Lucidity Challenge 55 Winner: GenghisKhan!

Long LD this morning (LINK TO DJ), in which I jump from a sort of orbiting cabin and freefall.
I do this together with my son, my daughter, obfusc8, Cornelia, Mew and DTDU

In the second part (OBE), I fly over a small town, see the moon, fail reaching it but inadvertently mupltiply it in the sky.
Then I grow arm-claws and use them to fight some robot-blades attacking me

I also brush my teeth in a quite dirty basin and rinse my mouth with awful-tasting water

Hi there.
Sorry for being absent again.
I was called away with the army, they wanted me to teach abseiling in a remote area for a couple weeks.
I didnt have time to post anything before i left, but i have found a small oasis in this wasteland, and i have a couple minutes before we leave again.

Please continue with the final week for a bit till i get back. Hopefully we get a few more of those personal goals completed with this extra time.

I’ll finish the LC as soon as i get back. It will probebly be about another week.

Thanks for you pacience.

Oh , and welcome koal44.

You must have an interesting life :happy:

I’ve been ill for a few days. Last night in between hot/cold shakes and fever some of the dreams became lucid. It was an avengers civil war mash up with me as Tony Stark. They stole my armor though, so I was forced to improvise and jump out of a plane with a golf bag on my back… which became a parachute of course.

My head is pounding right now and the screen hurts my eyes but I will try and write it up fully later.

/me crawls off into a dark place to die.

EDIT: Here’s the link Medium length, since my lucids have all been around this length lately so it’s time to adjust classification. Tasks completed are: Jump out of plane, wear a parachute and deploy a parachute.

Non-lucid dream in which I climb down from a mountain that looks like the one in the film The Dyatlov Pass Incident. Perhaps not the best place to go climbing, given what happens in either the movie or the real incident it is very loosely based on, but there you are.

I claim the points for:

  • See a mountain
  • Climb it
  • It has snow on it.

Yeah I am claiming a first Long LD from yesterday afternoon.

Claiming points for Flying and jumping out of an airplane. Falling with a small guy attached to balloons (like in the movie “up”)

So Tasks not Lucid:
Fall / fly past suspended objects
JUMP out of aircraft.

Tasks Lucid
Personal Task
Ride a falling object (well I was riding an airplane but it was more like falling/ sliding from a platform to another)

I was quite sure it was written we should explore the airplane so I did that, and then got woken up shortly before jumping out of it :meh:

Here my DJ : Watch out, Boring Dream… :razz:

Finally broke through my 1 month long dry spell with an LD here this morning which at around 3 minutes long makes it a medium one for me.

No tasks done but did feature a nice transformation activated by my new Pokemon Go Plus device and a change of vision for me which is the first time I’ve ever had anything like that in an LD. :smile:

hey dreamers, i hope you are going all well… this post is about sharing my experience and I just hope you don’t mind it, feel free to skip it if too long…
talking about dreaming, my dream recall and sleeping schedule were really poor past months due to my lack of motivation, and changing in my lifestyle since I joined university… now after my first month in uni, i started seeing some bad sides of lack of sleep and poor diet, it hits me hard now, i feel exhausted, both mentally and phisically… couple of days ago i started to give extra attention to better sleep, and i even had a dream this morning, which i recalled, and it was about dream recall… i wrote it and it basically said, i am worrying once i wake up about day ahead, thats why i dont recall dreams, so i must give extra time to remember them after i wake up, just play dead for 10 mins or so… I recalled 4 vivid more dreams this night. strangely all including my father with is often appearing in my dreams, better start rc’ing when around him in waking life, right??? so I think ill stick to this recall thing. I also slept for 11 hours this night ;d peace

SCORES Updated

Im back. (again)

Thanks for putting up with me and my erratic sense of time and place.

I am happy to announce a finish date for LC55: 7-Oct-16
This gives everyone ONE more night. (Sorry if you are first reading this after the 6th.)
There will then be a 24 hour period for you to post any final dreams/tasks.
A winner will then be announced on the 8th.

Welcome back DTDU !

Unfortunately last two weeks I’ve suffered dead recall and almost no WILDs :neutral: but… hey I see I am at first place :happy:

I’d point out few tasks I have completed but for which I find no score - I may have missed to highlight them in my posts…

  • Get to space (half pts)
  • Fall from space to Earth
  • Wear parachute
  • Deploy parachute

SCORES Updated

All participants have 24 hours to submit any final points or tasks.

(…aaannd I just got put on red alert again.)[spoiler] I’m off to prep my overalls and boots, the rain has just started. Sweet dreams people, try to dream of somewhere sunny for me, because I’ll probably be soaking wet and fighting off hypothermia tonight.
Regardless of the weather, tomorrow will be a good day, my tracking partner returns from a hunting trip tomorrow, and I haven’t seen him (or our tracking dog) for about three weeks.[/spoiler]

Yeah one Long LD to claim again. I used a new Technique but I don t think we get points for that in this Challenge.

I was actually trying to get points for the week 5 but I cannot see anything I did there, but I saw that I did things from the previous weeks
Claiming points for

Week 2:
Find a camera

  • Use it
    Ride a vehicule (Truck)

Week 4:
Go to Space (anywhere but earth) [here I guess that the paradise counts :happy:]

  • Also I was there with 2 other LC members (Obfusc8 and Gengis Khan) so I guess I did this task with them.

also not claimed in my last post:
Week 3:
see a forest (while not Lucid)

Link to my DJ

  • please update the score and take out my “longest ever LD”, I don t think any of those LDs was my longest.


I became absent due to start of new uni year, haven’t paid much attention to tasks. But I got many random (DI)LDs.

Since my last post here, I claim 9 short LDs and 1 long LD.

Finally managed to add last two weeks to on-line DJ
Nothing notable, two LDs in which I did not complete any task, so not going to claim any points, plus some NDs

Most interesting one was the SeaWorld ND, a huge “Missed dreamsign fest”, I can only facepalm at myself for that: my SC made it plainly evident that I was dreaming :happy: but unfortunately I didn’t listen to it :neutral:

[center]LC55 Winner:


Final Scores:
GenghisKhan 1260
obfusc8 1095
tachyon 705
Susan_Y 280
Letaali 270
Koal44 255
Glypheye 205
N@t3 125
James_UK2008 130
Bazanikins 90
Eilatan 40
Mew151 30

Congratulations GenghisKhan !!! I’m not really surprised with that result, once again you have dominated the LC the whole way through. You truly are a great dreamer.
Well done to obfusc8 and tachyon for 2nd and 3rd place.
Well done also to those that completed personal goals: GenghisKhan, obfusc8 and Koal44.

This has been a long adventure, totaling 100 days from start to finish. Sorry for dragging it out that much, my life has felt like a hurricane for most of it. (In more ways than one). I have learnt A HEAP in these past 100 days. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to host, I have had lots of fun, I hope you all did too.

As is tradition, the winner (GenghisKhan) will have the first offer to host LC56. If he declines, it will be offered to the next in line, and so on until we find a host.

Thanks to all those that participated. :grin:

(Im off to visit the dreamtime, I hope to see you there.)

Im kind of glad this is over. Hosting this LC has highlighted several things for me, things I would like to change, things I need to fix, things I need to remember, and things I think I could benefit from forgetting.

Thank you for the praise DTDU ! :happy:

Good job everyone, I see people who started late but got a great score ! (obfusc8, koal44, …)

I am going to be the host for your next Lucidity Challenge ! Stay tuned ! :cool:

Congrats Genghis! :beer:

And thanks to DTDU for hosting. Really enjoyed some of those tasks. :cool:

Congrats Genghis! :content:

Wow cool, I just re-entered this forum after my last visit about ten years ago. So much fun to see it’s still so alive. And I feel totally happy that I can now jump in at challenge 56 from the start onward! So much fun!! See you all there :happy: