Lucidity Challenge 37: Winner - Scipio Xaos! Congrats!

:confused: i had ld where i compleated my personal minigoal that doesnt matter yet anyway.

looked in a mirror:

Ok, 3 long LD’s and 2 medium. I’ll have to go back and see if I did previous tasks, just finished my semester so I’ve been insanely busy

Had two LDs here. In the 2nd one, Thorn technically completed the Changing Perspectives LC.

I’ve been gone a very long time from ld4all and lucid dreaming. I am sorry for not having being interested in LDs and things… I’ve had to rewrite on my DJ and ld4all DJ…

However, yesterday I’ve suddenly have lucidity but directly lose lucidity after… I think it’s +10 for lucid points…

[center]Task 5 – Parallel Self[/center]

Welcome to task 5! This task is less focused than most, but I came up with a few things I thought would be interesting to do in a LD. The first two parts of the task have been adapted from previous LCs. They seemed to cool to pass up. I also wanted to add a couple other things to the task as well.

The main goal this week is to find a parallel version of you. You can do this anyway you please, as long as the person is a parallel version of you. They don’t even have to look like you; they could be some old werewolf version of you for all I care. Basically, what is essential is that you know that the DC is a parallel version of yourself.

The second part of this week’s task requires you to go to the moon and moonwalk (the dance move). The third part requires you to walk, run, or fly in the rain. For those who have never done this, you don’t know what you’re missing. Personally, being in the rain in my LDs is one of the funnest things to do. Although it seems simple and stupid, it can be quite fun. Same goes for the next part of the task, where you must feel the sun on your skin. The final part of the task requires you to transform a DC into something. It can be whatever you want as long as you transform a DC.

+10 pts creativity will be awarded to the person who comes up with the most interesting transformation for a DC. +5 pts creativity will be awarded for the person with the second most creative transformation. Additionally, if you use what I deem to be a creative method for finding your parallel self, then I will award you +5 pts.

Here is the breakdown for this task’s points:

  1. Find a parallel version of yourself – +40 pts
  2. Go to the moon and moonwalk – +20 pts
  3. Walk, run, or fly in the rain – +10 pts
  4. Feel the sun on your skin – +10 pts
  5. Transform a DC – +10 pts (+5 pts per tick each time thereafter)[/b]

To be clear, on part 5 of the task, you get +10 pts for the first time you complete it. Each time thereafter, you get +5 pts per tick. A helpful hint would be that you could score a combo bonus by finding your parallel self and then transforming that parallel DC.

Alright, I know this week is a hodgepodge of tasks, but hopefully everyone will find them fun. Trust me on parts 3 & 4, as those tasks can be surprisingly fun. We are nearing the end of the LC as there are only two more tasks left after this week. As I am going to be extremely busy over these last few weeks, I may need to extend one of the tasks for an extra week. If this is the case, then I will post around the same time I post the tasks and announce the extension, as well as a bonus task for that extended week. Scores and creativity points will be coming soon, but as I said, I am extremely busy, so it may take a few days.


Three long LDs

I had a medium length LD here that didn’t accomplish any tasks. I dealt both with the sun and feeling heat in this journal entry, but not both at once.

Very brief lucid moment this afternoon from a very disturbing dream. I don’t feel it’s appropriate to type up the details. But no task done.

Congratulations to Thorn for winning task 4’s +5 pts creativity bonus. Like I said, I’m extremely busy, so please feel free to ask me questions, but know that I might be slower in responding to them now. The current scores are posted below.

Can’t stand those types of dreams. :wallhit:

Current Scores:

Thorn: 895
Lucidis: 0
James_uk2008: 130
Masonc1: 70
Omnisomnia: 0
MrLucidZombie: 0
argon: 320
Scipio Xaos: 1145
Rhewin: 300
Cyclonic: 50
MagykKatte: 20
Siiw: 285
StarryGwee: 1040
Jessica: 65
GigaByte: 0
squoak: 70
mr_Block: 0
demented: 110

I had an FLD this morning. I also unintentionally had a new flight method in an ND — as opposed to piloting a single-seater, tiny jet like before, I flew coach class last night. :razz: It’s funny how many dreams I’ve had about boarding planes and being at airports in the past that never actually had me riding the plane.

I spent time as a DO watching a movie play out in front of me, but if I understand you correctly, the repetition part of the DO task requires you to inhabit another body rather than be an actual DO, so this does not count.

I had a medium LD with a chained part after it, and looked at my reflection in a mirror. The world was very dry and the one DC in it wasn’t something i would try to transform. :cool_raz:

I’m baaaaaacck!!

And with some dweams! :happy: Not a lot accomplished, but I still have some points. Just got out of a recall slump and hoping to ace this next task. Particularly looking forward to part 3. :happy:

May 20 -> May 21

((Spells and Cookies - Short Lucid Dream - Task 2 Part IV * 2 , Task 4 Part I (Lucid), Part II (Lucid)))
((Lucid Fragment - Short Lucid Dream))
((Goodbye, Piggly Wiggly! - False Lucid Dream))

Current Stats:

[spoiler]Fragments: 6
Non-Lucid Dreams: 18
False Lucid Dreams: 2
Short Lucid Dreams: 6
Medium Lucid Dreams: 2
Long Lucid Dreams: 1

Task 1: Part I (Lucid-E), Part II (Lucid), and Part III (Lucid-E)
Task 2: Part I (Lucid-E), Part II (Lucid-E), and 2 Part 4’s
Task 3: Part I (Lucid-E), Part II (Lucid-E), Part III (Lucid-E), 2 Part 4’s (Lucid-E), and the Bonus (Lucid-E)
Task 4: Part I (Lucid), and Part II (Lucid)

Personal Task One Accomplished : Find a Certain DC

Yay! :happy:

Few tasks completed plus wondered if I was dreaming:

Today’s DJ entry has an ND in which I complete Task 4 Part 5, then a second ND / medium-length LD in which I again do Task 4 Part 5 and also do Task 5 Part 4 (and possibly Task 1 Part 4, if the bit of time I spent as another person counts as a “different” flight despite me flying as Scipio in a previous LD). If I understand correctly, the first ND removed the combo points I would’ve gotten from the second dream an hour later… I am not amused by my subconscious’ sabotage, so please tell me if this is the case so that I can stop trying to incubate the tasks in normal dreams and hurting my own score.

Had another disturbing dream :sad: Just a ND. I was watching first as DO and then I became a male DC that was in the dream. I didn’t really feel different. Just a whole lot taller and I guess somewhat stronger.

I had a short, low level LD yesterday.

This morning, I had a long LD (posted here) that again does Task 4 Part 5 as well as Task 5 Part 1 and Task 5 Part 5.

Ugh :yuck: I can’t stand those disturbing dreams. Had a bad one the other night myself. Maybe you should try summoning a dreamcatcher in your LDs.

You are correct!

I think you mean Task 5 part 4, not part 1. I wouldn’t count that as Task 1 part 4, a you have flown as someone else before. You are correct that the first ND removed your opportunity to score combo points for Task 4 part 5. By the way, I saw that you did accomplish Task 5 part 1 in a later post, so you have been given the points for that as well as for accomplishing Task 5 part 4 in this quoted dream. Additionally, I gave you points for Task 4 part 5 for both Superman and Clark Kent, although if you’d rather, I could remove the points for Superman. In my opinion, they seem like separate enough perspectives, so they technically qualify.

That’s the best part. It seems insane, but for some reason the rain in LDs is awesome.

Oops, that was indeed a typo. Sorry about that!

That’s… really depressing, as it means that I would’ve had more points for the LC if I didn’t remember that ND. It’s like a slap on the wrist for having good recall and incubation practices, or for not lying by simply not mentioning that dream. I know that this is how the LC rules have always been, but it’s strange to think that remembering a particular dream can harm your LC score. I guess it’s just more motivation to win, though… like you said, if there’s something we don’t like about the scoring, then we need to win to correct it. :razz:

Be careful with dream incubation, guys; don’t miss points like I did. :tongue: