Lucidity Challenge 43: Winner - drd!

@Rhewin: Alright, Thanks :smile:

Got a short LD this night through WILD, was awesome and i was very aware, however it turned into a ND after a minute or so, so no tasks, also had a few FLDs later on and three FAs, the recall was amazing overall!

The cool thing is that i managed to stay aware when falling asleep without even trying to! :smile:

Blackboards are out of date technology, right? :cool: From a ND this morning-

Had an ND here where I started turning into an Anthro Shark creature (Task 2).

I had a short lucid moment last night. The only technology was a phone.

Not sure if it counts, but I used technology last night in a ND that wasn’t how it was supposed to be used.

I used a mini-fridge as a safe. However, later in the dream it was called the iSafe, so not sure if that would disqualify it.

Last night, I had a ND in which I used my computer keyboard as a musical instrument:


Had 2 LDs chained together for a medium length. I attempted to build a robot, out of what seemed like computer parts…I failed.

Greetings World (and others)!

I Hodge Z. Podge had a dream 2 nights ago that I was at the supermarket and the lights went out. I grabbed a flashlight and turned it on. The beam was blue. I couldn’t find my receipt, and I couldn’t leave until I found it. There was a guard that didn’t believe I bought items. I wasn’t lucid :cry: .

World (and others). . . you may go back to your lives! :grin:

@obfusc8: I almost said no as a lot of universities still use them, and schools in general for that matter. However, it is something schools are moving away from and I don’t think any new school in its right mind would install them.

@james_uk2008: you already have points for turning into an animal. If you were trying your team dream of becoming a mer-creature, you’d have to do that with a team member.

@HeadInTheClouds: I think that’s close enough to count.

@Hodge_Podge: I guess a flashlight could be an electronic device… at least, that’s what I think you’re trying to claim?

scores are updated

-Task 2 seeing an exotic animal in its habitat
-Saw a brown Burmy (a Pokémon) drifting off to sleep in a bush.

Saw an exotic beast in the wild, I believe it was it’s natural habitat. It was a cross between a squirrel and a kangaroo and it was massive. At least 2,5 meters tall. Link

I also said several times in the dream that I’m dreaming and did a few RCs without becoming lucid. I kept wondering why I couldn’t become lucid. So I’ll take 5 points for wondering if I was dreaming. Still no idea why I didn’t become lucid.

I had a short LD where I used a 3D-printer to make a flower vase. Will post after work.

Had a short LD. I told some DCs to turn into robots, and they laughed at me. :cry: It failed.

I overlooked this one the first time around. July 4ths ND, I used an electronic device (computer) which malfunctioned on me.

Here are some LC points. The first dream has no points but discusses my LC dream incubations. The second dream has me using technology in an unintended way by storing and retrieving ink cartridges from a refrigerator. The third dream is a short LD with no tasks done.

So. A little luck this morning… well… not really. Should just be thanking the latest Mind-Virus for the NLD’d task. :razz: I used a catapult in my dream this morning, and I believe that should qualify as outdated technology.

Heist in my House ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ Task 3 Part II

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 6
Medium LDs: 4
Long LDs: 3
Chains: 6

Task 1:-E Parts I & VII | Parts III & IV | Part II
Task 2:-E Part II | Parts I & V
Task 3:-E Part I & Part VIII | Part II

Personal Task: Spoke with Cardia.

Yesterday I had a lucid moment. Still struggling with control. Also heard music in an ND where I graduated and sat down to watch a band play on stage. They sang in another language and had some young dancer dressed in light flow-y colourful material. In another ND I used my mobile phone as a sort of time traveling device. :razz:

It’s almost time for the teams to choose. What’s the worst that could happen by picking the SUPER MYSTERY FUN PRIZE?

I return from a long vacation and an even longer dry-spell, with points for Team Transformation. Two NDs, unfortunately, but points nonetheless.
Both involved the use of electronics, although one I would like Rhewin’s input on as to whether the device used was sufficiently ‘electronic’.

SPOILER - Click to view

I was in an ND, plagued by peripheral vision issues. There was a human on a medical bed, in a largely white room, presumably some kind of care ward at a hospital. I was standing facing the head of the bed, with the bed to the left of me. In front of me there was a CRT-esque display roughly the size of a laptop monitor, at chest height. On it was a display of vital signs (Or at least, the stereotypical display you see in Hospital Dramas). From what I could tell, all the various instrumentation that you normally see in such a room was condensed into this one device. I manipulated it (Though I don’t remember how) and the screen changed to a 3x3 grid, which showed all of the different functions of the machine. Then the dream faded completely from my memory.

And the points I would like input on…

SPOILER - Click to view

I was with members of my RL family, among others, exploring a large cavernous area underground and searching for some kind of villain. The caverns were so large that they could have quite easily swallowed a Super-Aircraft Carrier whole. At the far end of the main cavern, I discovered an area flanked by the remnants of a building which ‘blocked’ itself from illumination by my flashlight. Whenever I would turn my flashlight towards that area, the light it made would be swallowed by a kind of black fog. I pressed the ‘Mode’ button on my flashlight, and cycled it through various levels of brightness. The brightest level was just barely able to penetrate the Dark Fog. By having everyone in the party focus their flashlights on the Fog, I was able to see enough to find the villain and fight them.

I wouldn’t try to claim points for a flashlight as an ‘electronic’ were it something simple like a Maglite. But seeing as it had over two brightness settings, which were switched by pressing on a single soft-button, rather than turning a dial or otherwise mechanically breaking the circuit, I would consider it an ‘electronic’.

I tamed a turtle in a dream, it wasn’t lucid though. Work has piled up on me, and i’ll hopefully be able to type up full dreams tonight, but can’t promise anything.