Lucidity Challenge 43: Winner - drd!

[color=olive]-7/24/14 FLD
Forest Of Death Chunin Exam: Koharo, Naruto, And Sasuke vs Orochimaru

:neutral: Exactly where would Orochimaru stand for task 2…? Would he count as an animal?

Naruto, Sasuke, and I fought him in the Forest of Death, and I spoke with Orochimaru here and there during our fight. There were times where he took on more snake-like traits, morphing his lower body to that of a snake, and stretching his neck to prevent my new finisher, Head Hunter’s Cradle, from working.[/color]

I made up for the failure on the first night, and talked to several LOTR characters. I was also filmed while acting scenes from LOTR. It was strangely enough not lucid.

(edit) to clarify: it was a film set in the beginning, but it evolved into real locations and real characters

I’m not sure if the thing one would never do in real life has to be completely over the top, but in the final dream posted here, I lash out at somebody while all of my students watch. I’d like to think I’m more professional than that IWL; this was a case of exaggerated dream emotions taking over and is pretty much what I expected would happen for this task in an ND. If that’s not ridiculous enough to count, know that I was also completely calm during the disturbing dream before that, when I’d be freaking out and screaming IWL.

Sorry the scores haven’t been updated. Excel apparently wasn’t saving my work online like I had thought. Everything should look up-to-date now.

@HITC: yeah, I agree about it counting toward the laws of physics. Also, the fictional character qualifies.

@Koharo: he might count as a mythical creature, but that would have been something you’d needed to have set with your team during that task.

Scores are updated

I will not be posting the current Team Participation rates. You have until tomorrow night to do any sub-tasks that might still be left over. The Team that has the highest overall participation will have influence over the bonus task, but will not have an advantage.

Rescued a distressed citizen in this ND.

Gotcha, Mew :wink:

Had a medium length ld, no tasks completed

Had some cool dreams last night… Not sure when the deadline is and I have to go out for a few hours so I will post the full entries when I get back.

In the first dream I was batman, I had batarangs and his grapple hook gun, and I saw my reflection in a glass window I was in the full costume.

Last dream of the night was TRONesque where I got caught and dissolved into pixels by the bad guy who looked like Antony Stewart Head… and transported into a circuit board style game with gates and car type vehicles. Then I escaped into the real world and saved a programmer girl from evil Antony Stewart Head… :happy:

Edit: Link here. These were normal dreams, not lucid.

Had a long LD last night with a chain. No tasks completed.

Here’s some things! :happy: Did quite a few tasks; all of them by accident… one was even NLD’d! :eek: Looks like I tried to grab a few hundred points before the bonus task goes up. :razz:

Neverwinter Nights Shard ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ Task 2 Part VII
Ghosts, Hamsters, and a Pool ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ Task 2 Part VIII & Task 5 Part I LUCID EARLY

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 11
Medium LDs: 4
Long LDs: 3
Chains: 7
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1:-E Parts I & VII | Parts III & IV | Part II
Task 2:-E Part II | Parts I & V | Part VII & Part VIII
Task 3:-E Part I & Part VIII | Part II
Task 4:-E Parts III, IV, V, VIII
Task 5:-E Part I

Personal Task: Spoke with Cardia.

Greetings all! This is Hodge A. Podge! A few nights ago I had 2 chained LDs!

The first LD involved myself changing the color of a wall to a blue color. Also, Sandra Bullock made a surprise cameo!

The second LD was about going to a hotel. I gained lucidity because the name on the hotel sign changed. I made the hotel clerk pay me to stay at the hotel.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take advantage of my LDs. It seemed like I had low lucidity, or I was just content with what the dreams were about.

While I doubt these task “completions” count, Wyvern wanted me to post them because the second one was funny. In the first ND here, I think of an idea for my Sonic 2 ROM hack and the dream changes to a 3D representation of the 16-bit art. Later in the dream, I absorb the earth element and gain the power to shoot rocks (read: the dream tells me to eat dirt and rocks until it makes me sick to the point of vomiting it back up).

Long LD with DEILD.
Absorbed the power of an element (the darkness)
Defied the laws of physics (flying bus)
Found an exotic animal in its natural habitat (flamingos)


/me will type moar


Medium LD with DEILD
Transformed something into a keyblade
Rescued a DC

Post any dreams you have left over! The LC is almost over and the bonus task is on its way. The bonus task will be strongly influenced by the Team with the highest overall participation, so if you’re still awake, it’s time for a power nap!

Had a short LD here which was around 2 minutes long. Nearly shapeshifted into an anthro Rhino but it didn’t work out due to lack of LD stability.

Last dream to post:

Long LD
Did the Quest (revisited LD #2600)
Wrote the dream as it happened
Brought an element to life (WIND TITANS!)
Became a Super Hero (Wyvern man! Or Wind man?)


-Task 1: Created an original piece (not lucid)

Bonus Task - NARCISSISM!
So… it’s come to this.

The LC is officially over. Time for a winner? Well, not quite. I have a tradition of adding a bonus task to all of the LCs I host. What is this task you ask? NARCISSISM, my friends!

But first, it’s time. While the LC isn’t over, the teams are finished. So, which Team reigns Supreme???

The Creation Team, while only winning one advantage during the LC, has managed to have a higher overall participation rate. This means that in the end, they win the Team Challenge… which I have never referenced before nor will I again. Basically, the bonus round is all about them.

Final Team Participation Rates
Creation: 22.8% (13 tasks per member)
Transformation: 17.7% (10.1 tasks per member)
Investigation: 16.5% (9.4 tasks per member)


So, with your Teams gone, it’s every man for himself! Grab as many points as you can in this bonus round. While it would be very difficult to climb too far, most of you still have a shot at pulling out the win.

The Task
For the bonus task, you can complete any of the winning Team’s Team Tasks. To be clear, these are the tasks that the winning Team created, not just the generic Team-specific tasks I created. However, you no longer have teams which means you no longer have team members to complete the tasks with. But don’t worry, you get to complete them with me, your benevolent, loving host.

I am especially looking forward to making a musical[/center]

You can also complete any Advantage Tasks that the winning team created or the Ultra Team Task. Again, these must be done with me.

During the Bonus Task, you can no longer claim any other tasks, combo points, or the Quest. Also, you will only receive credit for lucid dreams if I am in the dream (regardless of whether or not you complete a task). You can complete your personal goal, but you must include me somehow.

The bonus task will run for one extra week. This is about skill, not about racking up millions of lucid points. If you want to advance your place, you will need to put in some serious effort.

Take this time to also double check your points. If you feel there was an error, make sure you let me know.

But…but… I just managed a medium length DEILD which was pretty stable. And my personal goal… Donnie Yen taught me some Wing Chun… :sad:

It was epic though, but too late… Too late. :sigh:

Oh dammit. I totally thought I wrote it down in this topic. I found my pet in that last LD I posted. I even mentioned it in the dream, referencing the task: