect it behind a door. I noticed that my conscious thinking is then interfering with my subconscious creating the environment. I do not have enough faith in myself to summon something, something I wish to change. Asking Wulf made things easier. I gave my subconscious a task by asking a DC. Wulf brings me over the ice to an internet café. Inside a computer is already turned and I see an online game. You sort of have to shoot bath tube ducks in the first round. I find this amusing and I think of how funny this might sound when I write it in the challenge topic. I do very well at the game. A man in the room tells me that he also was very good in the first round, but this resulted in him being ranked too high in the further rounds. In the next rounds you play in a room against people of your own level. The man want me to sit on his lap and I decide it is time to leave. I know I could have scored up more points by doing additional things on the computer but I can’t recall what exactly it was and I think I can score more by doing the next task than to struggle with this one. I also couldn’t remember what more I was supposed to do for this task when I woke up, so it is not a problem of recall within the dream.

I can do the surfs up task I decide and I go back outside. When I leave I think that it was funny that this was Ysim’s bar and that people from the challenge will be amused by all the LD4all members in my dream. Dream thinking, I only met Wulf and I just knew it was Ysim’s café. My vision goes bad. I often wake up like at this point, or I have a FA, or a new dream starts. I try to move a lot to stay in the dream. And it works for a short time. New tactic, worked quite well. I can feel myself lying in bed, and I am afraid to wake up. I feel the cold floor underneath me. I am confused. Did I sleepwalk? Did I fall out of bed? Is it just another dream? I decide it is that I and I let myself go to the next dream. A new tactic as well. And it worked so well! I should RC more often after waking up, as I advise others. I am in Amsterdam still. I get up and look at my hands. I count 5 but I don’t even really care. Not really wise, but I was lucid before so I allow myself this. I run towards the canal, which is conveniently not frozen anymore. I want to surf but there are no waves. While running I think waves in the water. The first wave is small, but they increase rapidly. I jump on the water and can instantly surf on the water. I didn’t think of a board for one second. Only when I woke I realized I could have scored point for it. But surfing on bare feet was quite amazing as well. And I think it felt the same, but I never surfed so I don’t know. I use my arms for balance, but like with the ice skating I can do this very well. I take several waves and on top of one I do a salto. Actually I think it was a backwards salto, but in the dream I thought of salto. I remember that doing tricks would score me point. I do another salto and then quit surfing.

I remember that I liked the first task best and I now want to do that one. I just can’t remember what is was. I also didn’t remember when waking up. I think I can also do the current Quest, but I realize that I didn’t read the new Quest on the English forum yet. I doubt that old Quests can score me points, so I safe myself the effort to think of them. I know I should remember the Dutch Quest and I probably would have if I stretched my mind. I wrote it myself only days before. But I doubt it would score me points so I don’t bother. Unfortunally I don’t think of the personal goal!

I find my boyfriend. My lucidity decreases. Now I am sort of outside the dream and see that it was all just a game.[/LD] I see that everything I did was written down for everybody to see.[/ND]

I had an average-length lucid dream last night. During this dream I lost and regained lucidity two times.

[spoiler][color=blue]It’s nighttime and I’m standing in the shadow of a deserted overpass, talking on a cellphone. I’m some sort of drug dealer or smuggler, talking to one of my scumbag smuggling associates about when and where our next deal will go down. The conversation ends, and I start walking back across a parking lot to my car, a silver Mercedes Benz.

As I’m walking, I get that familiar feeling of recognition and think, “This isn’t me. I’m not a criminal. Am I just dreaming this?”[/color][color=red] I become lucid and look for the nearest piece of usable scenery. Before I can get anywhere, though, darkness begins pressing down on me and I feel the dream fading. I look at my hands but they’re vague and insubstantial, with wispy ribbons of skin hanging off of them.

My vision goes completely black but I keep repeating, “I’m still dreaming” and refuse to wake up. Jumbles of random letters fall slowly from the top to the bottom of my field of vision. I reach for the letters, trying to feel them, turn them into some kind of new dream scene. Even though I can’t see my hands, I finally manage to grab a letter and squeeze it. It feels like a squishy piece of felt. The letter suddenly squirts out of my hands and floats away. I flail for a new letter.

[/color]Now I’m back in bed and my hands are thrashing in front of me. Out loud, I’m saying “I’m still dreaming”, although I no longer believe it. Wife rolls over and says, “What are you doing?” I look over at the alarm clock and [color=red]see that the numbers are flashing at random. Still dreaming, indeed. “It’s okay,” I tell her. “Go back to sleep.” I get out of bed and walk toward the bathroom, planning to go for the “pumpkinhead” Task of the Month using the bathroom mirror.

Before I make it to the bathroom, the image of a huge, hissing black cat is stamped across my vision. Behind this cat I still see my first-person perspective but much of it is now obscured. Then another stamped image over that, this time of a woodworking bench covered with tools. Then an old woman pushing a cart. Then another, and another, and another each new image papering over the last.

Finally, things settle onto an image of Thomas Jefferson reading in a comfortable-looking chair. He’s super-saturated with color, just like the boldest Technicolor films. Think Wizard of Oz but with the saturation even more intense. I remind myself, “I’m dreaming” and a banner reading “I’M DREAMING!!!” appears over Thomas Jefferson’s head. He glances up from his book, sees the banner, then stares straight at me in surprise.[/color]

Suddenly, I’m in the passenger seat of a car, heading west on a road near my office. It feels strange, so I try to remember how I got there. [color=red]I remember Technicolor Thomas Jefferson and I’m immediately lucid again. I look over at the driver of the car and I realize that the driver is me. Only it’s not really me but a Dream Character version of myself. I can hear my double’s thoughts but I can’t influence him and I see that I’m a disembodied observer with no dream body of my own.

I hear my double think, “I’ve got to go back to where it started. Back to where I became lucid. I have to make it happen again.” My double pulls into a parking garage and we’re soon wandering the halls of an office building. My double visits each office that he finds, and in every one we see friends and old coworkers. Finally, my doppelganger steps into an office shared by two female twins (IWL friends of mine) and a woman who calls herself Susan.

The twins greet my double and welcome him to their office but Susan isn’t buying it. She shakes her head and says, “That isn’t your friend. I don’t know what that is, but your friend is there.” Susan points, not at my double but at me, the spot from which I am observing with no dream body. The twins turn to look, not comprehending and[/color] I wake up.[/spoiler]

I was on a space station at one point in a dream but I don’t believe there was much else to it. Oh wait… it was Star Trek based. I believe Kirk was there. Some planet was outside the window, kind of yellow tinted. Don’t recall much else.

[color=green]1 medium LD not on topic.

SPOILER - Click to view

Things kinda continued from a previous one. (Not all that action packed…more on the emotional side I guess :shy: )

I have not had enough time on a computer to tally up points, etc, for the past several days. HvZ started last weekend and I am now one of the few human survivors. I’ll post the new task and hopefully a tally of points Sunday night, after the endgame mission.

To say the least, this game is far more intense than I expected it to be.

I became lucid but lost lucidity really quickly.


I had a short LD in which I attempted to do the space task:

I know I am dreaming because I have a superpower. I use this superpower to lift of to space. I don’t arrive there before the dream is gone.[/spoiler]

I had a short LD and technically completed one of my personal tasks.

By technically completed, I mean I completed the CALD task, but I don’t really practice CALD much anymore. However, Kayleigh did try to help me with CALD when I was still doing it, and she does still occasionally try to help me with LDing, so I think this counts, right?


Task 5 - Speak with Nature

Nature can tell us plenty of interesting things, if we just know how to listen. Try to listen and follow what you are told.

Hear animals speaking - 5 pts
Hear plants speaking - 10 pts
Speak directly with an animal - 10 pts each (up to 50 pts)
Speak directly with a plant - 15 pts each (up to 75 pts)

You get points once if you hear them speaking in general, but get points for each individual one you have some conversation with.

I will hopefully finish tallying scores in the morning >.<

I had a LD tonight and did the Space task and the hat Task. Hope the Space task still counts, since I went to bed before the Nature one was posted :razz: I will post the dream later this evening.

I had 11 hours of sleep that ended with two minutes of lucidity. I keep forgetting about the Hat task, and I really want to do it. :sad:

So this my LD where I steal a hat and go to space. The first part is of average length and the second part short. So in total of above average length:

Boring space and magic hat
[ND]I am joining a championship. Other people are annoyed and I get a Twix from one of them (he called it a Mars). Everything around me is a bit chaotic. I sleep in a room with a friend and somebody else (maybe Wulf?). At some point I do a RC (Looking at my hand.) and become lucid. I decide to go to space. When I look up outside I see that it is dark. I just see a dark sky and nothing else, but I expect to see stars and some pop up. I decide to go a star and jump up and expect to take of with high speed. On my way I see the moon and am in doubt, maybe it is better to go to the moon because I can actually stand on it? But I think the star is closer and stick with that one. Once I am there it is boring and I decide to go to an interstellar cloud that I see now shining blue. It is equally boring there. I think I can do more here for the task.

I wake up in the room I share with my friend and maybe Wulf. Everything is a mess because I apparently I tipped over some drink. My laptop and my friends laptop are dirty and wet. I search for my friend to share the bad news. I decide to do a RC because I woke up though. (an advise I often give to other people) My fingers cut off. I am still dreaming. I should do a RC upon waking more often. It is now day outside and I decide to steal a hat. At first I only see people without hats but then I think that there must be people with hats and I see a few of them. They were high hats, like magicians. I simple take one and put it on my head. I wanted a tall hat because I wanted to find a hidden treasure in it. When I am searching for a hidden treasure in the border I think that I can get anything out like a magician (a rabbit or so).

I wake up and quickly look at my hand. I don’t really think and I do something with chemistry so the RC doesn’t work.[/ND][/spoiler]


I wasn’t lucid, and it was by chance, but there was a talking animal in my dream last night. Granted, the person who spoke began the dream human, and ended it human, but the one time he spoke was as a shark.

Probably doesn’t count because I had the dream before knowing about the task, but I figure to post it anyway.

I had a short lucid dream:

SPOILER - Click to view

I’m holding hands with my two toddler-age sons, preparing to go outside for a walk. Before we reach the front door of th house, twin boys with curly blonde hair open the door and scurry inside. They look to be about eight years old and are complete strangers to me. This feels strange, [color=red]and soon I’m lucid.

I decide that I don’t want these weird kids running around in my house so I start ushering them out the door. They seem to cheerfully accept getting kicked out so my thoughts turn to lucid goals. I remember that I wanted to do the Task of the Month and replace my head with a pumpkin. But what was the other one? Ah yes, get a vampire, werewolf, or zombie to bite me. Now I remember.

Just as I’m thinking this (and probably because I’m thinking this), the twin on my left suddenly lunges at me and bites me hard on the left pec, right by my armpit. He snarls like a dog, whipping his head back and forth. I’m taken completely by surprise, both by the suddenness of the attack and by how much it actually hurts. I try to shout some kind of command at him but all that comes out is this pathetic yowl.

I blank out for a fraction of a second and my perspective switches to the top of the stairs, looking down at the scene of the attack. I have no dream body and everyone (me, my kids, the twins) is now gone from the scene. My view is turned on its side, as if I were lying down. I try to move, try to RC, but with no body there’s not much that I can do.

I imagine that I’m lying here because I passed out and I’m just waking up. This seems to work! I have hands and a body again and I slowly get to me feet. Just then, I hear the sound of my alarm clock and[/color] voluntarily wake up. But when I wake up, it’s only been 15 minutes since I laid down! The alarm wasn’t anywhere close to going off and I fooled myself into waking up for no reason.

And an average length lucid dream. In this dream, while unaware of the talking nature task, unintentionally accomplished a couple of additional goals. Since I was unaware of the task before accidentally completing part of it, I of course understand if I can’t be awarded points:
Hear animals speaking
Speak directly with an animal

Dream contents:

SPOILER - Click to view

[color=blue]I’m walking through the mall with my friend T. We encounter a scrawny old man that I recognize (wrongly) as a professor at the university that T and I attended together. The “professor” excitedly describes his latest invention – a self-propelled wheelchair that is guided and powered by your mind. With that, one of these wheelchairs pops out of an unseen hole in the floor, scoops T up, and starts racing around with him.

T shouts in protest, insisting that his legs work fine. I decide that this is completely insane[/color][color=red] and I become lucid. I ignore T and the professor, and they lapse into silence. I can see daylight coming in from around a corner so I start moving toward the exit, making my way through a food court that’s packed with dream characters. Sprinting toddlers and their harried parents crisscross my path but always move aside in time for me to pass. I’m tempted to check out the food but my desire to get outside is stronger.

When I reach the automatic glass doors they don’t open. For some reason, this doesn’t worry me and I press my left hand straight through the glass.[/color] (I think that I owe this to reading about all of melanieb’s phasing yesterday.) [color=“red”]I phase the rest of my body through as well, feeling a slight chill as I pass through.

When I get outside, it’s parking lot as far as the eye can see. The day is mild and breezy and all I can think of is what a perfect day it is for flying. I float up nicely but get hung up in the mall’s entrance overhang. There are a few moments of grinding where for some reason I have trouble turning my perspective. Fortunately I manage to force myself sideways just far enough that I break free and shoot up into the sky.

Straight ahead there are hills shrouded in fog. I’m eager to avoid turning so I fly toward the fog, imagining that in these hills is the neighborhood where all of the Dreamviews folks are. (I want to perform the “trick or treat” Task of the Month.) As I near the fog, the wind increases to a howl, pushing upward and against me. Rather than force forward progress, I imagine that I am going the wrong way and that this wind is trying to guide me to the real Dreamviews neighborhood.

I turn with the wind and it carries me upward the way that a thermal column lifts a condor. This feels amazing! I’m being carried toward some kind of sky fortress. The “sky fortress” is an enormous collection of buildings connected by a tangle of walkways and I know that this must be where the Dreamviews neighborhood is. Dream characters move unafraid along the narrow, unrailed walkways and I see guards armed with rifles patrolling some of the paths and rooftops.

I arrive at a row of townhouses. Above the front door of each townhouse floats bubble letters that spell out the owner’s name. The row stretches as far as I can see in either direction and most of the names are unfamiliar to me. I do see “Xanous” above one of the doors and I fly toward it, imagining that there’s a huge DV party going on in there.

The door has a television screen in front of it that seems to show what’s going on inside the house. I’m astonished that the screen displays a prairie dog splashing around in a big bathtub. “Xanous?” I ask. The prairie dog stares at me, a bit shocked. He barks, “Phil doesn’t just open the door for anyone who knocks!” I can feel myself growing confused but don’t know how to regain my composure. “Are you some kind of bodyguard? Are there Dreamviews people in there?” But the dream is beginning to unravel and soon[/color] I’m awake.

Finally, I had a lucid fragment (You become lucid but wake up shortly after or lose lucidity very quickly)

SPOILER - Click to view

I’m hiding in the shadows of a safe house that’s part of the Underground Railroad. I’m afraid and when I whisper for help, the shadow itself speaks to me: “Freedom is close. I’ll take you there.” Then something yanks me through the wall of the safe house and sets me gently in an open field lit by a violet, pixellated sunset. The pixellation of the sunset makes me lucid just long enough to enjoy the moment before I wake up.


I had like a ten second lucid dream from a WILD where I planned to do my Dive into the Sun task. I acted too fiercely and without stabilizing the dream, so it was very very short.

Edit: And another short LD.
I did not attempt any task.
I could probably get a long LD by not trying to do anything and just walk around. :I

Is the challenge still on? :tongue:

Short lucid