Lucidity Challenge 43: Winner - drd!

@Wyvern: that was posted exactly at midnight. Missed the deadline, I’m afraid.

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Task 4 Team Tasks

Super: no hero is complete without a villain. Create your own super villain (or hero if you’re the villain). Figure out their name and powers and then confront them. You’re gonna need back up on this one!

Mystery: in addition to solving a mystery for a DC, you can create your own mystery to solve. Decide on the type of case it is (theft, murder, etc.) and give the case a classy name like in those old Noir shows. Don’t forget your side kick!

Fun: you know what? There haven’t been enough dragons in this LC. Pick a specific type of dragon (western, eastern, skeletal, etc.) to become, and a second type of dragon for your team mate to become. Do I hear combining points with a previous task? Why yes I do.

[color=blue][size=200]FUN TEAM ADVANTAGE

You know what? Come up with whatever randomness you want. You can pick anything that relates to any of the above three teams (Super, Mystery, Fun), or the previous teams (Creation, Investigation, Transformation). The only exception is you must include the following word for inspiration: COWBOY

Thorn: to address your concern, I truncate and/or round when posting. The pure equation is done without rounding, just one equation after another the calculator. I did appear to make an error, however the final corrected participation rate leaves the Transformation team in the lead at 13.9% (13.8% truncated).

Edit: I also will not delay an entire LC Task because someone posted right at deadline. Even 11:59 is a stretch, but the post in question was posted as I hit the submit button.

Long LD last night

Some task related stuff -

“Turn a DC into an animal” - the DC changed, but he didn’t shrink to a proper size, so don’t know if it counts.

SPOILER - Click to view

There is a man dressed in a duck outfit and I decide to RC by attempting to turn him into a duck. It works! He turns yellow and fluffy like a duckling, arms turning into wings, orange beak protruding from his face. :hehe: He stays the same size though, like an enormous mutant duckling.

“Meet with the creator of your favourite music” - well it was more him chatting with me, I kind of disregarded him as I’d forgotten about tasks at the time. Lost the dream before I could get him to sing his favourite song though. :cry:

SPOILER - Click to view

At the door there is a bouncer. It’s ginger haired Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. I’ve forgotten the lucid challenge and the tasks entirely, so my focus is on getting outside to go flying. He lets me pass but he follows me, asking questions, trying to convince me to sit down and have a beer with him. He asks me what the rush is and I explain that this is a dream. We get outside. He is skeptical, asking me why I think I’m dreaming, so I start to sky swim backwards, floating up into the air. He continues following me, also swimming up into the air, asking me to wait.

I point out to him that he’s flying too.
“Oh. Cool. Do you fly often?”
“As often as I can, yeah.”
After flying for about a minute, I remember the LC tasks and turn to Josh Homme, asking him to sing his favourite song, but my vision clouds over and I think I lose the dream.

Not sure how this one would count because of the FAs, but posting it anyway. It was either a long LD, or lots of short ones, with lots of RCs. I tried to do a task but failed.

Also, this new task sounds exciting ♪

Okay, so I had a short LD last night.

In the LD, I was able to grow Wolverine’s claws, albeit tinier versions. In a ND earlier in the night, I was Wolverine, but I never used my claws; I just got into a fight with some crazy dude who said I didn’t need armor because of my abilities and that’s why he decided to try to beat me up.

So how all that counts, I’m not sure. Claws seem like extra limbs to me, but maybe not? Also, I did become a superhero because I was Wolverine. And then, being Wolverine counts towards my personal goal. I’m not sure how this tallies up.

I had a medium-length lucid dream last night:


Still knocked out by work and a heat wave, but tomorrow if off if everything goes well and I’ll type up then.

Last night, I used a flower knife to enter IRC messages with…on a cola bottle. I think that counts as using technology in an unintended way? It wasn’t lucid, I just vaguely recognised this form of chat as something I had done before. Also, in the same dream, Soothsayer used a radio as a speech-to-text device.

In the first ND here, I stood on a beach facing the water and fought against a giant squid. They are not native to my area, so I’m claiming the “find an exotic animal in its habitat” points.

I tried to solve a crime in a ND this morning. I also narrated it but I’m not sure if that counts.

Had a short lucid moment yesterday, interrupted by my alarm turning on -_- Dreamt about being stalked in the ND. In the dream I thought I would get LC points because I was a victim. I discussed this on IRC in the dream… mixed up victim/villain. I noticed I felt very disorientated and after a few strange events I realized I was dreaming and jumped out of an open window still half conscious. Questioned myself again to make sure it wasn’t another FLD and flew above a beautiful area only to be awoken by my alarm shortly after. :sad:

Medium LD this morning. I had remembered the task wrong, and thought it was about superpowers. So I flew, and tore a hole in physical reality with my bare hands, but didn’t even think of a superhero or villain. :cool_raz:

I got lucid for a very brief period of time today, actually several times but the other times I got lucid after falling asleep in the previous dreams, believing that reality was the real life. (I could be wrong however, my recall isn’t the best, I do remember one of the LDs were extremely vivid, but it could have been a FLD, however I was totally aware of that I was laying in my bed sleeping)

Oh yeah, in one of the NDs I also used a computer to browse facebook!

Edit: In the LD posted earlier (page 12), I managed to fly several times, forgot to mention that!

I had a normal dream last night were I was in a MMORPG. I don’t know if it counts as entering the Internet, but I was the actual avatar in the game, as if I was living inside of the game. I wasn’t playing him from RL.

Had a long LD chained with a DEILD last night. I put on a party hat, blew a couple noise makers, and then I opened the mystery box. There were actually two boxes, and I only opened one. They were colored blue, with the LD4all background, and on the top was the word “believe”. Inside the box was a large set of d20s, and there were a bunch of RPG figurines. Inside the box, I found a DLC box, and it was green. It was much smaller, and I didn’t open it.

The “Super” team has decided to use Snidley Whiplash as our Super Villain. His super powers would be tying knots super fast and surviving explosions, I suppose. :razz:


My team has decided to use Western and Eastern dragons for its team task and will be robbing a bank for the advantage task.

For the team incubation, my team has voted on investigating diamond theft.

2 Short LDs last night

In the first I got a DC to sing his favourite song -

SPOILER - Click to view

“Sing your favourite song for me.” I ask another guy. He is balding but with a friendly smile and a striped T-shirt. He stars to sing. I don’t recognise it. I don’t know what it is. There are no words to remember. “Allegro.” He says.

Edit: I thought the task said box instead of prize… Doh. Never mind.

In the second, I found and opened a super mystery fun box… (does that count as a prize??) a white TARDIS :happy:

SPOILER - Click to view

I see a white door closed in front of me. The door is part of a big box, a white painted TARDIS / Police box. It doesn’t get more super mystery fun than that, surely? :content: I walk towards the door and open it. Behind it is another door and as I look I see a pair of eyes are cut into it. I go to touch the eyes to see if they are carved or real, and the eyes rapidly fly towards my face, followed by another set and another, all on white painted wood. Happy eyes, sad eyes, angry eyes, all flying towards me and vanishing, replaced by another set. After about ten sets of eyes, I shout “STOP!” and wake up.

I had a medium-length LD this morning, posted here, in which I gained and used extra limbs. I initially used my typical wings, but realizing that those may not count, I attempted (but did not finish) the team dream and moved a prehensile tail.

@Wyvern: sorry, I wish this really counted to the last advantage… you did really well!

@En’enra: looks like a long LD with a chain bonus

@HeadInTheClouds: claws are extensions of your current limbs, not new ones. However, I agree they count to your personal goal. And no, being an MMO avatar is not being in the internet. You have to go inside the internet yourself, not just make an avatar. I’m talking jumping in the screen. An avatar could do this, but you’d need to be doing it intentionally to be in the internet for the task.

@ian1: so close! Next time just try the toys outside!

@Siiw: that totally counts for using technology in an unintended way :happy:. Also, so close to the super hero task. If the SUPER MYSTERY FUN PRIZE hadn’t been chosen, that may have been points!

@Thorn: I agree, natural habitat points awarded

@Mew151: wow, that was awesome for an ND :happy:

@StarryGwee: that sounds like losing and regaining lucidity in a dream. Sound right?

@Hehu: I can’t really understand your post. How long is the LD you had, including chains? I will assume a medium with chain bonus for now. Also, flying is not a task.

@drd: let it be known! You have opened the SUPER MYSTERY FUN PRIZE. And it was filled with another mystery box. Its secretes will forever be hidden!

@obfusc8: of course that counts! In fact, for picking up on my avatar and having a unique experience, I think that’s worth +10 bonus points!

Scores are updated