Lucidity Challenge 43: Winner - drd!

2 Short LDs last night

In the first I got a DC to sing his favourite song -

SPOILER - Click to view

“Sing your favourite song for me.” I ask another guy. He is balding but with a friendly smile and a striped T-shirt. He stars to sing. I don’t recognise it. I don’t know what it is. There are no words to remember. “Allegro.” He says.

Edit: I thought the task said box instead of prize… Doh. Never mind.

In the second, I found and opened a super mystery fun box… (does that count as a prize??) a white TARDIS :happy:

SPOILER - Click to view

I see a white door closed in front of me. The door is part of a big box, a white painted TARDIS / Police box. It doesn’t get more super mystery fun than that, surely? :content: I walk towards the door and open it. Behind it is another door and as I look I see a pair of eyes are cut into it. I go to touch the eyes to see if they are carved or real, and the eyes rapidly fly towards my face, followed by another set and another, all on white painted wood. Happy eyes, sad eyes, angry eyes, all flying towards me and vanishing, replaced by another set. After about ten sets of eyes, I shout “STOP!” and wake up.

I had a medium-length LD this morning, posted here, in which I gained and used extra limbs. I initially used my typical wings, but realizing that those may not count, I attempted (but did not finish) the team dream and moved a prehensile tail.

@Wyvern: sorry, I wish this really counted to the last advantage… you did really well!

@En’enra: looks like a long LD with a chain bonus

@HeadInTheClouds: claws are extensions of your current limbs, not new ones. However, I agree they count to your personal goal. And no, being an MMO avatar is not being in the internet. You have to go inside the internet yourself, not just make an avatar. I’m talking jumping in the screen. An avatar could do this, but you’d need to be doing it intentionally to be in the internet for the task.

@ian1: so close! Next time just try the toys outside!

@Siiw: that totally counts for using technology in an unintended way :happy:. Also, so close to the super hero task. If the SUPER MYSTERY FUN PRIZE hadn’t been chosen, that may have been points!

@Thorn: I agree, natural habitat points awarded

@Mew151: wow, that was awesome for an ND :happy:

@StarryGwee: that sounds like losing and regaining lucidity in a dream. Sound right?

@Hehu: I can’t really understand your post. How long is the LD you had, including chains? I will assume a medium with chain bonus for now. Also, flying is not a task.

@drd: let it be known! You have opened the SUPER MYSTERY FUN PRIZE. And it was filled with another mystery box. Its secretes will forever be hidden!

@obfusc8: of course that counts! In fact, for picking up on my avatar and having a unique experience, I think that’s worth +10 bonus points!

Scores are updated

[center]Quick Announcement[/center]

While I technically cannot force it, please turn in all points at least half an hour before the final deadline. The forum tends to be slow because of several people posting at once. During the last task, someone tried to post at 11:59 CST (new task is up at 12:00). I was not able to see the post before the new task was put up.

If the poster had given me their tasks earlier, it may have been worth enough to get the advantage. Like I said, I will not delay the entire LC because someone posted at the last second.

If you want to be 100% sure I count your tasks, please give me at least a few minutes to count you.

Nah, my lucidity level just wasn’t so high in the beginning. Questioning myself helped increase it. :content:

Welp… sadly my lucid streak seems to have died off… hopefully I’ll turn it around soon. :tongue: As for now, though, here’s a moment in which I’m pretty sure I wondered if I was dreaming. I know it’s not much points, but it counts for something so I might as well claim it. :razz:

Do Ya? ~ Lucid Moment

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 6
Medium LDs: 4
Long LDs: 3
Chains: 6
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1:-E Parts I & VII | Parts III & IV | Part II
Task 2:-E Part II | Parts I & V
Task 3:-E Part I & Part VIII | Part II
Task 4: ~ none ~

Personal Task: Spoke with Cardia.

I tried to “solve a crime” in a ND this morning, or rather, prove my innocence:

[spoiler]I start trying to put things back in order and then give up, sitting down on the bed. There’s no point clearing up until they leave.
“It was the London lot. You know what they’re like.” The nurse tells me. She sits down next to me on the bed. “A lot of medical supplies have gone missing as well. We just discovered it in the stocktake.”
“Those bastards.” I reply.
A DC who I think is from the London office taps the door so it swings open, apparently he was spying on us through the crack in the door.
“It went missing from your cupboards, mate.” He gives me an evil grin.
“You’re not getting away with it this time. I’m going to prove it was you.” I tell him, standing and squaring up to him.
He sneers and starts implying that our office used the medical supplies as recreational drugs. I shove him against a wall and then go looking for the missing medical supplies.

@Rhewin: Combined the LD lenght was probably around 10 minutes or so

Here’s two medium-length LDs with no tasks done.

Also, it occurs to me that yesterday’s LD had me incubating and then actually dreaming about the same place and method used in one of my earliest transformations into a dragon. I knew I was incubating that for a reason, and it just occurred to me what I forgot to claim: I did the monthly Quest! I can’t believe I forgot to claim that yesterday, and I hope it’s not too late to make that claim. :tongue:

So… I did a lot. :razz: I’ll mark the ones I’m not sure about as Tentative until the good ol’ TM can take a look at them. Well… I did:

  • I was super!
  • I saved a distressed citizen(s)! Should be the “Exempt-From-Penalty” Sub-task.
  • I may have narrated my actions. I was trying to, but I don’t know if one line of narration counts. :razz:
  • I grew extra limbs! Two, to be exact. :razz:

I’m Super ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ Task 4 Parts III, IV, V LUCID EARLY
Machamp Again ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ Task 4 Part VIII LUCID

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 8
Medium LDs: 4
Long LDs: 3
Chains: 6
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1:-E Parts I & VII | Parts III & IV | Part II
Task 2:-E Part II | Parts I & V
Task 3:-E Part I & Part VIII | Part II
Task 4:-E Parts III, IV, V, VIII

Personal Task: Spoke with Cardia.
EDIT: Fixed a broken URL and removed the tentative “tags”.

@Hehu: based on your previous times that would be long, then. Please be sure to specify if the dream in total is what you consider to be short, medium, or long :content:

@Thorn: nope, not too late at all!

@Scipio: didn’t take you long to break that dry spell :razz:. The narration is fine, but I’ll agree that it’s not quite solving a crime so much as stopping a crime. Solving it would take a bit of a mystery element.

Things are getting close, but the top three seem to be holding steady. Thorn briefly passed Scipio for second, but Scipio knocked it out of the park with another set of strong LDs.

Also, Fun Team, make sure you follow Scipio’s example. You can remove the penalty from one task from another team. Choose wisely.

Scores are updated

Team Participation
Fun: 5.6% (.7 tasks per member)
Super: 4.2% (.5 tasks per member)
Mystery: 3.3% (.4 tasks per member)

I had a medium LD last night and I transformed into a wolf at the end.

Initially, it was just my face that transformed, which was weird because it felt like it elongated itself. I thought I was going to fail, but right before the dream ended, the transformation completed, even though I don’t recall having a tail.

I had a medium length LD chain the other night. I wanted to fly, and I was stuck in a dimly lit house. I grew wings, and tried to turn into a golden statue, but I failed.

In ND #4 here, I wondered whether I was dreaming and went to perform the pinched nose RC but the dream ended too soon.

Here’s a medium-length LD with no tasks accomplished.

I had a long LD! It was partially from the POV of a very well known DC, who has powers that could be compared to a superhero’s, but since she is my OC, i doubt it will count for points. The important part is that she helped me create thunderworks!

I already talked to the people I needed to, so…

Scores are updated

Team Participation
Super: 8.3% (1 task per member)
Fun: 6.5% (~.8 tasks per member)
Mystery: 3.3% (.4 tasks per member)


my internet router has died. Because of this, I will not be able to update the challenge since I can only get on the internet with my phone. I am extending task 4 until midnight on Saturday Central Standard Time. Any tasks posted after tonight will still count as early until the new challenges posted. This also means you have more time to contribute a team advantage. I will be checking in on my phone if you have questions.

Had an LD here which at 7-8 minutes was definitely longer than average for me. I tried to do Task 4 (Dragons) and made quite a bit of progress with the transformation in terms of detail but wasn’t able to complete it or manifest a team mate to do the Eastern Dragon portion of the task.

I grew a tail (extra limbs as per The Mystery Super Fun Task) and was actually able to move the lower half of it in a realistic fashion which is a first for me. :smile:

In a ND, I rescued a ‘citizen’ from two evil guards last night.

[spoiler]I’m inside the castle, stomping around in heavy armour. I hear a woman screaming. Around the corner I find two guards manhandling a naked woman, dragging her out of a four-poster bed. They hesitate when they see me. I discover a rope in my hand and offer to tie her up for them. She struggles a bit as I push her against a cabinet. Then she realises I’m only pretending to tie her up, looping the rope loosely around her wrists.

I take my time, stalling, trying to come up with a plan, wondering if I can fight the two guards. My armour is better than theirs, but they have swords. I don’t appear to have any weapons.

The two guards mistake my slowness for another intent, and with a mixture of winks, sly grins and evil chuckles they tell me they’ll leave me to it. They call me ‘sir’. When they leave, I search the room but the only item of clothing I can find is a white apron. The woman puts it on and thanks me nervously. I tell her there is an escape route in the prince’s bed chamber and escort her down several narrow stone corridors.