Lucidity Challenge 36: Winner- HeadInTheClouds! Congrats!

Now i’m not sure if this was the ld4all party but this happened after switching from the zombie dream.
Good thing I’m sick or I would have never gotten to see this with how much Mountain Dew I consume!
This one lasted a short amount of time

I arrived at the harbor of a huge and titanic sized ship that was about to set sail. The weird thing about this ship is that it also had huge boosters in the back and an engine that could rip a wormhole anywhere. (Not a black hole, there’s a difference)
I sat at the table and watched people dance to the awesome techno that played, I don’t dance… Maybe I tap a little, but the most dancing I do is by syncing my actions to music.
So I don’t really take notice of anything going on until a timer counts down from
30. The ship disconnects from the harbor.
25. In 5 seconds the ship is still pretty close but accelerating.
20. The huge TV announces that tonight…
15. Is the first time humans do a Slip space jump.
10. This caught my attention. Would it be like Halo 2?
5. The ship seems far enough away, I keep my eyes right on it.
0. A blue wobble of air surrounded the ship when it leaped forward, with a massive blue streak behind it, into nowhere!
This practically doubles my lucidity and I turn my head to the screen.
They’re showing a replay from the ships point of view!
It starts slow, then it lurches forward as the clouds, sea, and land turn into a blur.
Just as soon as it started, it ended. The ship appeared under the ocean and started to move up.
Then I think the dream switched, because Hardison picked up a remote rc car with a camera on it and told everyone else in the leverage building, “age of the geek, baby!”

Short, but awesome lucid yesterday morning. ( 3min) I’ll put it in spoiler, since I feel bad about long posts.

[spoiler](Moar LOTR references) I started off in a dream. I was walking along my neighbourhood’s main road at night. I was walking slowly and just staring at the ground in deep thought. Then I decided to sit down on the edge of a sidewalk, I looked up to see my own home.

For an odd reason I muttered, “I’m dreaming”. That’s when my lucidity spikes up. I did my normal RCs and realized indeed I am! I was really surprised at that moment and just took a little breather and glanced around at the real-ness of it all. Suddenly a car came at full speed, I thought it would hit me but it just barely skimmed me. My ADR was back up, I didn’t want to wake up. So I quickly thought of what to do…

I decided to create a portal to Rivendell, since my last attempts didn’t work so well. I remembered how siiw would trace out portals and such in her dreams. I quickly traced out a rectangular door in mid-air. I took a moment to glance at it, the lines weren’t as smooth as I’d like and they were a faint grey. I quickly walk into it, everything was a fuzzy grey colour. While walking through I felt as if I was being compressed from the sides, it really hurt and I was losing hope that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the other side, since the pain was so great. However, I distracted myself by helping myself create the image of Rivendell, I was just thinking of the scenery and different elves, that’s when I finally reached an ending point.

The doors opened from the other side by Elrond greeting me kindly, “Welcome to Rivendell, please join us to a feast.” I stepped onto the other side onto the pastey white stoned floor, the atmosphere was very peaceful. However, I was still feeling pain from my sides. Elrond directed me to my seat and told me to say a few phrases to have the pain subside. It didn’t really work. Elrond sat at the very far end of the rectangular long table, I didn’t really pay attention to the others at the table. The table was clustered with so many different plates of food, very expensive foods that would be fitted for kings (I saw oysters and lobsters…etc). We were upon where the council of elrond took place. The lush trees surrounded us. It seemed to be about late afternoon. When I finally took a seat I looked over to my right to see my close friend E, but then my lucidity went away. :meh:

The scene changed to a completely different dream.
It was still a great ld thou C: [/spoiler]

I had a short to medium LD, but its hard to determine. It felt like a medium LD, but I think that it lasted around 1.5 - 2 minutes. I did find and attend a party, but I wasn’t trying to focus on the current task, so I don’t know if that counts. Also, I finally made progress on my second personal dream goal of summoning two DCs. I was able to summon one person; interestingly enough, I somehow summoned two of the exact same person. Quite odd. :tongue:

Had a short WILD this morning, and visited an abandoned theme park of which I could see only the Ferris wheel which was overgrown completely by ivy. A weird mixture of the theme park task and my personal goal to visit a ghost town I guess, but my personal goal wasn’t really accomplished of course. Don’t remember anything else from the dream besides the Ferris wheel. :sad:

2 short lucid moments. I was in a hotel room and there was a party going on, I was getting something and some dc asked me for a bottle of sprite, I turned a Pepsi bottle over and it said sprite on it, then i got low lucid. I tried to leave the room but woke up.
I dreamt i was at the party again, this time i managed to get to the hotel hall, but i felt like i was gonna wake up, so i was rubbing my hands on the carpet. But woke up. :razz: had some scary HH after that, and very dream-full sleep

I had a medium LD last night where I found the LC party. It was a bunch of people sitting at a restaurant booth. I recognized Nicklebrick, StarryGwee, and Rhewin, and I tried to ask Rhewin what the riddle was but only got gibberish as an answer.

Totally forgot to put this on here, but I had two medium LD’s several nights ago.

Had a short LD.

Long lucid last night.

Holy monkeys I could have sworn I updated this… sorry everyone!

Task 6- FOOD!
It’s an oldie but a goodie. One of the most interesting things to do in a dream is to eat something. But hey, who says it has to be edible? I’m sure you guys can be more creative than just ordering a Big Mac!

Eat something- +30 pts
Prepare the food yourself- +20 pts
Every additional thing you eat- +5 pts
Eat something normally inedible- +10 pts

And now to get creative…

Create a new recipe or flavor (that is edible)- +30 pts
Recreate that recipe or flavor in real life- +50 pts

Bon Appetit!

I became lucid last night while talking to a cousin via instant messaging, even going so far as to type in “you’re dreaming”, but I lost it about 10 seconds later. I was kicking myself when I woke up, as I had plans for that lucidity. :razz:

Double post for a second consecutive day with lucidity. This was a thirty-second one, although I took more action this time. The first twenty seconds led to a false awakening, which I immediately realized was a dream, but I woke up for real immediately afterwards. I need more time if I want to get things done. :o

About a minute or two of lucidity. I ‘woke’ up and checked the projected time on my ceiling, noticed i still had time to sleep. Just as I closed my eyes i noticed that my alarm clock’s light was black… Instead of red. So I RCed, got some funky numbers 6-8 fingers. Flew to find a mountain, and changed the night to day. I lost lucidity when some invisible force threw me from the sky to the grounds, I demolished a couple buildings from the fall. Then went into FLD, but it was pretty neat still.

Another short LD. I also had a series of dreams where I thought I was lucid at least twice, but I never actually gained control of the dreams. That was fairly frustrating. :wallhit:

I enjoyed a few snacks in a ND last night, half eggs and little sushi pieces. :content:

In accordance with an incubated dream of Gwee’s design from IRC, I met her (from the LC) and two non-LC LD4all members in a medium-length LD last night, as well as eating something normally inedible (not by Gwee’s design).

[spoiler]It’s late at night, and I’m driving down Connecticut Ave in Chevy Chase, Maryland, heading south towards Washington, D.C. only because you can’t make a U-turn to go north for five intersections straight. I come up on the traffic circle I’ll use to turn around, and briefly contemplate continuing straight into D.C. just to see it. [LD]It suddenly dawns on me that I have no reason to be here: I came here for a day last month to visit friends at Awesome Games Done Quick (a big video game charity telethon), but that was it. This sparks lucidity, so I abandon the car and step out onto the grassy traffic circle.

I remember that in waking life, Gwee had created a group incubated dream for herself, me, and a few other LD4All members. She wanted to have a “dinosaur party” on the side of a mountain. I needed to meet her, and for the first time in, well, ever :razz:, I remembered a way to summon a DC. I reached behind me and took a step back, feeling something grab my hand. I turned around to find Gwee holding my hand, and the setting behind her was a bit more mountainous. The night even gave way to dawn so that I could see better. With Gwee found, the next step for the party was dinosaurs. I remembered that she wanted us to transform just by belting out a large roar and willing it, but I couldn’t bring myself to change. In my incubation/visualization, I had prepared for the possibility of willpower alone not cutting it, and decided that I could slip on a ring that possessed the power to force the transformation. I asked Gwee if she brought the rings, and she took two out of her pocket, handing me one with a red gemstone (just like my high school class ring, which I’d worn IRL to cement the incubation in my mind). I slipped it onto my right ring finger, and my body shuddered a bit, but I still didn’t change. I wasn’t giving up so easily, though; I knew I needed that ring’s power inside me, so I took a more desperate measure and bit the gemstone off and swallowed it. It was powdery when eaten, and I seem to remember a distinct cherry flavor (Ring Pop, anybody?).

This made the transformation start. My perspective began rising, and my body started to lean forward as I’d envisioned a T. Rex, which would have its body in front of its hips and its tail behind the hips as a counterbalance. As I continued rising and leaning, I remembered that Masonc1 was supposed to be joining us and possibly Nicklebrick (Gwee seemed unsure of this IWL). I looked down to see them below me.[/LD] Unfortunately, the dream faded away at this point. I never did get to see myself, nor did I see anybody else change per the terms of Gwee’s party. I also wanted live food as a dinosaur, not just a ring. :razz:

If anybody else wants to join Gwee’s dinosaur party, tell her in IRC and pick a dinosaur. The more, the merrier.[/spoiler]

The final task should be up on Wednesday. Sorry for the slightly irregular updates, school’s been keeping my attention for the last few weeks. Never take 4 writing-heavy classes at once :razz:

About a 2 min LD this afternoon. I forgot what triggered my lucidity, I think it was cause I performed a hand rc, I wasn’t really convinced until I did the time rc. Did a lot of stabilizing and then flew to my backyard. I thought, since my backyard was so grassy it’d help me visualize the Dreamscape I want to be at. So I stood on my grass barefooted and thought, okay, when I turn around I’ll be at the mountains. I turned around to nothing but my house. I try once more without success.

I was frustrated. I decided to try summoning Thorn using the same method he used to find me. I put my hands behind my back and expected somebody to grab it. Then I felt a hand grab onto my wrist. I turn to find ‘nobody’, but Thorn was there just transparent, his form was still somewhat visible. Afterwards I was able to see his head, just not his body (still transparent). I said to him, “let’s go find the mountain!” We both flew off into the sky, there I tried to change up the night to day. Only to fall into an ND



And, in keeping with my Time Lord traditions, let’s end it on something interesting. In dreams, the world is yours to command and control, and that includes time. So now I want you to bend time. Slow it, speed it up, stop it, put it in reverse. AND WE’RE GOING OUT WITH A BANG, BABY

Every way you manipulate time (slow it, speed it up, etc.): +50 POINTS PER VARIATION

Time to catch up for anyone behind. GET ALL THE POINTS!

I had a short LD where I ate a cookie, ate a plastic bottle with syrup in it, and prepared toaster waffles and ate them. None of it tasted like much. :happy: