Lucidity Challenge 60: Special Awards Ceremony

I remember two NDs (The last two paragraphs are two scenes from a longer dream) and claim the seedling task. There was a flower in the dream too, but I couldn’t make myself pick it. DJ entry

Into my DJ I have entered three non lucid dreams. You may see them here: [

There may be points here, but there may be not.
In Blanket in Disguise: A Memoir, I observe an intracar device that streams live digital media. Upon reflection, I would consider this a miniature, vehicular television, so I would like to claim that subsubtask.

Thank you very much ! :happy:


Disappointing dreams aren’t worth points, otherwise they wouldn’t be so disappointing. That would contradict their nature… I hope this is clear.

Great. Initially I considered making this as a requirement for the meme. But I guess good memes are added there voluntarily.


New subtask unlocked:
🚀 Rocket: See a full sized rocket in a dream. Majah

Correct. It is not valid for Pen and Pencil subtasks, but if you draw using a stylus in real life then post as art it is valid.

Yes. I do check DJs. But remember that is the dreamer’s responsability to claim.


We are back to tie-breaking range.

This is a checkpoint post.

I have collected all the information from past posts.
All your personal goals and choices are online at just click what seems more natural to you!)
The scoreboard is online and updated.

If you need to edit, please reply and tell what changed!
Thank you very much!


[spoiler]Signups are open for the whole LC, however, you cannot claim dreams older than your joining date!
Updated list of participants.

  1. Siiw - Draw a circle in the air and successfully use it as a portal.
  2. LDbc12 - Learn and play a short piece (given by a DC or the dream) on the piano.
  3. moogle - do something in a LD
  4. demented - To finish something.
  5. drd - ride Smokey
  6. avalinah - no goals, I haven’t LDed in 5 years :happy:
  7. Majah - explore a mirror
  8. Koal44 - Surf on the giant wave when it arrives
  9. Susan_Y - Transcribe some dream music
  10. ChaosAngel - Fly over countryside
  11. tachyon - Shoot explosive projectiles
  12. James_UK2008 - Shapeshift
  13. mtilton - Lucid Dream a 3rd time, and for longer!
  14. DTDownUnder - Meet a copy/ clone of myself.
  15. Jackiesworld - have a lucid dream
  16. Koharo- Confront the man from the white room
  17. MearaDelia- Meet my inner guide
  18. LucidWilliam - Climb a tree
  19. Cornelia Xaos - Jump REALLY High
  20. Globetrotter - talk to the great crab
  21. Eilatan - Dream of a Good Man
  22. AreYouMe - Advanced Flight
  23. GenghisKhan - Use a jetpack

Upon joining, you can choose a LDing technique that had no successes!
Here, we provide a list of approved techniques you can choose:

Orange:[spoiler]âš¾ Baseball: See a base ball. Koharo

â›· Skis: See skis. LucidWilliam

🀇 Mahjong: Find mahjong stones. Cornelia Xaos

📴 Mobile Phone Off: Turn off a mobile phone. LucidWilliam

🚫 No Entry: Get into a forbidden room. Koharo

🚲 Ride a Bicycle: Ride a Bicycle. ChaosAngel

🹠Hamster: See a hamster (alive).

🔒 Padlock: Open a padlock.

🔋 Batteries: Change Batteries. LucidWilliam

🇠Rabbit/Bunny: See a rabbit/bunny (alive).

🀠Four Leaf Clover: See a four leaf clover.

💾 Floppy Disk: Find a floppy disk.

🚀 Rocket: See a full sized rocket in a dream. Majah

🚜 Tractor: See a tractor in a dream.

🌈 Rainbow: See a rainbow in your dream.

Yellow:[spoiler]âš­ Wedding: See a wedding ceremony. Cornelia Xaos

â›± Umbrella on Ground: See umbrella on ground.

🂠Domino: Find domino stones.

🎦 Cinema: Get into a Cinema.

🚱 Non-Potable Water: Drink non-potable water.

☢ Radioactive: Find radioactive waste.

🻠Bear: See a bear (alive).

🔔 Bell: Ring a manual bell.

🔌 Electric plug: Plug or unplug an electric plug.

🊠Crocodile: See a crocodile (alive).

🌠Shooting Star: See a shooting star. Majah

ðŸ Pineapple: See a pineapple.

🌉 Bridge: Walk or run over a bridge. LDbc12

☣ Biohazard: Touch biohazard waste.

🌅 Sunrise: Watch the sunrise. moogle

Green:[spoiler]✄ Scissors: Find scissors. DTDownUnder

✠Pencil: Find a pencil. Susan_Y

✈ Airplane!: See an airplane. Majah

🤠Post Office: Go to a Post Office.

💭 Thought Balloon: See a thought balloon.

💇 Haircut: Get a haircut.

🧠Penguin: See a penguin (alive).

🔧 Wrench: Use a wrench.

☎ Landphone: Use a cable telephone.

ðŸ Snake: See a snake (alive).

🌱 Seedling: Touch a seedling/sapling. Susan_Y

📺 Television: Watch Television. moogle

⛺ Tent: Enter a tent in a dream. Susan_Y

🦠Bank: Enter a bank in a dream.

🌇 Sunset: Watch the sunset. moogle

Blue:[spoiler]⛄ Snowman: See a snowman. AreYouMe

⛈ Thunderstorm: Watch a thunderstorm. LDbc12

🚠Helicopter: See a helicopter. James_UK2008

🨠Hotel: Go to a Hotel. LDbc12

♨ Hot Spring: Get into a hot spring. Susan_Y

ℹ Information: Reply information question. Eilatan

🵠Monkey: See a monkey (alive). ChaosAngel

🔭 Telescope: Use a telescope.

🔪 Kitchen Knife: Use a kitchen knife.

🬠Dolphin: See a dolphin (alive).

🚉 Train Station: Go to a train station. Siiw

🚿 Shower: Take a shower. Eilatan

🌌 Constelation: See a sky full of stars. Susan_Y

🚣 Person Rowing Boat: Watch someone rowing a boat.

🌜 Moon: See the moon in a dream. Majah

Indigo:[spoiler]⛵ Sail Boat: See a sail boat on water. avalinah

â„ Snowflake: See a snowflake. tachyon

🚂 Steam Locomotive: See a steam locomotive. Siiw

🪠Convenience Store: Go to a Convenience Store. AreYouMe

⛽ Refuel: Refuel a vehicle.

🎪 Circus: Get into a Circus. Majah

🷠Pig: See a pig (alive). GenghisKhan

🔬 Microscope: Use a microscope.

📼 Videocassete: See a Videocassete tape.

🙠Octopus: See an octopus (alive).

⌨ Type on Keyboard: Use a keyboard. tachyon

📟 Pager: See a pager device.

🛂 Show ID: Present ID to authorities.

🚖 Take a taxi: Take a taxi.

🚹 Men’s Restroom: Enter the specified restroom. Eilatan

Violet:[spoiler]â›´ Ferry: See a ferry vessel. Cornelia Xaos

⛸ Ice Skate: See an Ice Skate.

✑ Pen: Find an ink pen. moogle

🚤 Speedboat: See a speedboat running. moogle

🚠Bus Stop: Go to a Bus Stop. LDbc12

🚼 Carry a Baby: Carry a baby.

🴠Horse/Pony: See a horse (alive). Susan_Y

🔦 Flashlight/Electric torch: Use the flashlight. GenghisKhan

🎠Wrapped Gift: Hold a wrapped present.

😠Pager: See an elephant (alive).

📠Fax Machine: See a fax machine.

🌵 Cactus: See a cactus.

🛄 Baggage Claim: Claim your luggage.

🌸 Flower: Pick any flower. ChaosAngel

🚺 Women’s Restroom: Enter the specified restroom. moogle

NOTICE: These subtasks are only valid for score one day after unlocking.

IMPORTANT: Only one participant can own each subtask. You cannot select the same one someone else has taken!

Complete list of open Subtasks.

Tasks[spoiler]1. Task 1: To the Rescue!

  1. Task 2: Racing and High Speeds!
  2. Task 3: Academy of Dreaming!
  3. Task 4: Investigation!

Just 1 ND today, in which I recognised 6 DCs. I also drew a map for this dream because it was confusing in explanation. :content:

The 6 DCs and their descriptions:
Sam: Curled hair worn loose; blue party dress up to her knees with a front split
Manda: Red party dress; dark hair, curled and parted on one side
Mum: Hair unkempt and bushy; run-down house clothes
Ash: Tall; white, button down shirt with top two buttons open to show of his chest hair
George Goodwin (original DC ftw!): Small child (about 9) with blond-brown afro; red cheeks
Aunt R: Black curly hair; wearing a white flowery sundress

Totally makes sense :happy:

You tell the other LC participants of Tggtt’s evil plans and together you get to work on an investigation! After some sleuthing with computers, you finally locate where Tggtt must be developing his evil technology and powers… it’s in a secret tunnel underground the Academy of Dreams. And some crazy soothsayer tells you his secret plan seems to be some sort of technology to sap the power from lucid dreamers and divert it all to him! How evil! You give all your findings to Mew. “Excellent job, everyone. With your help we will stop Tggtt’s evil plans and save the LC!”, Mew says, “Now then, we need to coordinate our own ambush if we want to stop him.” Mew plans a date where all of you will invade his secret underground lab and stop him.

The day of the strike comes and all of you and Mew are ready. You locate the secret entrance to the tunnel and enter… and you can see Tggtt surely working on all kinds of diabolical machinery! You and the other participants charge at Tggtt and pin him to the ground. He lets out a little scream as he hits the ground. The other participants are saying things like “I know what you were planning down here” and “I can’t believe you were going to do this to us…” but Tggtt just has a confused look on his face. Hey wait… where’s Mew?

You look up at Mew dashing towards that hologram machine that was used earlier to transport you all to the Academy. Mew switches it on and suddenly you find that you can’t move! What’s going on!? Mew laughs. “I can’t believe it worked. You FOOLS! Do you think Tggtt was really planning something evil? Nah, he was just planning this.” Mew presses some buttons on the machinery and a hologram appears. It’s rainbow-colored text that reads “LUCIDITY CHALLENGE 60 AWARDS CEREMONY!”. Little sparkler machines activate and some triumphant music starts playing. Confetti shoots out of some cannons. A wacky Rube Goldberg machine bakes a batch of cookies in an incredibly short amount of time and dumps them onto a platter.

Mew laughs some more and paces around. “I’m glad you trusted that soothsayer, I wasn’t sure you were going to buy that disguise! Anyway, let’s carry out more of my plan, shall we?” Mew pulls out little disks that kind of look like cyberpunk ninja stars. Mew throws them out in all directions and they fly out, seeking all of the LC participants. The disks attach themselves to you all and you suddenly feel yourself getting weaker, while energy comes out of the disks and gets absorbed by Mew. “I’ve been trying to take over this LC from the beginning, and finally my opportunity comes! I was hoping that I’d be able to start off with Task 1 but Tggtt just had to get everyone’s attention with that stupid island in danger garbage. But that’s all behind us now. No longer am I just the little cohost who gets bossed around! Today, this becomes my Lucidity Challenge!”

Mew uses all the lucid energy to teleport you out of the tunnel and into a new place. Mew pulls out a paper. “Hm… this week’s tasks were supposed to be all about a cool steampunk setting… but this is my LC now, so we won’t be doing those lame old tasks.” Mew shreds the paper and begins listing new tasks. Great… now you’re going to have to do Mew’s tasks… this might just be worse than math!

Task 5: Not Trustworthy, Not An Addict

This is the fifth week. We have a special voting session today!
Since this is now my LC, none of your input matters! Heyo!
Do not miss the opportunity to voice your opinions on how I run things!

Hey everybody, it’s me, Mew! As previously established, I am now your new wonderful and beautiful host for LC60. As for Tggtt, let’s just say that I too am indeed grateful to him, for running an LC that was surprisingly easy to take over! :ebil: Of course, I couldn’t do it without all of your support!

Task 5 was supposed to involve some cool stuff but honestly, I think we need to make things a bit more… up to my standards. I told you that all of that investigating would make the LC great, right?

When claiming dreams and tasks, remember that you can add a DJ link.
You need to add a link per dream you wrote there.

Please state the type of dream, as we always do in other LCs.
If you achieve an LD with an inducement technique, you can post it as well.

Week 1 standings:

[spoiler]Position Participant Total Subtask Value Total Score
1 st LDbc12 140.00 140.33
2 nd Koharo 113.00 114.33
3 rd Cornelia Xaos 106.00 107.00
4 th Eilatan 68.00 74.00
5 th ChaosAngel 66.00 69.00
6 th DTDownUnder 53.00 53.00
7 th moogle 47.00 52.33
8 th LucidWilliam 47.00 47.00
9 th AreYouMe 41.00 41.00
10 th Susan_Y 22.00 23.33
11 th James_UK2008 18.00 20.33
12 th Siiw 19.00 19.00
13 th Majah 17.00 17.33
14 th avalinah 0.00 1.00
14 th Koal44 0.00 1.00
16 th demented 0.00 0.00
16 th drd 0.00 0.00
16 th tachyon 0.00 0.00
16 th mtilton 0.00 0.00
16 th Jackiesworld 0.00 0.00
16 th MearaDelia 0.00 0.00
16 th Globetrotter 0.00 0.00[/spoiler]Week 2 standings:

[spoiler]Position Participant Total Subtask Value Total Score
1 st Koharo 340.00 344.66
2 nd LDbc12 318.00 322.66
3 rd Eilatan 213.00 222.00
4 th ChaosAngel 174.00 180.00
5 th moogle 149.00 160.66
6 th Majah 135.00 137.66
7 th Cornelia Xaos 124.00 129.00
8 th Siiw 112.00 115.00
9 th Susan_Y 85.00 90.66
10 th avalinah 86.00 88.00
11 th LucidWilliam 69.00 71.40
12 th DTDownUnder 53.00 54.00
13 th AreYouMe 41.00 41.00
14 th James_UK2008 36.00 40.66
15 th tachyon 29.00 30.40
16 th GenghisKhan 18.00 18.00
17 th Koal44 0.00 1.40
18 th drd 0.00 1.00
18 th Jackiesworld 0.00 1.00
20 th demented 0.00 0.40
20 th mtilton 0.00 0.40
22 nd MearaDelia 0.00 0.00
22 nd Globetrotter 0.00 0.00[/spoiler]Week 3 standings:

[spoiler]Position Participant Total Subtask Value Total Score
1 st Koharo 561.00 570.99
2 nd LDbc12 422.00 431.99
3 rd GenghisKhan 360.00 360.00
4 th ChaosAngel 287.00 295.00
5 th Cornelia Xaos 256.00 263.00
6 th Eilatan 213.00 232.00
7 th moogle 210.00 225.99
8 th Siiw 194.00 199.00
9 th Majah 191.00 195.99
10 th Susan_Y 155.00 164.99
11 th LucidWilliam 108.00 112.80
12 th avalinah 97.00 99.00
13 th James_UK2008 60.00 66.99
14 th DTDownUnder 53.00 55.00
15 th tachyon 46.00 50.80
16 th AreYouMe 41.00 42.00
17 th Koal44 0.00 3.80
18 th demented 0.00 2.80
18 th mtilton 0.00 2.80
20 th drd 0.00 1.00
20 th Jackiesworld 0.00 1.00
22 nd MearaDelia 0.00 0.00
22 nd Globetrotter 0.00 0.00[/spoiler]Week 4 standings:

[spoiler]Position Participant Total Subtask Value Total Score
1 st GenghisKhan 733 734
2 nd Koharo 692 702.99
3 rd LDbc12 508 521.99
4 th Eilatan 345 371
5 th ChaosAngel 333 344
6 th moogle 287 306.99
7 th Cornelia Xaos 272 279
8 th Siiw 233 242
9 th Susan_Y 219 230.99
10 th Majah 220 227.99
11 th tachyon 112 120.4
12 th LucidWilliam 108 115.4
13 th James_UK2008 105 111.99
14 th avalinah 97 100
15 th DTDownUnder 53 55
16 th AreYouMe 41 42
17 th Koal44 0 6.4
18 th demented 0 4.4
18 th mtilton 0 4.4
20 th drd 0 1
20 th Jackiesworld 0 1
22 nd MearaDelia 0 0
22 nd Globetrotter 0 0 [/spoiler]

We are entering Week 4 Tolerance. Please post your Week 4 dreams before 2017-08-17 21:00:00 UTC.

Oh. I am indeed shocked. :bored:

I don’t know how people would fall for some obvious ambush like the one set by someone who had that title below nickname.

Anyway. We have finally reached the final week!
Time for more competition and high valuable subtasks!

Best of luck to everyone. Congratulations to every dreamer in advance.
Now I can go back to my plans… to complete the awards ceremony.

Please remember to vote on our survey! :peek:

That’s totally unfair ! :eek:
What are those crappy tasks ? :grrr:
Mew, free Tggtt NAU ! :grrr:

Anyways, this morning one ND, a successful WILD with subsequent LD and some in and out of lucidity - count points as you fit - LINK TO DJ
I’d claim below tasks:

  • Snowman
  • Television
  • Identify 6 DCs (wife, R, S, L, S, M)
  • X-ray vision (It was great ! :happy: )
  • Sunset
  • Sunrise

A near miss on snowflake

2 ND’s
1 short LD, MILD
DJ entry

Interrogate a DC -subtask in “Stewed pears”

Classroom -subtask in “Xylophone”
(Learn art from a DC -subtask, in “Xylophone”, but don’t claim points because I already did it before)

17th August
1 very short dream moment - just a few seconds of a dream recalled so not worth anything?
2 normal dreams - no tasks done - I felt frustration in both dreams but wouldn’t really consider it enough to count for the rage task. I will save my rage for when I find ebil Mew! :grrr: :grin: :tongue:

dream journal link

Non-lucid dream in which I see some toads.

Non-lucid dream in which I get off a train at a railway station.

Non-lucid dream in which I am on a bus.

Non-lucid dream in which I am in a library.

Non-lucid dream in which I meet an armoured anteater.

No points for the toads or the anteater. Lots of random animals are subtasks, but, sadly, not toads.

I won’t claim the underground tunnel, even though I went into the metro system after getting off the train, because I didn’t really see very much of the metro.

I’ll claim the points for 5 dream journal entries and the railway station subtask.

These were done in week 4.

I think I get another unlock for completing 4 indigo subtasks (unless my previous use of “1 subtask of each colour” has consumed one of them, like it’s Tetris) so I’ll unlock the “baggage claim” subtask.

We’ve got three ND’s aqui.

In Student Unicycler, I use a flashlight. Also in that dream, I’d like to claim no entry because the basement I went in was part of someone else’s house, ie private private that I wouldn’t be allowed in (ie I broke in). Plus, the primary reason I left the basement (other than it being dark) was that I was getting nervous that I was going to get caught (<-- i forgot to write that part in the DJ).

In NINS, I type on a keyboard (to access a website) and I get confused because my photos were missing and that’s because I took the photos in a dream which doesn’t make sense because I just took them and it was just confusing.

GenghisKhan you did 3 of my sub tasks :thumbs: (sunrise, sunset and TV)

At least I ended up with a few points on a no recall day.

Also submitting some dream art, for today’s dream, Student Unicycler.

Had 1 ND and 1LD here this morning. The LD was a short one.

In #1, I notably watched a Thunderstorm towards the end of it that I’d like to claim points for please.

Glad to help ! :tongue:

Went to bed very late yesterday -> Little sleep -> No recall today :smile:

link to dj post for Friday

Not sure how you would count my NDs but one main one which is a FA.

  1. Fire and Water - 3 related very short dreams. Would uniform with gold buttons be special gear??? Might as well ask.
  2. Book of Dream Secrets… 📚 Dream Secrets Book. Find the dream book of secrets that does not exist in real life. Done. Hardback printed book that doesn’t exist in life that contained dream secrets.