Lucidity Challenge 38: Awards Ceremony!

Scripio, if you didn’t catch it in mIRC before you quit, Don’t worry about changing any points for that night. I’m not trying to argue it, i’m just asking what I need to do for it to be accurate :smile:.

Last night I had two short LDs and one long found here. I did not complete any tasks.

3 Dreams.

3 ND
1 section of short LD in one of the three.

Though I had an opportunity for both “grand” (Fleet battle), and “inspiring” (I want to play Kinetic Void now and make my own ships) I didn’t have the discipline to keep writing… (KV… Wanna play, and I get tired of typing.) There is a lack of evidence/detail for the grand part, but I still consider The Master Fleet inspiring to myself, in that sense… I guess… If that’s what you mean by inspiring.

If that’s the case, then to my understanding,
1 short LD
1 Task of inspiring.
If not, one short LD.

Last night I had an LD and a ND both in which I completed tasks (I think).

The LD was my longest one ever (around 8 minutes).
I saw something grand, completing that task.

In the ND I completed the seeing something inspiring task.
If you count being inspired to bake a pizza inspiring.
(The pizza in the dream inspired me (YUM) )

I had 1 (very) short LD:

I was in an old school when I suddenly thought that something wasn’t right and
did a RC(Counting my fingers, same as always). I pushed someone away, and
lost my lucidity directly after that.
Also I had just too much ND’s after that so I can’t recall more :meh:

So that’s 20 points for me, right? :smile:

I had a relatively pretty long LD, though it wasn’t very vivid. I saw a city which had an enormous skyscraper made of an odd clear glass. I would definitely call it grand for sure. Not a lot of other things happened, though. Just a lot of exploring. The DC’s weren’t feeling very talkative.

I did wake up and chain back in 3 times as well.

Had a minor LD here this morning. Nothing much happened in it really. Probably around 2mins long.

I had a medium-length LD here in which I decided to attempt the egg task Yoshi-style again, but couldn’t manage it because I wasn’t lucid enough to ignore waking-life morals with regards to consuming people.

Stupid morals. :sad:

I had a short LD last night. I completed the current LD4all quest. Specifically, I finished the LD4all Quest #6 Unfold Your Wings and Fly task by flying, which of course meets the requirements of the current LD4all quest. I also saw something inspiring, although it is hard to describe accurately. I traveled through a mirror, and when I got to the other side there was a wall in front of me that was a similar color to the background here on LD4all. There were stars on it, but they were supposed to be real stars and they moved around and twinkled. That’s probably the best that I can describe it.

For receiving points for completing the LD4all quest, do I have to post in the quest forum, or is this post sufficient?

My Stats:

[spoiler]Short LD: 3
Chain: 1
Task 1:
–part 2 L & E
–part 3 L & E
–Bonus L
Combo pts: 1
LD4all Quest: Completed [/spoiler]

Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been crazy busy lately. The sum of the LD that was chained was still short overall, not medium.

Not sure how to define the different sections of this, but I hope I gave enough detail for you to score it.

two parts.

oh… id say 1 short ld, and 1 long with 2 chains connecting 3 parts. (entry explains this)
and a number of NDs

I’m not sure if I’m expected to keep the same definition of “grand” from one LD to the next, but I had a short LD here in which I saw my DCs spontaneously enact a coordinated dance number without any prior planning from me. I see that my biggest competitors also LDed this morning, so I’m going to need to do a lot more to stay competitive.

I completed the monthly Quest by finishing Quest 17 through a long LD. Now, in that Quest I looked up and saw the sky as an aquarium, which rocks, though I don’t know how to rate that on the current task :razz:. Either way, I didn’t earn any more points than last time, so LD points it is :razz:

So I saw something grand this morning. The grand thing being a futuristic city park of the future. Although I didn’t see it whilst lucid, I had a tiny pang of lucidity about 30 seconds towards the end

I saw a grand underground city it was a ND but it’s something, right?

Two parts, again.

Two short LD’s.
By some miracle, I think i actually pulled off the bonus task.
I’d say the wormhole was pretty grand during my ND, but also the binding in my LD was pretty uh… pretty. (grand it’s own way, i would say)

I think I saw something grand in a ND last night, but I don’t know if it counts. I was, along with many others, waging war against those giant eagles from Lord of the Rings. They were winning :tongue: .

I had an ND this morning that examined something in vivid detail. I discussed the dream in private with Scipio due to its subject matter.

Well since the cat is out of the bag for those who frequent IRC I suppose I’ll let everyone in on more of the finer points of the details.

I was hoping to make this challenge a goal to improve the “quality” of ones LDs over the “quantity” thereof. I recall having very few out of my recorded LDs in which the detail was superb and the images lasting. There are a few, yes, and sure it all feels lifelike, but the detail of it all is lacking… or at least the recalled detail.

So, I’ve put together a series of tasks to try to alleviate that problem. Hopefully. But before you read the second task I’d advise you read the following:

SPOILER - Click to view

So… a heavy emphasis in all of the following tasks will be on the description you give to me of the event. The aim of this challenge is not to recall what happened in your LDs, but to recall HOW it happened. So, without further ado, here’s task two.

Task 2: Sound
Countless numbers of my DJ entries feature a line like the following:

“Don’t recall the exact wording.” Other sounds, among dialogue, are also equally blurred. We recall “hearing birds chirping” but after awaking we can’t recall how that chirp sounded.

This week’s task will charge you with listening to the world around you. You will need to report on the quality, intensity, and fidelity of a sound or sounds.

[b]1. Hear a Conversation or Dialogue + 15

  1. Hear some Music or Singing + 20
  2. Listen to the Silence + 40
    In order to gain points for this task you have to report about the sound and not just that you heard it. For conversation I’m looking for exact wordings, and other details like tone of voice. For music, while song lyrics can be reported, details about the instrumental such as its tempo can be reported as well as if it sounded familiar.

For the last, part, however, you will most likely have to be lucid. You will need to find a quiet place to stop and listen, and report the various sounds you heard. For all the task parts, however, detail is key so please include as much detail as you can.

Bonus Task
Great job on the previous bonus! More people completed it than I thought would. :razz: This week’s bonus…

* Find the recipe for a pizza sandwich!

Find any kind of recipe your mind comes up with (for a “pizza sandwich”). In order to earn bonus points for this task more than once the recipe will have to be found differently each time.

This task will run for one week until approximately 6 PM EST, Sunday, September 1, 2013. Good luck!

First, the creativity points go to… Thorn! for his “Yoshi” method of laying an egg. I thought that it was very clever…

And now, the scores!

LC 38 Scoreboard

  1. Thorn ( 575 )

  2. HeadInTheClouds ( 400 )

  3. LDbc12 (310 )

  4. Lumessence ( 265 )

  5. Rhewin ( 205 )

  6. James_UK2008 (90 )

  7. Letaali (50 )

  8. Ecila6 ( 20 )

  9. Mew151 ( 0 )

  10. argon ( 0 )

  11. catt ( 0 )

  12. muccy ( 0 )

  13. Jessica ( 0 )

  14. Yev ( 0 )

  15. Scipio Xaos ( 25 )

You may have noticed my name at the end of the list. While I will not be competing “officially” nor will I be eligible for creativity points, under the suggestion of a friend I will, in my own words, “get in the LC” for the heck of it. :razz:

Under no circumstance will I be eligible to host the next LC. I’m just curious (and would like the competition boost very much) about participating again. :smile: If anyone has any problems about this let me know. I’ll “remove” myself from the public scoreboard.

Alright, now I have realized what my username is, here is my entry thingy:

Name: Oleg / Average LD Time: 0.5 - 2 minutes / Personal Task: Telekinesis

Well now. Sound seems to be my most lacking of senses when it comes to recall, so this will be quite a challenge.

And I am actually not quite surprised at my score. Thorn, you may have been intimidated by my length and frequency of LDs, but as I had made mention of before, I do not have the discipline to complete goals and tasks. :wink:

I have a feeling I am going to fall behind rather quickly.

Also, with the way you explained it Scipio, I actually like what you’re doing here. Personally, it’s far more effective and beneficial for me than just simply trying to fly, or conjuring a giant candy cane.