Lucidity Challenge 43: Winner - drd!

Here’s some things! :happy: Did quite a few tasks; all of them by accident… one was even NLD’d! :eek: Looks like I tried to grab a few hundred points before the bonus task goes up. :razz:

Neverwinter Nights Shard ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ Task 2 Part VII
Ghosts, Hamsters, and a Pool ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ Task 2 Part VIII & Task 5 Part I LUCID EARLY

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 11
Medium LDs: 4
Long LDs: 3
Chains: 7
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1:-E Parts I & VII | Parts III & IV | Part II
Task 2:-E Part II | Parts I & V | Part VII & Part VIII
Task 3:-E Part I & Part VIII | Part II
Task 4:-E Parts III, IV, V, VIII
Task 5:-E Part I

Personal Task: Spoke with Cardia.

Greetings all! This is Hodge A. Podge! A few nights ago I had 2 chained LDs!

The first LD involved myself changing the color of a wall to a blue color. Also, Sandra Bullock made a surprise cameo!

The second LD was about going to a hotel. I gained lucidity because the name on the hotel sign changed. I made the hotel clerk pay me to stay at the hotel.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take advantage of my LDs. It seemed like I had low lucidity, or I was just content with what the dreams were about.

While I doubt these task “completions” count, Wyvern wanted me to post them because the second one was funny. In the first ND here, I think of an idea for my Sonic 2 ROM hack and the dream changes to a 3D representation of the 16-bit art. Later in the dream, I absorb the earth element and gain the power to shoot rocks (read: the dream tells me to eat dirt and rocks until it makes me sick to the point of vomiting it back up).

Long LD with DEILD.
Absorbed the power of an element (the darkness)
Defied the laws of physics (flying bus)
Found an exotic animal in its natural habitat (flamingos)


/me will type moar


Medium LD with DEILD
Transformed something into a keyblade
Rescued a DC

Post any dreams you have left over! The LC is almost over and the bonus task is on its way. The bonus task will be strongly influenced by the Team with the highest overall participation, so if you’re still awake, it’s time for a power nap!

Had a short LD here which was around 2 minutes long. Nearly shapeshifted into an anthro Rhino but it didn’t work out due to lack of LD stability.

Last dream to post:

Long LD
Did the Quest (revisited LD #2600)
Wrote the dream as it happened
Brought an element to life (WIND TITANS!)
Became a Super Hero (Wyvern man! Or Wind man?)


-Task 1: Created an original piece (not lucid)

Bonus Task - NARCISSISM!
So… it’s come to this.

The LC is officially over. Time for a winner? Well, not quite. I have a tradition of adding a bonus task to all of the LCs I host. What is this task you ask? NARCISSISM, my friends!

But first, it’s time. While the LC isn’t over, the teams are finished. So, which Team reigns Supreme???

The Creation Team, while only winning one advantage during the LC, has managed to have a higher overall participation rate. This means that in the end, they win the Team Challenge… which I have never referenced before nor will I again. Basically, the bonus round is all about them.

Final Team Participation Rates
Creation: 22.8% (13 tasks per member)
Transformation: 17.7% (10.1 tasks per member)
Investigation: 16.5% (9.4 tasks per member)


So, with your Teams gone, it’s every man for himself! Grab as many points as you can in this bonus round. While it would be very difficult to climb too far, most of you still have a shot at pulling out the win.

The Task
For the bonus task, you can complete any of the winning Team’s Team Tasks. To be clear, these are the tasks that the winning Team created, not just the generic Team-specific tasks I created. However, you no longer have teams which means you no longer have team members to complete the tasks with. But don’t worry, you get to complete them with me, your benevolent, loving host.

I am especially looking forward to making a musical[/center]

You can also complete any Advantage Tasks that the winning team created or the Ultra Team Task. Again, these must be done with me.

During the Bonus Task, you can no longer claim any other tasks, combo points, or the Quest. Also, you will only receive credit for lucid dreams if I am in the dream (regardless of whether or not you complete a task). You can complete your personal goal, but you must include me somehow.

The bonus task will run for one extra week. This is about skill, not about racking up millions of lucid points. If you want to advance your place, you will need to put in some serious effort.

Take this time to also double check your points. If you feel there was an error, make sure you let me know.

But…but… I just managed a medium length DEILD which was pretty stable. And my personal goal… Donnie Yen taught me some Wing Chun… :sad:

It was epic though, but too late… Too late. :sigh:

Oh dammit. I totally thought I wrote it down in this topic. I found my pet in that last LD I posted. I even mentioned it in the dream, referencing the task:

My dreams have been full of fiction the last few days, but I didn’t post in time because of time zones and laziness. :cool_raz: Rhewin wasn’t in any of them.

This goes for everyone: if you have something from before the deadline, you can still post it. It won’t affect the final advantage, but you still get the points if you did it before I had posted the new task.

@obfusc8 & Wyvern: I’ll update for both of you later.

Unfortunately looks like the final task was posted at 5am in my time zone, and I woke up around 6am, so that means I was too late…

So I’ll have to revisit my dream, summon Rhewin and learn a bit more kung fu… Easy, right? :cool:

I had a short LD last night and found Rhewin. You were kind of useless though. You didn’t talk and didn’t help me to get any tasks done. Then I woke up.

I have had a “wonder if I was dreaming”, a conversation with a favourite fictional character, done something I’d not do IRL (travel to a dangerous conflict zone) and in an unposted, really bad dream done something else I’d never do IRL: I physically harmed somebody.

I had a long lucid in which I flew like a strange bird, partially did the dancing task, and messed with water.

[spoiler]The furthest I could recall… Becoming lucid in my house and rushing out the window. Before actually jumping out the second floor I performed the hand RC. It wasn’t as convincing because of how accurate my hands looked, so, I observed my backyard while perched on the wooden balcony. It was a normal sunny day with a few clouds in the sky. Nature danced with the gusts of wind. Almost everything was in the correct place within our backyard, but a few pots of purple and white daisies.

Seeing those daises clued me in. I hopped off the balcony and dipped downwards while spreading out my arms to fly. I felt the cool wind engulf me. It felt really nice. I circled the yard simply enjoying the feeling of the wind. Not long after I noticed a black bird hovering above me. This black bird seemed tiny because of how far up it was. Flapping my arms quickly I get closer to this mysterious and now large black bird. It’s eyes looked like gorgeous blue beads. It’s body was strangely shaped, the wings in particular. With both wings stretched out, the wings formed half a circle. The black bird’s feathers were short and consistent throughout. It looked very smooth and silky. While observing, I did not notice that my arms transformed into the wings of the black bird. I smiled and tried them out while gliding.

I stopped flying to remind myself of the tasks that need to be completed. I have a bit of a difficult time remembering the tasks but eventually do. I chose the dance battle first. I could not remember what location we were suppose to be at though! I had no time to continue thinking. I decided on the character Mario and dropped down. Once hitting the ground I can feel a strange weight on my head and seeing my loose blue overalls. Without even thinking of transforming… I did! I had landed in a large blue tennis court. Everyone was “there” but wasn’t exactly visible. I could sense they were there. All around the edges of the tennis court were buttons. There was a rule that we had to follow, to dance around the tennis court while stepping on each button (can’t miss any). I shrugged and went along with it. Twirling about like a ballerina trying not to miss any buttons. Finally coming to the end I could see who had won. The name of the winners popped up in text on the ground of the tennis court. Thorn had won first! Then James and me.

Done with that, I think of another task… something involving water I remembered. Bringing an element to life. I was content here with how long its been. Going onto the next task I lose some of my lucidity. I find a wooden bucket of water in a forest nearby and two villagers came to watch, a boy and mother. Using one hand I tried willing a heart shaped orb of water out. I could not get the water to lift out and then… the villager lady’s face morphed into the face of a demon. Large dark patches as eyes and mouth stretched out to scream. She grabbed my neck and tried strangling me, but I woke up before anything.[/spoiler]

Had a short LD here which was no more than 1 minute long. As per the “NARCISSISM!” bonus task requirement of making sure that Rhewin appears in the LD, I summoned Rhewin who appeared as nothing more than a shadowy figure due to the LD ending a bit soon.

Had a lucid dream with Rhewin acting in a musical piece in a park that I directed.

After a mostly sleepless night, a dreamless nap, a completely sleepless night, I got an unusually long LD in a late morning nap. After a long time of looking, I found rhewin, he had invented a flying bike. Will post after work.