Lucidity Challenge 48 - Task 3 - VampireVolfGame

I had a non-lucid dream where I transformed into a domestic cat and sneaked into a building through a half-open window. It’s easier to do that when you’re a cat :smile:
I think that counts for the “sneak into a building” subtask.

P.S. I was down with a bad cold last week, but I’ve now recovered.

Short LD, no tasks.

Premonition dream? - Awe won the LC and decided to host the next one. Thorn was correcting grammar/spelling mistakes. Susan_Y had 37 lucid dreams but seemed to think that wasn’t enough. Oh and Sea-dove (who apparently looks like Emma Watson with long hair) earned the first points of the new challenge by ‘drawing a spell’…

I have seen the future. Now make it happen, people! :happy:

umm that’s quite interesting. I just checked out your dream and you said I had long brown hair. Have I said anywhere at this website I actually do have long brown wavey hair and brown eyes? I don’t think I have described myself here… I just looked up what Emma Watson looks like and I actually have similar features to her. (I also look younger then my age so could be mistake at times for her age. At times I’ve been mistaken for being 15 years younger then I are).

Her hair is also wavey and so is mine, I found a photo of her with hair exactly just like mine except mine is a shade darker brown then the hair in the photo… she has same colour eyes as me. … ill-emma-w atson-be-able-to-escape-colonia-dignidad.jpeg?width=1920&height=1200

You’ve made me actually wonder if I did appear in one of your dreams for real but then your consciousness morphed me to her due to similar features.

I once actually had a dream sharing experience with someone where we both remembered the same dream and we had the dream at the same time, waking from it at same moment. On that occasion the other person some how by wanting me in a dream, some how really got me into it (in my dream the other called me and then our dreams merged together for real). I aren’t currently though remembering my NDs well at all so don’t have a clue what I’ve recently dreamed. It would of been freaky if I’d dreamed your dream too.

oh and the part where you dreamed I was first to do a spell challenge… that was kind of interesting too as I was into Wicca in my past.

OK, I am going to have to end the LC short, but I don’t want to leave it hanging. We are so not dealing with another round of the TM curse. You have until 11:59pm CDT to post anything else you want me to score.

Don’t believe so, but if you had described yourself in a post it’s possible my SC buried that information and hence the similarity… I’ve had more misses than hits with people’s appearances, so am inclined to put it down to random freakiness, since I can’t think of anything with Emma Watson in that would have influenced the dream.

To finish off: Short LD, no tasks

Hopefully not too late to submit this. Had a very nice LD here this morning where I swapped bodies with a Minotaur. At around 5-7 minutes long, it’s a medium one for me.

ohh… you mentioned Emma Watson… fades into sweet memories* …
ah ha! makes perfect sense! this will be reality for sure!

oh wait! whats this!?

ahh… no problem just have to score… around… 800 more points!
ill just go super-duper, ah, is the time up? ^^

must add the whole star wars thing in your dream does suit me and i really like the spell thing, you brought some cool ideas from that dream :content:

Lucid dream, medium duration.

No tasks done. This dream was in almost complete darkness, a bit scary, a bit confusing, and I didn’t manage to achieve much. (The scene where the heroine walks down a dark passageway carrying a lighted firebrand is kind of a gothic horror classic, so there’s that, even if it doesn’t get me any points).

This is probably too late to get in before the end of the challenge. Oh well, never mind.

I didn’t quite manage 37 lucid dreams s … and you guys would probably have beaten me on points even if I had.

i need to get less points!
read on chaining, staying still as you wake up to flow back lucid into the dream? more or less. seems i used it for the first time without reading about it, then sea-dove started the whole discussion about the points so i checked.

i believe the - “Futuristic - Hunted” + “A follow up from the above? - a corrupt council” + “Desert world - Alien tribe” from the last entry in my Journal would be considered as chaining.

my journal:

though since you label it as a technique and its the first time i used it (even though i just did it naturally without knowing about it…) wouldnt it count as some points for using a LD technique for the first time? ^^

I had a short LD this morning with no tasks, posted here. I would have done tasks if I had known that everybody is still posting dreams; I was under the impression that the LC was over.

I’m still under that impression, so I’m not claiming any points anymore.

Had an LD here this morning which at around 1-2 minutes long makes it a short one for me.

This was posted on Tuesday, so like Thorn and Letaali I’m assuming nothing after Tuesday 11.59pm counts and haven’t bothered posting. We’re just waiting until Rhewin has a chance to confirm the tasks/points earned before that, and an update of the scores.

then again!
using a FILD technique does require you not to move… so was i chaining was i not?
old Rhewin i leave this to you.

It’s been a week since the LC ended and twenty days since the last score update, so I’ve tried my hardest to sift through the topic to get speculative scores up until the time Rhewin said points could no longer be posted. These are not official; I am not Rhewin. They do show the score calculations to the best of my ability, though, and I’ve hosted four LCs before, so I know how scoring works. :tongue: Hopefully this saves Rhewin some time and gives the competitors a rough idea of their placement.

The following things may make these scores slightly inaccurate or make them seem odd compared to how things were scored until the last update:

  • sea-dove lost her 5 “regaining lucidity” points after stating they were all DEILDs on page 10.
  • obfusc8 posted on page 11 saying something probably isn’t vampire-y enough for task points, so it was not counted.
  • Awe’s most recent post about FILDs and chaining being unclear to him could remove some of his points. FILD was mentioned in quite a lot of his dreams, so this could affect a large number of points.
  • sea-dove posted on page 12 saying she tried to eat something inedible but failed; I am unsure if the thing must actually be swallowed and thus didn’t add in these points. She also said she accused somebody of being a vampire but doesn’t mention actually revealing him/her as the task asks for. She further claimed 3 LDs but says the latter two (short) had no awakening, so I counted a long LD with a 5 point lucidity regain bonus instead of two short LDs.
  • Awe wants Rhewin to decide on a dream fitting the “sneak into a building” task, which I did not mark in the scores.
  • On page 13, Susan_Y claimed her personal goal in a non-lucid dream. Personal goals must be done while lucid, so I did not add points.

Hopefully this score prediction helps somebody out despite the inaccuracies. For example, I’m pretty sure obfusc8 can start planning LC 49 if he plans to host it. I hope to see the official results soon!

so, i had 8 dreams that night, didnt say anything about all of them being FILD, some were i mentioned who in my journal and also the lengths.
im not counting the monthly.
and i was not sure about the sneaking, i did write about it in my journal so its for Rhewin to decide if it fits since i didnt do it on purpose.
the other person did not have a lightsaber, just me.

^ Okay, I see. It was a post saying that you were going to post points in a future post. Got it. Any thoughts on if you got those “physical results” you said you needed for your second personal goal? It’s currently marked as if you got it. EDIT: Unmarked in accordance with the next post. How about if any LDs were chains, since you were unsure about that? If you didn’t move much and re-entered a lucid dream, then it gets counted as a chain that lengthens the previous LD instead of a new dream.

I updated the speculative score sheet and you’re still in second place even with those 240 mistaken points removed. Again, none of what I’m doing is official since i’m not the TM; it’s just to provide some feedback to people that have been waiting.

what? me posting points? huh?

my second personal task which was to cause physical change through a lucid dream was not accomplished if thats what you asked.

it was another dream, but i see what you mean. i didnt move much, but the FILD technique itself requires you not to move as you wake up in the middle of the night so you will stay sleepy enough to preform it. i see how that can contradict with Chaining thats why i leave it up to Rhewin.

its good that you went through it and ask the questions, it will cut some work for Rhewin when he comes around.

The task was it was supposed to be something “uneatable” and mine was :tongue: . I couldn’t eat it no matter how hard I tried lol. Yeah I probably wont get the points as I couldn’t eat it.

"The task says "Co-op Task
Reveal someone else to be a vampire/wolf: accusation is the name of the game in wolfgame! Accuse someone of being a vampire or a wolf and then prove it! Proof could come from things like causing them to transform, making them confess, or doing it the WG/VG way (a hanging). However you can think of, really. Bonus pts for accusing someone else in the LC. 30/30pts. "

Im not sure how you’ve come to conclusion I didnt meet the task with

I guess I should of said fangs and not teeth. They were vampire teeth though so that was he revealed himself. He revealed it when he bared his teeth cause I’d accused him.

Im going through my lucid dreams as I’ve become aware I’ve been confusing in some of how I’ve tried to explain them and may of been taken wrongly. eg for one I said I wasn’t trying to WILD… which would of been confusing and I assume due to the way I put it I would of confused. I meant by that I wasn’t trying hard to WILD as I was tired, I wasn’t doing my normal methods… rather I tried to go to sleep while thinking I wanted to WILD (to of cause hopefully cause one) which then actually did cause me to have a WILD and go straight into a LD. Being focused on wanting to WILD as one goes into a sleep and then causing an LD immediately due to this is a WILD.

But yeah at least one of my LDs was a DEILD eg lady one and not a WILD. (any way Im going through them cause I think I explain things in ways which can confuse and may of been taken wrong).

(are DELIDs and WILD worth different points? I’ll have to check that up).

one lot of my 3 dream runs/chains whatever one wants to call them had no awakenings in between just drop outs while asleep … the other episode of 3 dreams close together were completely different to the other as I was completely being awake between the drop outs where I opened eyes, moved etc I like to get comfortable if I wake fully up.

So when it comes to points they should be under different catagories… one lot of LDs from complete wake state each time and the other lot from dropouts where I didn’t wake up between.